How Much Space Between Mounted TV And Console?

Decorating your home to fit your lifestyle can sometimes feel impossible. Do you have a mounted TV and now have no idea what to do with the console? Is there a point in having a console below your mounted TV? Luckily, we have extensively researched these questions and have the answers below.

In general, you want to leave around 4-8 inches of space between a mounted TV and a console/television stand. Typically, this will look the best aesthetically and allow your TV and console to be separated rather than stacked on top.

Remember, a mounted TV is on the wall for a reason, so there's no need to position one too close to any furniture below.

As we begin, we will cover all things TVs and discuss how to position a console table below yours. We're here to assist if you haven't mounted your electronic yet or are having trouble with your existing console table. With that said, let's dive head first into this topic!

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Should You Place A Console Underneath A Mounted TV?

For those wondering if using a console table underneath a mounted TV is redundant, we don't think that's always true. Considering there will likely be cords hanging from your mounted electronics, using a console as a way to hide these can be helpful.

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Modern living room interior with smart tv

Furthermore, many people use their console stands/tables as extra storage for your TV's remote, accessories, and cable box, so this isn't uncommon.

You don't need to purchase a massive console if you mount a television, but it can create a better look aesthetically to fit yours to your hanging TV.

On top of that, having a console can fill the space below your hanging TV, which can help liven up your living room. Again, you don't always need to do this, but you certainly can if you prefer.

How High Should You Mount A TV Above A Console?

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In general, you want to leave between four and eight inches between a mounted TV and console. As we mentioned earlier, doing this can separate the two, creating a more well-planned final look.

Many designers refer to this as the "empty" space between your electronics and the anchor furniture below. Unlike a traditional TV, if you mount one, it no longer needs support from a separate piece of furniture.

Home owners will do this to give their space a more modern feel and save money on furniture. However, for visual reasons, it can be a nice touch to include a console below your mounted TV.

If you skip having a console, you risk having to stare at the cords dangling from your television, which can be unsightly.

In addition, having the cords from your TV hang below can pose a safety risk for children and pets, so think of your console as a good idea for various reasons.

Should My Console Be As Long As My TV?

Modern hotel room with double bed, tv set and night tables

Yes! Finding a console that is as long or longer than your TV is important. One of the mistakes people make when choosing a console for under their television is using one far too small.

Generally, you need to have the console underneath a TV be at least a few inches wider so it doesn't look awkward in your room.

According to Living Spaces, TVs are measured diagonally, and TV consoles are measured horizontally, so keep this in mind, so you don't choose the wrong one.

For example, if your television is 60 inches, we recommend finding a console closer to 65. That extra length on either side of your TV can help frame it.

If your console is too short, this can make your TV feel much bulkier than it is and also make your console table feel unplanned.

Luckily, most consoles will come in various sizes, so you tend to have options.

How Can I Make A Mounted TV Look Good?

If you're stuck on whether to purchase a console under your mounted TV or don't know how to accessorize one, your options are endless.

Generally, it's best to start at the wall around your TV and then work down to the floor. As we said, choosing to have a console underneath your mounted television can tie the space together.

Instead of dangling wires, you will see the console set-up, which you can decorate with art, decor, or even plants. Additionally, you can turn your console into a bookshelf, which will look cool below the TV.

Now for the wall, hanging a television somewhere bare can make it feel out of touch. Instead, mount your TV on an accent wall where it will be the center of attention without being too abrupt.

On top of placement, you can also add lighting on either side of your TV. Imagine how nice a sconce or spotlight on either side of your electronic would look at night.

This all comes down to your taste, budget, and commitment to a DIY project.

You can also purchase entire media centers around your TV, although these can get pricey.

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How Much Does A TV Console Cost?

Wood TV cabinet in modern empty room

You can usually expect to spend between $150 and $500 for a TV console or stand. Of course, this price range will vary depending on the material and style of your console, so everyone is different.

Generally, the larger a console, the more it will be. Furthermore, if you want a hardwood TV console/stand, that will cost more than one made with manufactured wood.

On top of that, opting for a console with an LED fireplace or backlighting could set you back almost $1,000. Like any furniture, console tables can get very luxurious.

Luckily, there are still great budget-friendly options on the market, so don't feel like you need to spend thousands to get a high-quality product.

Even though manufactured wood/materials can be different aesthetically from the real thing, they are on-trend, and many homeowners use them.

Like our tagged white TV console above, you can opt for a simple, "faux" option while still being elegant. Furthermore, most modern pieces of furniture aren't hardwood, so use that as an excuse to spend less!

Are All TV Consoles The Same?

No. Not all TV consoles will have the same design or built-in features. As we covered above, depending on how much you spend, you will likely see more bells and whistles on higher-end console options.

On top of that, not every console table will have extra storage, LED lighting, or even be sturdy enough to hold your books.

However, if you don't want to get too fancy and have nothing to display, we don't see why you can't get away with a bare-bones option.

Again, this all comes down to your lifestyle, living room design, and price range, so every one is unique.

Sticking to that theme, you can also try thrifting a console or going to a wholesale website/warehouse for your furnishings, so there are plenty of money-saving ideas.

Regardless, we recommend finding a TV console that fits your space and is slightly longer than your mounted appliance.

What Else Can You Put Under A Mounted TV Besides A Console?

Other options exist if you're not 100% sure about a TV console. Specifically, you can utilize baskets, organizers, small bookshelves, and even seating below a mounted television.

Depending on your TV's height, that can open up your possibilities. For example, if you have yours mounted six feet from the floor, placing a couple of accent chairs beneath it is okay.

On the other hand, if your TV is closer to the floor, you can use wicker baskets or add tall vases with flowers below your electronics.

A cozy living room with blue chairs sitting in front of a mounted television

Even though a console table is the "go-to" for many, that doesn't mean you need to follow blindly. The best way to utilize the space below a mounted TV is to create extra storage.

Whether that means a bookshelf, storage rack/shelf, or baskets, you can't go wrong filling blank space with tasteful organizers.

Bush Furniture Broadview 6 Cube Organizer

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Is Having A TV Console "In Style"?

Yes, having a console below a TV is considered on-trend. Figuring that doing this can create a visually appealing look in a space, you can't go wrong with an extra space to store/organize your things.

However, purchasing an additional stand is not always necessary if you have a mounted television. As we covered, this works more as a cover for the cords hanging from your device, but there are other ways to hide them.

Styles and trends tend to come and go relatively fast, so don't get caught up trying to fit the mold.

To Finish Up

Knowing what to put underneath is essential whether you have a mounted TV or plan to hang yours. We found that you should leave between four and eight inches between a console and television.

Creating this blank space between the two can frame them, which works nicely for mounted designs. Again, you don't always need to put any furniture below a mounted appliance, so this is more for aesthetic purposes.

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