15 Great Stall-Size Shower Curtains

Everybody has that bathroom. You know, the small one, with only a shower stall and no tub. But it doesn't mean you should skimp on design; your shower still needs a great curtain. We've scoured for the best stall-size shower curtains to see what we can find for you.

But first, what exactly is a stall shower curtain?

This can be any kind of shower curtain that fits a stall-sized shower. You could have plastic stall shower curtains, polyester stall shower curtains or any other material that's typically used for shower curtains. You can even have a shower curtain liner in the same length.

15 Great Stall-Size Shower Curtains

What size is a stall shower curtain?

The minimum size needed for a shower is 30" x 30". This is a tiny footprint for sure, but don't worry, there are plenty of curtains available from around 32" on up to 54" that are considered shower stall size. If you're not sure, opt for the larger size as it's better to have too much curtain than not enough.

In a real pinch, if nothing here suits you, you can always get out a handy pair of good shears and cut about a foot off of a standard width shower curtain. The height should be enough that the water will fall from the showerhead and be trapped inside the curtain.

Ready to fall in love with your next stall-sized shower curtain? Here we go. We've found great neutrals, geometrics, nature-themed curtains, and a few bold stripes. There's something for every design style.

If you have a small bathroom, check out our post here on what color shower curtain will make your space look bigger: What Color Shower Curtain Makes A Bathroom Look Bigger.

The Neutrals

Beige Floral Motif 36" Wide Shower Stall Curtain

This soft beige curtain is swirled with a bohemian floral motif. It's a perfect small shower-stall size at 36" x 72" long. It's 100% Turkish washable, non-fading polyester.

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River Dream 36" Wide Soft Gray Shower Stall Curtain

This hookless shower curtain is designed with handy rings to slide on over your shower stall rod. It's 36" wide x 74" long, is water repellant and can be used without a liner. For more information on when you do or don't need a shower liner, click our blog post on the subject here: Do Shower Curtains Need Liners?

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Ebecede Fabric Shower-Stall Curtain

This lovely curtain in soft brown with a patchwork stripe of white for allowing light to filter through is available in a 36"w x 72"L size for shower stalls. It is also available in three regular size curtains for full-size bath/shower combos. In addition to brown, this curtain is also available in navy, gray, and black. This classic design will fit many different decors.

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Waffle Weave Shower-Stall Curtain In 36" and 54" Widths

This is a classic, textured waffle weave pattern that gives you two different width options for shower-stall curtains. Available in either 36" or 54" and either 72" or 78" long, it is also available in full-size bath options as well. In addition to the gray you see here, this curtain also comes in yellow, pale gray, white, burgundy, and navy, giving you many options for the design of your unique bathroom.

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White Pique Pattern Spa Quality Shower-Stall Curtain In 36" Width

This soft waffle-weave, polyester fabric is both rich and luxuriant but also works well in moisture-rich environments. It reminds us of a soft spa robe for your shower-stall. In addition to white, it comes in a beautiful sage green, a pale cream color, and a rich gray version. It's fade-resistant, and the grommets are rust-proof.

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The Geometrics

Quatrefoil Trellis Pattern Shower-Stall Curtain

This sophisticated design will add a chic elegance to your bathroom space. It's made of a 75% polyester, 25% cotton blend that does require a liner (not included) for best use. In addition to the yellow and gray pattern pictured here, it's also available in a navy/blue and an aqua/mint/gray combination. This curtain is available for shower-stalls in both 35"w x 72"l and 54"w x 78"l.

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Modern Checkered Turquoise Shower-Stall Curtain

Bold and fun, this lively shower-stall curtain will work great in modern bathrooms. It comes in both 36" and 54" widths, as well as 72" and 78" heights. It also comes in full-size curtains, as well. It's 100% polyester and includes a set of 12 hooks for hanging the curtain.

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Trellis Fabric Shower-Stall Curtain 54"

This classic trellis pattern will look great in today's white bathrooms. It's a soft gray on a white background in a wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric. It has reinforced buttonholes for the hooks and a weighted hem for the perfect drape. It is also available in a navy & white trellis pattern.

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Triangle Pattern Shower-Stall Curtain

This gray on gray triangle pattern is both chic and modern for your bathroom shower. It's available in 36" wide x 72" long and is a high-quality waterproof polyester fabric. The curtain includes hooks, and no liner is needed for this curtain.

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The Naturals

Dandelion Shower-Stall Curtain

Looking for a polyester fabric shower curtain? Make a wish on this delicate dandelion as you step into the shower. This curtain is available in 36"w x 72" long, is non-fading, and washable polyester. It comes with a set of white plastic C-type hooks for hanging from the shower rod. The neutral colors lend themselves to many different design schemes.

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Gray and Yellow Flower Pattern Shower-Stall Curtain

Have your flowers and your neutral styling, too. This lovely floral curtain features soft grays, yellow, and cream that will work well in white and gray bathrooms and also add a more delicate touch. It's available in 36"w x 72"w and 54"w x 78" long, has a weighted hem, and is waterproof polyester. It's available with a purple flower as well as the yellow pictured here.

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Shabby Chic Roses Shower-Stall Curtain

Who doesn't love a good shabby chic floral pattern? This shower-stall curtain will fit in many styles: farmhouse, French Provincial, shabby chic, or simply feminine. It's available in a 36"w x 72"l size, comes with hooks, and does not require a liner. The 100% polyester fabric is machine-washable and low wrinkle.

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Green Leaf Fabric Shower-Stall Curtain

This graduated tonal pattern of soft green leaves brings the calm of the natural world into your bathroom. This curtain is available in 36"w x 72"l and 54"w x 78"l for shower-stalls. It's a waterproof, machine-washable polyester fabric suited for moisture-rich environments. There are six grommets across the top for ease of hanging.

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The Stripes

Nautical Stripe Shower-Stall Curtain In Three Sizes

This classic bold stripe gives you options in the size category. It's available in 36", 48", and 54" widths for any size shower stall. No liner is necessary. It's waterproof and easy to care for 100% polyester fabric.

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Bold Stripes Shower-Stall Curtain

This fun striped curtain is available in several sizes for your shower stall. It comes in 36" w and both 72" and 78" l, as well as 48" x 72" and 54" x 78" for your largest shower stall size. In addition to the blue and gray version pictured here, it is also available in a bold black and white stripe, a patriotic red, white, and blue, and an eye-popping red and white stripe version. Also a red, gray, and white version similar to the one seen here.

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So there you have our fabulous collection of shower-stall curtains. Hopefully one of these will be perfect for your space, but if not, remember to measure and think in terms of 36", 48", or 54" widths for a shower-stall sized curtain, and you'll be loving your new look as soon as you hang it in your space. Happy designing!

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