9 Southwestern Blankets That Will Bring Santa Fe into Your Home

The color scheme of the South West is gorgeous and unique to the area: bright turquoise contrasted with shades of brown, gold and red. It's a perfect combination for the fall season, so why not bring that into your home this season with one of these stunning Southwestern blankets?

9 Southwestern Blankets That Will Bring Santa Fe into Your Home

Why Southwestern Throws?

Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of my favorite places in the US. Walking through the old city's streets you are surrounded by sheer beauty beckoning you from shops, galleries, and street stands. The jewelry pops out at you with its turquoise stones, polished or textured, surrounded by textiles in desert hues. Just perfect for this time of year, when summer begins to give way to warm shades of fall.

Southwestern blankets and rugs are not just about the unique colors. They're all about patterns too. Classic Navajo geometric designs are a popular choice. Another common theme is that of images depicting life in the west, whether using realistic images or native American abstract ones.

This list of 11 beautiful Southwestern blankets has them all. Geometric designs, pictures, and abstract native drawings. If you're looking for a great addition to warm your home with, each one of these will surely do the job. These are all available on Amazon, so you can shop online knowing that you have the Amazon brand's guarantee to count on.

The first three options on this list are lightweight yet warm synthetic throws. They can bring a touch of the Santa Fe mission style into any room without breaking the bank. They're followed by a 100% cotton option that provides even higher quality. The second section of this list brings you  blankets are for those who seek to invest in a quality handmade item that can easily become a family heirloom.

They're all beautiful though - I hope you enjoy this selection!

Comfortable and Affordable Throws

Warm Navajo Style Blanket

Gorgeous geometric designs adorn this blue blanket. It's as practical as it is beautiful. Not only does it have sherpa lining for extra warmth, but it's also easy to care for. Just cold wash in the washer and then set the tumble dryer on low.

This super soft throw is perfect for cold nights when you still want to wrap yourself up with something warm and sit out on the porch. Just keep an eye out on for its size. At 50" by 60", it's not large enough to cover a King Size bed.

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Colorful and comfy!

Check out this large comfortable Santa Fe style throw! It combines the comforts of modern technology with a classic Southwestern design. Don't let the fact that it's made of polyester deter you. The end result is soft and plush!

The pattern is bold - combining hot oranges, red and yellow with cool bright turquoise. All in a classic geometric pattern. Use caution when combining this in your living room or anywhere else where you want to make a design statement. This blanket can quickly become a focal point, drawing the eye to its uncompromising presence.

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Practical black elegance - Navajo Style

Last synthetic throw on this list, this design offers a dark elegant version of Southwestern comfort throws. It still offers the traditional yellow, orange and blue but they're the accent colors. Surrounded with a deep black background, the colorful geometric shapes really do pop out.

The overall result is a dramatic blanket - at an affordable price and ease of use of a plush warm synthetic throw.

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Minimalist design - Santa Fe Style

Southwestern doesn't have to be about strong colors contrasted with each other. As this throw shows, you can achieve the Mission Style touch while sticking to an almost monochromatic color palette.

This gorgeous blanket doesn't lack drama, it just brings it out in a far more understated way. The background is cream, and the print offers several shades of gray and taupe.

Although not handwoven, this is a very high-quality blanket, made of Jersey-soft 100% cotton. It's not large enough to cover an entire bed but it can make a super comfy throw for your living room. One that will also look good, complementing your Southwestern theme.

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For the connoisseur: Handmade Santa Fe Blankets

If you're looking for high-quality unique items, we have a few suggestions for you.

Southwestern tapestry throw

This handwoven tapestry throw can be the perfect addition to any Southwestern/Mission style living room. It's pretty enough to hang on the wall but can look just as great spread on your couch or even neatly folded in a basket.

It's quality shines out, thanks to the 100% cotton threads used in this design. It's not too heavy though, neither is it too large. This is not a full-size bed cover, just a lovely authentic throw to keep you warm while enjoying its design. The pattern is a classic geometric one with a lovely fringe on each end.

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A colorful Ecuadorian Option

Central America is a huge source of design influence in this context. After all, the native cultures of the Southwest were directly related to the tribes of that area as well.

With that in mind, look at this beautiful blanket from Ecuador. Featuring traditional woman-empowering patterns, this is an eco-friendly choice that combines natural Alpaca wool with recycled materials.

And being thoughtful of the earth doesn't come at the expense of beauty. We love the soft dark hues and geometric patterns!

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A classic Mexican Falsa/Serape blanket

The terms Falsa and Serape describe traditional Mexcian blankets. They used to be worn as a poncho-style garment by the poor people of Mexico and Guatemala. Now they're they can make a design statement with a cultural flare.

This beautiful blanket is simple and beautiful at the same time. It's an easy match with any Santa Fe themed room thanks to its use of orange and turquoise. With tripes instead of complex geometric patterns, it won't steal the show from your furniture and other decor items but instead blend in perfectly.

Soft and strong, this multi-use Mexican blanket is the real deal. It's handwoven in Mexico to make a large soft throw that gives back to the people who made it as well as those who buy it.

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Handwoven Mexican Diamond Blanket

If you prefer to stay away from turquoise, you may like this design better. Staying with the warmer earth tones, mixed in with bright orange, it supports an Aztec-inspired diamond pattern. One large diamond in the middle of the blanket, accompanied by four smaller ones along the corners.

This is not a casual falsa throw though. It's heavier and sturdier. While you can use it as a blanket, it's actually thick enough to be used as a yoga mattress as well.

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Kachina Style Fleece Throw

Without going into the cultural intricacies of the topic, Kachina means a spirit and the imagery in this gorgeous throw shows four kachinas in classic tribal art forms. The kachinas are mainly associated with the Pueblo people of New Mexico but the imagery is shared with other Native American tribes.

We loved the unique image here. You may fall in love with it too, for sheer aesthetic reasons. It's a great match for any room designed with a color palette that's focused on peaceful earth tones. 

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Let us know what you think about these! Do you use Southwestern design elements in your home? Which of these throws would be the best fit for your living room?

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