8 Awesome Square Moroccan Poufs You Should Check Out

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a few extra seats? Or are you maybe thinking how nice it would be to have somewhere to put a tray of snacks? Enter the Moroccan pouf. This neat little item is a super useful addition to any room, and it adds some excellent decor value, too.

Moroccan poufs are typically round and covered with leather. However, many people enjoy poufs that are square-shaped. This shape allows for easier storage because they fit together better, as well as a unique look due to the non-traditional shape. The leather used for these poufs is typically brown but can also be brighter shades as well as metallic colors.

Brown-square moroccan poufs, 8 Awesome Square Moroccan Poufs You Should Check Out

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Even if you are short on space, a Moroccan pouf is so useful you can’t afford to not have one in your home. Here are some remarkable ways you can use them:

  • Tuck them into an unused corner or under your coffee table and bring them out for extra seating.
  • Use them as an ottoman with a chair.
  • Place a wooden or metal tray on top to use as a table.
  • They’re easy to move from room to room, allowing for versatility. You can also move them outside on your porch or patio for extra seating if you’d like.

It sounds like a pretty great idea to have a pouf around the house. But you don’t exactly have the decor style that begs for a Moroccan touch. Hey, no worries! We collected 15 awesome Moroccan poufs off Amazon that can fit in many decorating styles flawlessly.


Keep reading to see each of these fabulous poufs and learn how to use them in your home.

1. Magus Leather Pouf

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Magus Leather Pouf on amazon

This leather pouf would work well in nearly any design style. The simple, clean lines would allow it to fit in with a more contemporary look, while the brown leather would be right at home in a rustic style. It’s a great size at 17.7″ x 17.7″, perfect for a footstool or low seat. Genuine buff leather ensures this pouf will last for many years. The pouf does come unfilled to help with shipping, so if you order this particular one, be sure to grab some stuffing when you make your purchase.

Click here to find the Magus leather pouf on Amazon.

2. Handmade Brown Pouf

Handmade Brown Pouf on amazon

Distressed natural leather and roughly sewn seams create a beautiful rustic look for this pouf. The brown leather fits well with many different color schemes, allowing this pouf the versatility to add to nearly any home design. This is a smaller pouf at only 18″ x 18″ x 14″, but if you have a smaller space, it will work well to add to your seating without taking up much room. It does come unstuffed to help with shipping charges, so if you find your heart is set on this one, in particular, you’ll need to purchase some filling to go with it. Or you could recycle some old clothing and linens and stuff the pouf with those for a more eco-friendly option.

Click here to find this pouf on Amazon.

3. Faux Silver Leather Pouf

Faux Silver Leather Pouf on amazon

If you’re looking for something a bit more glam, check this pouf out. The faux leather creates a smooth surface, while the silver metallic color adds a bright and reflective element to the room. You could use this in an edgier design as well as a contemporary style. This pouf is smaller at only 17″ x 17″ but would be perfect for an ottoman or to tuck under a small coffee table. This is a pouf that comes unstuffed, so consider that before purchasing. You may want to add some filling to your order.

Click here to find this faux leather pouf on Amazon. 

4. Moroccan Tan Pouf

Moroccan Tan Pouf on amazon

This pouf combines some of the more traditional Moroccan designs with the unconventional square shape. Handmade by artisans in Morocco, the details display actual skill and craftsmanship that would be hard to find on a square pouf. This is a great size for an ottoman or seat at 19.6″ x 19.6″, and the sturdiness allows it to hold a tray easily. This pouf would be a great addition to any room with a boho style or even a rustic room, given its distressed leather and off-white stitching.

Click here to find this Moroccan pouf on Amazon.

5. Black Faux Leather Pouf

Black Faux Leather Pouf on amazon

Black is a color that’s a bit off the beaten path for square Moroccan poufs, but we love it. The color is dark and edgy while still adding a natural and neutral element to the room. This allows this pouf, in particular, to work in many different spaces without being an awkward fit with a design. This isn’t a true leather pouf, but the faux leather works well with the cotton stitching details to create a great piece that will last for a good while. Polystyrene beads fill this pouf to give it a sturdy construction that can stand up to any number of uses.

Click here to find this black faux leather pouf on Amazon. 

6. Teal Leather Pouf

Teal Leather Pouf on amazon

If you’re looking for something a bit different, give this pouf a close look. Teal blue leather is constructed with top-stitching detail and square pieces to create a unique and different design that will catch the eye while holding on to that cozy and welcoming vibe. Polystyrene bead filling makes this pouf sturdy and robust, perfect for a seat or ottoman, while the 18.1″ x 18.1″ x 14″ makes it a good size for either use. This pouf could be a great addition to a rustic or contemporary room, but it could also work well in a coastal room for its blue-green tone.

Click here to find this teal leather pouf on Amazon. 

7. Gouchee Faux Leather

Gouchee Faux Leather on amazon

This faux leather pouf is super relaxed and laid back, perfect for a casual atmosphere. The faux leather has a distressed texture that adds great visual interest to your space, while the stitching is a good detail that creates clean lines around the edges. The natural color and appearance of the material make this pouf a winner for just about any design style. This is a larger pouf at 23″ x 23″ x 15,” which adds to the comfortable and welcoming vibe it has.

Click here to find the Gouchee faux leather pouf on Amazon. 

8. Anson Square Pouf

Anson Square Pouf on amazon

The black faux leather design set against the light brown color on this pouf makes for a great piece to add to your living space. The style is as unconventional as its shape, which creates a great unique look that’s perfect for a conversation piece. The Anson square pouf is made from faux leather and is filled with sturdy polystyrene beads. This allows the pouf to hold up to many different uses without sagging or breaking down.

Click here to find the Anson pouf on Amazon.

Bend the Rules

Moroccan poufs don’t have to come in only the round, brown leather that immediately comes to mind. One of the best parts of home decor is breaking with tradition for new and exciting designs. Using a square Moroccan pouf can allow you to do just that. Hopefully, this list will inspire you to break a few solid design traditions with a new pouf.

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