15 Space-Themed Toddler Bedding Sets That Will Make Your Kids Happy

One of the most fun parts of having a baby is decorating the nursery. The colors, the patterns, the sheets, and the curtains all come together to form a unique space for your baby. But when the baby outgrows the crib and is ready for a new space, is there still creative and cool bedding for your toddler?

Absolutely! Some of the most creative bedding on the market is space-themed. It's colorful, gender-neutral, and encourages your kid to dream - both literally and figuratively - about exploring space.

15 Space-Themed Toddler Bedding Sets That Will Make Your Kids Happy

We've searched the Internet and found 15 amazing space-themed toddler bedding sets that are out of this world.

Bloomsbury Mill Outer Space Bedding Set

The background color is so bold on this bedding set that the astronauts, rocket ships, and planets stand out in a big way. The comforter is reversible, an invaluable feature if your toddler is picky and wakes up one day wanting something different. You can machine wash and dry this whole set, making it both practical and fun.

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Uozzi Planets Bedding Set

If you're looking for a more subtle design, go for this pretty print. The dusty blue background is an excellent complement to the yellow and blue of the planets and the bright orange of the sun. The overall effect is a calming bedding set. It comes with all four pieces (comforter, pillowcase, fitted sheet, and flat sheet) and is machine washable.

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Everyday Kids Outer Space Adventures Bedding Set

The big and bright objects are so eye-catching on this bedding set that we know your toddler will love looking at all of them as she falls asleep. You could use this set with just about any blue, white, or even yellow color on the wall. This set is hypoallergenic and machine washable, making it a great set for toddler with allergies.

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Mickey Mouse Space Adventures Bedding Set

This bedding is for the kid who can't decide which he loves more: Disney or outer space. No need to choose now! This comforter features fun space-related words and a picture of an anti-gravity Mickey jumping through the air, while the pillowcase has another shot of Mickey next to a solar system. Note that the small pillow pictured below is not included in your purchase, only the regular four-piece set.

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Happy Linen Space Monsters Bedding Set

This set is a little different than the average space-themed set. It's a reversible duvet cover. One side is a medium toned blue with bright stars, and the other side is filled with space aliens and spaceships. It comes with a pillowcase too, and both pieces glow in the dark, which will delight your little one.

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Tillyou Five-Piece Space Bedding Set

The bold navy blue quilt features the solar system in all of its glory, and the sheets feature bright rocket ships and planets. This set comes with one more piece than almost all of the others on our list because it has an extra pillowcase - one blue and one white. This set comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year quality warranty to make sure you and your child are happy with the purchase.

Read more about this five-piece set on Amazon.

Delta Toddler Bedding Set

This set is fantastic for two reasons. First, it's reversible, which we know toddlers love since it gives them a choice of which side they want to sleep on each night. The second reason is that it has the names of the planets written on the comforter. Okay, so that might be a reason that parents will love it more than kids, but as the toddler learns which planet is which, she is also learning what the word for each one looks like. The bright colors, the planets, and the learning opportunity make it a win for both kids and parents.

Read more about the Delta set on Amazon.

Sweet Jojo Galaxy Bedding Set

The dark navy blue background highlights the bold and bright colors of the planets and rocket ships and makes them really stand out in a unique way. This set comes with five pieces - the standard four that we've mentioned plus a sham to bring the whole bedding look together. This set would look great with brightly colored walls to make it pop even more.

Read more about this galactic bedding set on Amazon.

"Miles from Tomorrowland" Bedding Set

If your child loves this Disney show, he'll love this bedding set. It's got images of Miles from the show. It also features pictures of his pet ostrich and some of the tools that he and his family use during their space exploration. The sheet has fun pictures of Miles in different poses, and the pillowcase has two different sides to it so your toddler can choose which side he wants to sleep on every night.

Read more about the "Miles from Tomorrowland" set on Amazon.

Everything Kids Space Astronaut Set

This one-of-a-kind set will have your child feeling like he's flying through space and exploring distant planets, all while lying in his bed. He'll love to see the pictures you take of him lying in bed, looking like he's in his astronaut suit when he's all tucked in and ready to go to sleep. And did we mention it glows in the dark? What more does a kid need?

Read more about this astronaut bedding set on Amazon.

Outer Space Bedding Set

Sometimes it's fun to go with a monochromatic bedding set for your toddler and bring in whatever color your toddler loves by putting it on the walls, in the carpeting, and in the curtains. This bedding is a black background with white hand-drawn rocket ships and astronauts. It's not sold with a comforter or pillowcase, so that's another way you can bring in color.

Read about this monochromatic set on Amazon.

Elegant Home Solar Space Ship Bed Blanket

This plush blanket is so thick, soft, and warm. It will make the perfect comforter for your toddler's bed. The underside is a bright blue plush to complement the colorful space pattern on the top of the blanket. Your toddler will love the bright colors, and you'll love how warm it keeps him.

Read more about this plush throw blanket on Amazon.

Pixar Buzz Lightyear Bedding Set

If your little one already loves Buzz Lightyear, this is the set to get. It's a pillowcase featuring the beloved aliens from the Toy Story franchise. The case is in the same neon and black coloring as one side of the reversible duvet cover featuring a big Buzz on one side and smaller images of him as a "galactic hero" on the other side. You will need to buy a duvet to put inside the cover, but your Buzz-loving child will be thrilled with this set.

Read more about this Buzz Lightyear bedding on Amazon.

Delta Starry Night Bedding Set

The bold purple color with big white stars would look stunning in a girl's bedroom. The comforter is reversible with an equally bold turquoise color on the underside. Your child will also love the sheets, which feature a pattern of purple stars. It's a great set for a little girl who isn't a baby anymore but still responds to bright and beautiful colors.

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Solar System Junior Set

The bright colors of the planets and sun combine with the cartoonish astronaut and spaceship to make a really fun and cute duvet and pillowcase set. The words labeling all of the different objects are a cute addition that differentiates this set from all but one of the others on our list. Note that this set does not include sheets.

Read more about the solar system set on Amazon.

Decorating a toddler's room in a space theme means bold colors and unique designs your child will love. Each of these bedding sets is different from the others, giving you and your little one plenty of designs from which to choose the perfect set to create the ideal space in their little part of the world.

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