How Much Space Should You Have Between Hood And Range Should You Have?

Range hoods are a little underrated, but it's an important appliance in the kitchen. If you're planning to get a range hood, you've probably asked yourself how much clearance you should leave during installation. Look no further because we've researched this topic, and in this post, we'll share with you the space you should have between your range and hood.

When installing a range hood, it is important to note that you can install the range hood above your cooktop anywhere from 20 to 36 inches, depending on your cooktop. Electric cooktops have the option to have the range installed closer because of less smoke. Gas cooktops, on the other hand, need extra clearance. 

The different clearances needed depending on the kind of cooktop can be a little confusing. Fortunately, we've listed down the answers to some of your most common questions about the range and hoods. We're also sharing other information that you should know, like dimensions and how far to position your cabinets, so keep reading this post!

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How Much Space Between Hood And Range?

You've probably seen them in many kitchens, but range hoods are one of the underrated and typically overlooked appliances in the kitchen. They are usually last to be installed, often preceded by the more commonly used items like refrigerators and ovens, but they are just as important in keeping the kitchen well-ventilated.

If you use the cooktop often, a range hood is important to minimize the odor build-up in the kitchen. Range hoods are also important in ventilating the room by drawing moisture, steam, and smoke while cooking. Alongside your cooktop range, the range hood is going to be one of the most used appliances in your kitchen.

A range hood in the kitchen needs to be properly installed for it to work as intended. It needs to have enough clearance above the cooktop to allow the hood to draw out the smoke and moisture, without affecting the food being cooked. It should also be high enough that it doesn't fan the flames of the gas range, which can cause an even bigger fire.

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You can decide the height of the range hood based on what kind of cooktop you have. Cooktops that tend to discharge more grease or smoke, like gas cooktops and barbecues, should have higher clearance. Electric cooktops discharge less smoke and hot air, so most homeowners choose to get smaller hoods and install them a little lower.

Types of Range Hoods and Heights

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There are several kinds of available range hoods that you can install in the kitchen. Here are some examples and the clearances you will need to install them away from a gas cooktop. If you have an electric cooktop, you can opt to install the range hoods at the same height as gas cooktops or as recommended by the manufacturer. This is about 20- to 28-inches clearance.

Stainless Steel Range Hood

These range hoods are popularly used for homes and in professional settings as well. These hoods should be installed at a height of 30 inches above the range for the hood to properly ventilate the area. Stainless steel hoods are pretty easy to install and very easy to clean because of their material. 

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Vent Hood/Insert Liner

Some homes prefer hiding their range hoods under the cabinetry, and the vent hood or insert liner is what you should be looking for. Since the cabinetry is typically made of wood, this hood should be installed at a maximum height of 36 inches to prevent damage to the surrounding material.

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Under-cabinet Hood

These are the traditional range hoods that are easy to find and install. Under-cabinet range hoods can be installed with a height clearance of 30 inches from the top of the cooktop, and this should be enough to draw the moisture and grease splatters in a typical home setting. 

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Chimney-style Hood

These hoods are also quite common, and just like under-cabinet hoods, they can be installed at a height of 30 inches away from the cooktop. These hoods can be a little harder to install because they will need additional brackets to support the hood and the chimney.

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18" Canopy Wall Hood

This is the most common range hood used for professional gas cooking ranges. Because of the heat and smoke that professional ranges emit, these hoods should be installed at a height of 30 to 36 inches above the range. 

Island Range Hood

Island range hoods are usually freestanding and require the ceiling to support the hood instead of the wall or cabinetry. A wood-style island range hood needs a 36-inch clearance from the top of the cooktop to prevent damage to the material. You'll also need the island range hood to be a little bigger than your range so that it can cover the area properly.

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How Big Should A Hood Be For A Range?

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Most range hoods come in dimensions of 24-, 30-, or 36-inches in width, but you will most likely find a hood that is 60-inches wide in professional settings. For the home though, a small, efficiently-sized range hood should do well.

Generally speaking, a range hood should be the same size as your cooktop for the hood to properly capture the smoke, odor, and grease that comes from the burners and the food you are cooking. However, there are exceptions to this rule. 

Island range hoods are uniquely designed for cooktops that are built on a kitchen island. That being said, there is more space that the hood will be working on, so it is highly suggested to get an island range hood that is a little bigger than your cooktop. For example, a 30-inch gas cooktop should have a 36-inch island range hood to get the best results.

What Should Be The Distance Between The Range Hood And The Cabinets?

A lot of people make mistakes when they install their range hoods. Sometimes, it's too far from the cooktop; sometimes, it can be too close (and this is dangerous). Range hoods are typically installed on the wall or under cabinetry, which is typically made of wood.

When installing a range hood, it is important to also give it some space to allow it to ventilate. For most kitchens, you can leave a 1/2-inch to 1-inch space between the range hood and the cabinets during installation.

What Happens If The Hood Is Too Close Or Too Far?

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One of the most important things when it comes to range hood installation is its distance from the top of the cooktop. A mistakenly-installed hood can cause issues or problems in the kitchen. 

If you install the range too far from the cooktop, chances are smoke and other fumes will escape to the kitchen instead of towards the range hood. You'll most likely find smoke accumulating in the room while you're frying at high heat, or grease splatters will appear on the walls and ceiling.

You'll also most likely ruin your motor because it will try to compensate for drawing in the smoke by using higher fan speeds. Along with this, the high fan speed of your range hood will also suck in the cold air or warm air of the room, which might cost you more in heating and cooling bills.

If you install the range too close to the cooktop, you're most likely inviting trouble to come. For one, your range hood can become damaged. The heat from the cooktop is most likely going to be too hot for the range hood, which will then cause it to malfunction quicker.

There is also the possibility of you starting a fire if the cooktop is too close to the range hood. This is because of the motorized fan of the range hood—if it is too close, it will fan the flames of the gas cooktop, and it can cause sudden flareups. The grease in the surrounding areas can also be a contributing factor, so avoid installing the hood too close to the range.

Final Thoughts

Element of kitchen appliance in apartment with modern interior, gas stove, cooking hood, kitchenware supplies

If you're planning to renovate your kitchen, don't forget the range hood! They're very important in keeping your kitchen ventilated and clean, plus they also make the place look very professional. Make sure to install the range and hood properly to prevent untoward issues from happening, and you'll surely have a great time cooking in your kitchen.

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