9 Sofa Colors That Go With Blue Chairs

If you have a couple of gorgeous blue chairs, then you need to know which color sofa goes best with them. Lucky for you, blue is an easy color to pair with other colors. We’ve researched and come up with a surefire list of great color sofas to mix with blue chairs. Let’s see what these great pairings are.

Sofa colors that work well with blue chairs are as follows:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Creme
  • White
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Patterns, Stripes, Plaids, and Florals

We’ve found examples of these combinations for you so that you can see how the combination looks. Hopefully, this will help you as you decide what you want to do in your room. We’ll also talk about if blue furniture is in style, how many chairs you should have in your living room, and if it’s okay to mix and match your furniture pieces. So please, keep reading!

Trendy blue and white living room interior design, 9 Sofa Colors That Go With Blue Chairs

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Great Sofa Colors To Match With Blue Chairs

We’ve got a super list for you below, along with photos, to show the styles you can achieve when you pair these ideal sofa colors with blue. Let’s dive right in.

Blue Sofa

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Blue living room interior with pink and golden accents

When in doubt, match things up. There are so many great blue shades out there, and whether you go for a dark turquoise like this pair, a deep navy, or soft denim, you can never go wrong by matching your shades.

You could even go for some different blues like the sofa and chair combination below. The rich navy and sky blue are similar post-modern styles, and it would be easy to tie them together with the proper throw pillow, a throw blanket, or a rug that brings out both colors.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Brown Sofa

[PIN id=”838232549392091432″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Brown and blue are another lovely combination. With so many gorgeous leather sofas on the market with their rich, sumptuous feel, you’ll want a chair with an equally exquisite feeling. Why not go for a medium brown or chocolate brown leather sofa to pair with your blue chairs? It’s a great look!

Tan Sofa

[PIN id=”599612137886844086″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Tan is a super neutral. It goes with so many wall colors and in so many design spaces. It’s light enough not to seem heavy but dark enough not to stain terribly. And it looks great with blue chairs! Here a tan leather sofa is paired with two different color blue chairs. One is navy with a fun fuzzy ottoman; the other is a pale grey. Both chairs look great in this eclectic room.

Creme Sofa

Wooden cupboard next to blue armchair in cozy living room interior with beige settee

Creme is an elegant color. It’s not as stark as white but a bit lighter than tan. It’s also a great pairing with blue chairs. A contemporary spindle-legged sofa in cream is matched with a slightly turquoise blue velvet armchair in this room. A slightly darker blue throw perfectly matches the curtains hanging over the large windows. 

Here’s a gorgeous vintage styled futon sofa in creme. Click here for this on Amazon.

White Sofa

Trendy blue and white living room interior design

White really goes with anything, and if you’re not afraid of such a pristine color, it goes great with blue. Think of the Greek isles, the sand and the ocean, the sky, and the villas. Blue and white are fresh and soothing. Here a slipcovered sofa in white is matched with a royal blue chair and royal blue walls.

 A slipcover is a great idea when choosing such a light sofa color. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Grey Sofa

White and blue living room with sofa, armchair, lamp and posters

Grey is another great sofa choice to go with blue. In fact, grey and blue may be one of the most popular color combinations there is at the moment. With grey being a favorite neutral and blue being a favorite color, it’s no wonder the combination is popular. Here a light grey futon sofa is paired with a navy wingback chair. Additional accessories, like the throw and pillows, are also in blue.

Pink Sofa

[PIN id=”123286108537034448″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


If you want something unique and totally you, why not a pink sofa? Pink looks absolutely gorgeous with blue, and if you go online, you’ll see the combination in all sorts of iterations. Here a luxurious soft pink sofa in velvet is paired with striped navy barrel chairs. A large oriental throw rug picks up the colors of each of the pieces tying everything together.

Yellow Sofa

Turquouise living room in panoramic view

In this dining room and living combo room, a sunny yellow sofa is a nice accent mark for the light blue dining room chairs. If you love color, then this combination may do very well for you. And you can take it deeper as a goldenrod yellow and dark navy blue also work very well as a pair.

These accent armchairs would be a great dining table choice to have near a yellow sofa. Click here for these on Amazon.

Patterned, Striped, Plaid, and Floral Sofas 

Traditional living room with sofa, with curtains and ornaments

Though it’s harder to find patterns, stripes, plaids, and floral fabrics in off-the-shelf type sofas, don’t discount the idea of choosing your own fabric for upholstery. This delicate floral with pinks and greens would look perfect with a soft robin’s egg blue chair or even a richer periwinkle blue. 

A light blue club chair like this classic piece would be a gorgeous accessory for a sofa like the one in the image above. Click here for this on Amazon.

Is Blue Furniture In Style?

For the past several years, there’s been a real trend toward neutrals. Colors like white, grey, greige, and creme have dominated the design pages. But in the past several months, color has been creeping back in, and the one we see the most of is blue. Just go to any online retailer and type in blue chairs, and a wealth of options will pop up. The same is true for blue sofas, blue rugs, blue poufs, and blue throws and bedding.

We think this is great news because blue, in all of its variations, is simply put, an awesome color! Check out blue chairs of various styles at Overstock.

How Many Chairs Should A Living Room Have?

Though there’s no exact rule of thumb on this, as every living room is different in size and arrangement, there are common sense ways of thinking about it. First, how many people do you hope to be able to sit within an arrangement? If you have a traditional sofa, it can seat three adults. A sofa faces a coffee table or fireplace in many homes, and a chair or two beside the sofa. 

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture and wooden elements and light blue colored wall

In a larger living room, you might have an arrangement of two sofas, or a sofa and loveseat, and two additional chairs, like the room below.

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and view of kitchen in new luxury home

If you have a large sectional in your living room, chair space may be at a minimum. In this case, you may have one additional accent chair and a pouf or ottoman as additional seating. See our post about accent chairs here.

Modern luxury living room interior with gray and beige colored furniture and wooden elements

Is It Okay To Have Mismatched Furniture?

Eclectic furnishings in living room

It’s really okay to have whatever furniture you have. Of course, it helps with design to figure out a way to make things cohesive. Try to get pieces with similar leg styles or bulk, even if fabrics and colors don’t match. You can also tie things together using accent colors in throw pillows or styling area rugs with the furniture pieces. Play up how the pieces work together, rather than showcasing how they don’t work together. When mismatched furniture works well together, you end up with a gorgeous, eclectic space.

No Need To Be Blue When Picking Out Your Sofa Color

Blue chairs give you so many options when choosing a sofa. Start with this list and see which style works for you. Look at examples of these colors in other places. Then, when you’ve chosen the color, start sofa shopping!

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