How Much Space Between Loft Bed And Ceiling?

Loft beds are a great way to maximize usable space in a smaller bedroom. But how high is too high for one of these beds? If you are considering placing a loft bed in a bedroom and are wondering how much space should be between it and the ceiling, we can help you.

We researched the practicalities of this bed style from multiple professional sources so that you'll know how much room you'll need.

We recommend having at least 30 inches of space between the top of the loft bed mattress and the ceiling. This gives enough for the safety and comfort of the person occupying it.

Now that we know that you should have at least 30 inches of space between the top of the mattress and the ceiling, we'll look at why this is necessary.

You might also be curious if you can have a loft bed with an eight-foot ceiling or how much space there should be between the floor and the loft bed. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead!

Modern minimalist inspired apartment with a loft bed paired with dark wooden flooring and bright beddings and furnitures, How Much Space Between Loft Bed And Ceiling?

Why 30 Inches Of Clearance Is Necessary

Earlier in this post, we outlined that you should have at least 30 inches of space between the loft bed mattress and the ceiling.

This is the clearance that the Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends. There are several reasons why keeping this minimum is essential.

You Need Enough Space Between Your Bed And Ceiling For Safety

We're at our most vulnerable when we slumber. So, it's only common sense to have a sleeping situation that lends to harm.

You'll want a bed that gives you enough room to lay down comfortably and large enough to sleep without the risk of falling out of it.

Having 30 inches between the top of the mattress and the ceiling makes it safe and easy to climb in and out of bed. If that distance is lessened, you might struggle to get into it.

This can easily lead to undue strain and even cause you to misstep and fall from it when attempting to get in or out of it.

Proper spacing will also keep you from hitting your head if you try to get up and out of bed in the dark. Knocking yourself silly isn't how most want to start our day!

This Clearance Is Also For Comfort

Most people don't want to be in cramped quarters. And while a loft bed won't usually have more than a full-size mattress, it is roomy enough for most adults.

But this level of comfort is lost if the top of the mattress is too close to the ceiling. If you have to sleep too much closer to the ceiling, it might even have a claustrophobic effect on you.

Carefully measure your ceiling's height. Then, get the dimensions of the bed you are considering. Remember that you will need to know the thickness of the mattress so that you can add it to the height of the top of the bed slats.

Can You Put A Loft Bed In A Room With Eight Foot Ceilings?

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Many modern homes have ceilings that are eight feet tall. This is usually plenty of room for good airflow and gives the room plenty of spaciousness.

In most cases, you should be able to put a loft bed in a room with tall ceilings. Let's break it down by the inches so you'll have a better understanding.

The standard height of a loft bed is 72 inches.

This is the overall height, from the bottom of the legs to the top. An eight-foot ceiling is 96 inches tall, giving you 24 inches between the top of the bed legs and the ceiling.

The standard mattress is going to be eight inches thick. The top of the bed slats is 58 inches off the ground.

When you add an eight-inch-thick mattress to the bed slat, the top of the mattress will be 66 inches high.

Subtract this height from the 96-inch ceiling, and you have the recommended 30 inches of clearance from the top of the mattress to the ceiling.

A lower than eight feet ceiling will not accommodate the standard loft bed. But there are models with shorter legs that you might consider.

How Much Space Should Be Between The Floor And A Loft Bed?

The reason many people will get a loft bed is so that they can maximize the amount of space in a small room. They are ideal for college dorms, where living space is a commodity.

There needs to be adequate room to best use the space below the top bunk.

Whether you are using this space for storage, another bed, or a place to work with a desk, the distance between the floor and the bottom of the top bunk is an important consideration.

Ideally, you will want to have enough room to sit comfortably in a chair underneath the bed if you place a desk. Should there be a bottom bunk, you'll want enough room to get in and out of it without hitting your head.

Gorgeous bright apartment designed in blue, yellow and white colors and matched with modern designed furnitures

In most cases, having a distance of 58 inches between the loft bed and the floor will be more than enough room for a bottom bunk to be added or for placing a desk underneath and comfortably sitting at it.

It also lends plenty of room for storage space.

How Old Should You Be To Have A Loft Bed?

Bright modern apartment inspired in an industrial tone with wooden flooring and minimalist furnitures

The age that a child is safe to sleep in a loft bed is really on a case-by-case basis.

You want a child that is mobile and coordinated enough to be able to get themselves in and out of bed safely and unassisted. These would suit some children to do this as young as three.

Trust your instincts as a parent. No matter what the age of your small child, be sure that the ladder rungs are in good shape. Routinely inspect the safety rails on the top bunk and ensure they are secure.

Do Adults Use Loft Beds?

Loft beds are often used by young adults, especially in college dorms. They take up the same room as an ordinary bed but leave you with many more options regarding the space they hold underneath the top bunk.

College students aren't the only adults that will use a loft bed. Those who might be in cramped living quarters will sometimes opt for one of these beds, as they free up a lot of space in a bedroom that wouldn't be able to be used otherwise.

Older adults tend to shy away from a loft bed, as getting in and out of one in your later years can pose a bit of a challenge and might carry some physical risks.

How Many Deaths/Injuries Do Bunk Beds Cause?

Interior of a contemporary themed house with a loft bed and matching wooden flooring, wooden furnitures and beige ceiling

There are accidents and deaths attributed to almost anything in a typical household. So when you might hear of a bunk bed or loft bed fatality, know that they are very uncommon and usually happen under the most unusual of circumstances.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that an estimated 400,000 injuries each year are attributed to bunk beds, though the vast majority are minor.

You can largely avoid these if the safety guidelines are followed.

This same agency reports that an estimated 300 deaths occur yearly, most from bunk beds. If that number seems high or scares you, remember that almost 200 people in the United States die annually because of sofas or chairs.

Our Final Thoughts

Modern minimalist inspired apartment with a loft bed paired with dark wooden flooring and bright beddings and furniture's

Loft beds are a great way to maximize the space in small bedrooms, making them ideal for college dorms.

These beds need to be in a room with ceilings at least eight feet high, giving you enough room for the recommended 30 inches of clearance between the top of the mattress and the ceiling.

Follow the safety guidelines for these beds, and you'll avoid injury.

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