Can You Spray Paint Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is durable plastic exterior wrapping that weatherproofs your home and adds aesthetic. But can you use spray paint to paint your vinyl siding? Luckily, we've done plenty of research and have the answers below!

You can use spray paint to paint the vinyl siding. Spray painting is easier since it saves you time and leaves a look identical to an original factory finish. It does not also leave any marks from a paintbrush or paint roller.

Continue reading as we go through more detailed information about vinyl siding and how to paint them using a spray. Additionally, we will also answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Spray Paint For Vinyl Siding

Nowadays, many homeowners are using vinyl siding for their houses. One thing most homeowners want to do with their vinyl siding is to paint it so it complements their house's vibe.

Vinyl siding is processed plastic. This quality makes it easier to accept paints, as most plastics do. Although you can paint vinyl siding conventionally using a brush or roller, spray paint is one of the best ways to do it.

The spray paint doesn't leave marks as paintbrushes or roller brushes do.

Moreover, spray painting is easier, saving you more time than other painting methods. It also leaves a smoother surface compared to other painting methods.

How To Paint Vinyl Siding Using Spray Paint

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If your house has vinyl siding, you must prepare the necessary tools and the surface before spray painting it. Here are the steps to help you how to paint vinyl siding using spray paint:

  Vinyl siding background residential property, Can You Spray Paint Vinyl Siding?

1. Choose The Correct Paint Type And Color

First, the thing you need to consider before painting the house is choosing the right paint type and color for that particular area. Since vinyl siding is made of plastic, using 100% acrylic paint is okay.

Several types of paint to apply on vinyl siding

Make sure to follow the correct thinning method of the acrylic paint for a sprayer to achieve the desired consistency of the paint. Moreover, choosing the paint color is the most challenging part of the process.

You need to complement the color to the existing color and vibe of the house.

Paints come in various colors, making them very overwhelming to choose from. Always choose colors that go with your roof colors and bricks.

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2. Prepare The Area For Painting

The vinyl siding is molded and slimy but a good power washing takes care of the problem nicely

To prepare the painting area, you need to clean the vinyl siding. When cleaning, use a soft-bristled brush with a long handle so you can reach the top part of the siding.

You can also opt to use a power spray in washing the area. However, ensure the windows and other openings are closed so the water will not go through.

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3. Mask Areas Not Included For Painting

Taped before painting a wood frame

Once the vinyl has dried out from washing, the next step is to cover all the areas you don't want to paint. Cover the windows, doors, trims, and other exterior decorations. You can use painter's tape for this process.

Masking may take longer, but it will be easier to clean. The splattered paint will go to the tape. All you need to do after the painting process is to peel it off.

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4. Start Spray Painting

After all the area preparations, you can start spray painting the vinyl siding. You can use a bottled spray or a sprayer and follow the proper way to mix your paint for a sprayer.

Start spraying the siding from left to right or from top to bottom. Doing this gives you the right consistency for spray painting your vinyl siding.

Never start or stop in the middle of the siding so it will not leave marks when it dries.

What Weather Is Best When Painting Vinyl Siding?

To achieve a perfect finish when painting vinyl siding, paint it in the appropriate weather. Do not paint during rainy seasons so the water will not wash off the paint.

You must also avoid painting in direct sunlight. Hot, humid weather is not suitable for spray painting the exterior. If you plan to paint on a sunny day, make sure to paint the part of the house where there is shade.

Some vinyl siding paints require a temperature between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, wait at least two to three days for the paint to dry perfectly.

How Long Will My Vinyl Siding Last If I Paint It?

Vinyl siding on house with window frames

Vinyl siding is plastic exteriors you can use to weatherproof your house. Generally, they last for about 10-20 years. Painting vinyl siding dramatically impacts the way your home looks.

However, if you start painting your siding, you should repaint it every five years because the paint fades and wears out.

Is It Cheaper To Paint Or Replace Vinyl Siding?

If your vinyl siding starts to fade, you may run to options like painting or replacing them.

Painting your siding can make your house look new and more stylish. But most homeowners' concern is the money they need for the project.

Paint the siding to create an impression of a newly built house and save money.

It's far way cheaper than replacing it. However, if your vinyl siding is too old that painting can no longer save them, replace them. It's the only option, but it will be more expensive.

Does Vinyl Siding Increase Home Value?

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When renovating or adding parts to your home, it is crucial to determine if they increase or decrease the home value. It is especially true if you are remodeling to sell or lease the house.

Vinyl siding does not only improve the looks of your house but also its value. You will not regret this kind of siding because it can increase your home value by up to 76.7% of the project cost.

What Siding Colors Have The Best Resale Value?

The color of the siding not only adds style to the house's overall look but also to the house's resale value.

The siding colors with the best resale value are white, off-white, grey, beige, and earth tones. However, they are some of the most challenging colors to maintain because they are more prone to dirt.

What Is The Cost Of Painting Vinyl Siding?

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Painting your house's vinyl siding is one way to upgrade your home. Many homeowners want to upgrade the exterior of their houses without spending too much money.

For an average house, the cost of painting is between $1500-$5000.

The cost of painting siding depends primarily on the following factors: the area width, paint cost, labor, and other materials and preparations. The larger the work area, the higher it costs.

Is Vinyl Siding Cheaper Than Wood?

The cost is a factor to consider when choosing a weatherproofing material for your house. Since vinyl siding is plastic, it's less expensive than wood siding.

But vinyl is durable and more resistant to insects and mites.

Additionally, vinyl siding is stylish, so many homeowners prefer to install it on their houses.

Final Thoughts

Vinyl siding background residential property

Vinyl siding is practical, especially when adding colors to match the house. There are many methods how for painting vinyl siding.

Spray paints are preferable when you use the correct paint and painting method. Always start from left to right or from top to bottom, and avoid stopping in the middle of the vinyl siding to prevent the spray from leaving marks when it is dried.

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