21 Stained Glass Front Door Ideas

Stained glass has been used in buildings for centuries upon centuries. It's no wonder considering its unique aesthetic! Easily incorporate stained glass into any style of home; the glass can be made into many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The geometric glass shapes can form diverse landscapes, portraits, designs, and anything else the heart desires.

21 Stained Glass Front Door Ideas

With how the sun strikes the stained glass, your room will be flooded by gorgeous colorful hues. The glass will be sure to add unforgettable character to your entryway. Using the stained glass in your front door helps you maintain privacy in your home while simultaneously welcoming in natural light.

So, get creative and curious and install your very own stained glass. Check out the photos below to inspire you and see how stained glass can be used in your front door!

1. Command Attention

Andalusian style patio

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With a grand amount of stained glass pieces like this doorway, everyone's attention is demanded. It's a piece of artwork that won't soon be forgotten. The sunburst design pulls color from the fountain and planters in the courtyard.

2. Bold And Vintage

Colourful stained glass wooden door of a traditional Victorian house

Keep a piece of the past by maintaining the original stained glass in the door. The bright blue door highlights the stained glass and its antique intricacies.

3. Soft Surroundings

Wooden door with stained glass on a hallway

The light wood interior of this home is illuminated and showcased by the stained glass front door. The floral and geometric design in the door is surrounded by clear, textured glass. The expanse of clear glass welcomes in an abundance of natural light.

4. Front Door Accent

White church doors with a stained glass archway and a red brick walkway with foliage

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Accent your double front door with an arch of stained glass. If you don't want to commit to a door donned in stained glass but still want to enjoy its beauty, this may be the look for you. With how high the glass sits on the door, colorful light will fill the entryway of the space.

5. Stained Glass Sidelights

View of a stained glass front door of a house from the inside

Sidelights are the window panels that flank a door, as seen in the photo above. You can get more enjoyment out of your stained glass by installing it in the sidelights as well!

6. Pebbled Glass

The inside of a stained glass front door with a letter in the in flap and on the doormat

Pebbled glass brings in all the wanted light without sacrificing privacy. Add in the stained glass colors and design, and you have quite the art display on your front door.

7. Heavy Features

Stained glass wooden door

The heavy features of these double doors are lightened by the addition of the delicate stained glass. The shapes are large and colorful, softening the bulky size of the doors. The gold filament used to separate the glass panels complements the hardware used across each door. The stained glass gives the doors a more dainty look.

8. Views Upon Views

Stained glass window over doorway

The portion of glass above the door, the transom window, allows for additional light to be let indoors. Increase the aesthetics of the transom window by installing a unique, colorful piece of stained glass.

9. Vineyard Vibes

Stained glass window depicting images of grape and leaf

Stained glass is such a fun way to add personality to a door. Use a combination of colors and patterns to create the perfect design. Notice all the different shapes used in this stained glass pattern: grape leaves, grape clusters, and geometric shapes for the background.

10. Thin Lines And Shapes

Stained glass door to the back yard summer garden

This style of stained glass appears a bit more dainty and delicate. It spans the whole width and length of the door panel, giving it center stage as you enter your home. Using this type of stained glass door may be best in the back of your home, considering its very transparent glass pieces.

11. Geometrics Galore

Stained glass art deco door

Check out this incredible stained glass door art! The geometric patterns one each side are symmetrical, providing immense visual interest. The sunray on the top of the door serves as the cherry on top of the intriguing display.

12. Dutch Door

Red door with leaded glass on front entrance

Make your dutch door even more appealing with the installation of stained glass. Historically, these types of doors were commonly found in farmhouses. Now, they can be seen in practically any style of home. The door is split into two halves, the top serving like a window you can open up and allow a fresh breeze into the home.

13. Tell A Story

Iron bar door with old rustic stained glass windows in an old Havana villa

The stained glass used in this home is reminiscent of pieces you may find in a chapel or cathedral. The piece presents a heavenly figure. Similar colors and shapes are used throughout the three pieces of stained glass.

14. Modern Glass

House front door with stained glass

This glass in the door is beveled, adding to the interesting shape and texture of each glass piece. The beveling makes the design more unique. The clear glass allows for the optimal amount of light to stream inside.

15. Charming Character

Front door with stained glass of an English cottage

Add character to your home with the farmhouse style dutch door accompanied by beautiful argyle-patterned stained glass. The dark colors used will ensure optimal privacy and beauty.

16. Splash Of Color

Empty hallway with sun coming through stained glass porch door

Bask your white walls and hallway with splashes of colorful light from a stained glass door. Using the charm of stained glass is an easy way to liven your home and add color to it.

17. Consistent Pattern

Double doors with stained glass

Let the style of the glass run through the home as well. The curling designs run through both doors and the panel above. The same curves and curls are also found in the floor design and artwork on the wall. This makes the style of the space cohesive.

18. Aged To Perfection

Door with stained glass of a historical building built in the early 20th century

Though the paint may be cracking along the door and doorframe, the stained glass remains intact and looking as gorgeous as ever. The red glass serves as a perfect border for the centerpiece flower design.

19. Intricate Design

Door with artistic stained glass

The combination of opaque and translucent glass helps the designs to truly pop. Shapes can be better seen and formed by using both types of glass.

20. Baby Blue Aesthetic

Brick entrance with blue front door with leaded glass

Blue hues have a calming effect and are the perfect color companion to stained glass. There's no doubt that installing stained glass into your front door will greatly increase your home's aesthetic.

21. Consistent Pattern

An open wooden door surrounded by stained glass

Allow the pattern of the stained glass to reflect itself in the design of the door. It's almost as if the stained glass is a continuation of the door's pattern. Though simple in design, the colors used in each glass panel are attractive and catch the eye.

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