How Much Space Between End Of Bed And Dresser?

You probably wonder how much space there should be between the end of your bed and your dresser. Look no further. We have done all of the research about how much space you need, and we will tell you all about it.

The amount of space between the end of your bed and your dresser is approximately two feet, at the very least. This is for the purpose of being able to walk between the dresser and your bed, amongst other reasons.

Continue reading to learn more about how much space you need to leave between your bed and dresser, whether or not your dresser should be across from the bed, as well as alternatives. We will also discuss how to measure for a dresser.

Wonderfully decorated bedroom, How Much Space Between End Of Bed And Dresser?

Why You Need This Space Between The End Of The Bed And A Dresser

There are a few reasons why you need space between the end of your bed and dresser. Perhaps most importantly, you need space here for safety precautions. You should always have the walkways of your house cleared out in case of a fire.

It is also necessary to have at least two feet of space between a dresser and bed or anything else such as a closet door so that you can open the drawers. Keep in mind that making sure your dresser is functional is a number one priority.

Another reason you need at least two feet of space between your bed and dresser, even if it is beside your bed rather than across from the end of it, is so that you can get around it to make your bed. You need enough space between the dresser and bed for you to be able to walk between them easily.

How much clearance do you need for a dresser?

Master bedroom with dresser, lamp and mirror

How much clearance you need for a dresser depends on a few factors. You must consider the size of the dresser first and foremost. Measure the dresser and doorway before trying to transport it.

If your dresser is tall, you can shift it to make it fit through a doorway fairly easily. When you have a long, wide, or deep dresser, the clearance necessary can become complicated. You may need to carry your dresser on its side or vertically to get it through your door frame without causing damage to it.

Should the dresser be across from the bed?

Whether or not the dresser should be across from the bed depends on how much space you have in your bedroom. It also depends on how large the dresser is. If you decide to place your dresser beside your bed, you should have about three feet of space between your bed and the dresser.

For those of you who have your bed centered in your bedroom, placing your dresser across from the end of your bed is probably your best choice. If your bed is pushed against the wall, you can put your dresser parallel to your bed instead.

If your dresser is the second-largest object in your bedroom, it is more visually appealing to place your dresser across from the end of the bed. Doing this balances out the room.

If you have an entertainment center or TV stand in your bedroom, you might want that to be across from the foot of your bed. Depending on the size of your bedroom, you might either place your dresser beside an entertainment center or place the dresser beside the bed rather than across from it.

Where should my dresser be?

Bed and breakfast bedroom

The answer to this question varies based on several different things. You have to think about how big your bedroom is, the size of your bed (bed frame included), how your bed is positioned, and the size of your dresser.

The average size for a bedroom is one hundred and twenty square feet, so if yours is this size or bigger, it should be able to accommodate a full-size bed as well as a dresser. This space will allow you to have a dresser, but a tall dresser is most likely preferred since you do not have a lot of extra space.

If you have a relatively large bedroom of about one hundred and thirty-two square feet, you will have more space available for whatever size dresser you choose. This also provides more flexibility when it comes to how much space you need between the end of your bed and the dresser.

Depending on the size of your bedroom, consider the size of your bed and where it is positioned. If your bed is against the wall, you have more floor space available. On the other hand, if your bed is placed in the middle of your bedroom, you will not have as much open floor space.

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How do you measure for a dresser?

When you measure a dresser, you have to take three measurements. The measurements must include the depth, width, and height of a dresser. All of these factors have an effect on where a dresser should be placed inside of a bedroom.

People often describe dressers based on how many drawers they have. Five drawers are average. The number of drawers varies from style to style. Wider dressers tend to have more drawers.

If you prefer to have more wall space for decorating, a wide dresser is probably a better choice for you. You can also put a television on top of a wide dresser. Taller dressers are more practical for smaller rooms or bedrooms with a TV stand or entertainment center.

What is the standard size of a dresser?

Dressers vary in size quite a bit. Technically, dressers are larger than chest drawers. A dresser often has a mirror attached to its back, which makes getting dressed an easier task because you can see what you look like while doing it.

The standard size of a dresser is between twenty-six and forty-four inches tall. Standard size dressers are three to five feet wide. The average depth falls between sixteen and twenty inches.

Dressers usually have at least six drawers. This refers to a bigger dresser rather than a chest of drawers. If you are unmarried, you may want to have a smaller dresser so that you can make more of the space you have. The other side of that coin is making sure you have a dresser large enough to accommodate both yourself and your partner.

Most people have their own preference for whether or not they like tall dressers or wide ones. This choice also depends on how much space you have available to put a dresser and impacts how much space you need between the bed and your dresser. If you have a larger room, you are more likely to consider a shorter, wider dresser.

Choosing the Right Dresser

A dresser on the side of the wall

When it comes to those who do not have a lot of space for a dresser in your bedroom, a tall, slender dresser is probably best. Tall dressers tend to have anywhere from five to seven drawers. The number of drawers depends on the height of the dresser and its width, and the size of the drawers.

If your dresser is on the deeper end of the spectrum, it will take up more space if it is across from the end of your bed. These are things to consider before purchasing furniture. If you already have furniture and need to figure out how to place your dresser in relation to your bed, we suggest you make the most of the space that you have.

Whenever it is more plausible, you can place your dresser lengthwise across your room, which would be parallel to your bed. Doing so does not give you as much space to get in and out of bed but does give you extra space at the end of the bed.

Alternatives In Place of a Dresser

If you have a small bedroom, you may want to omit the dresser altogether. There are bars you can install in the corners of a room to hang your clothes on, or you could depend on your closet rather than having a dresser in addition to the closet.

If you choose to eliminate the need for a dresser, then you will have extra space at the foot of your bed.

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Overall you need at least two feet of space between the end of your bed and a dresser. This is so that there is enough space to walk and to be able to move around it to make your bed. A couple of other reasons for needing at least two feet of space is so that you can freely open the drawers of your dresser as well as the closet door or bedroom door without blocking the dresser.

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