Standard Curtain Rod Lengths [Chart Included]

You want to know, do curtain rods come in standard lengths, and what are those? Let’s take a look at the typical sizes of curtain rods in this post. We’ve checked with experts and have the answers for you below.

The standard size lengths of curtain rods relate to the standard sizes of windows. Rods are usually extendible, so each rod has a minimum and maximum length. You can adjust the rod to fit any window that falls within that range. Typically curtain rod lengths are as follows:

  • 28″-48″
  • 48″-84″
  • 66″-120″
  • 120″-170″

We’ll explore this a bit more in-depth. We’ll also talk about the right diameter for curtain rods, how to hang extra long curtain rods (and what those are), and if you need to install your curtain rod into a stud or not. So please, keep reading.

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Standard Curtain Rod Lengths

Curtain rods are made to fit on common-sized windows. What are those common sizes?

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Standard curtain rod lengths chart, horizontal

28-48″ Curtain Rods

These small-sized curtain rods are for your smallest windows. Think of the small windows in bathrooms. Or maybe you have a door that is partially glass that you want to hang a curtain on. This width curtain rod will work. (Always measure your spaces first to be sure).

This Bali blinds curtain rod with a 5/8″ diameter comes in the standard 28″-48″ telescoping size. The adjustability makes it super flexible for your application.

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48-84″ Curtain Rods

This size curtain rod is for standard windows in your home. The most common size of a double-hung window is 24″-48″. Once you add the extra inches to the side for curtain rod installation, the smaller size rod will be too small for the largest of these common windows. And often, these windows are hung in pairs.

This indoor-outdoor industrial wall or ceiling mount curtain rod is a typical 48-84″ telescoping variety. The rust-resistant coating will protect it from the elements, which is a super nice feature. This rod does come in a smaller size, too.

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66-120″ Curtain Rods

Any rod longer than 60″ is considered an extra long rod, which means further consideration should occur for security when installing. These longer rods are needed when you’re covering a bank of windows, french doors, or patio doors, which are typically in the 80″ range. Depending upon the type of curtain you’re hanging, you may want a heavier diameter rod.

This heavy-duty 1″ drapery rod extends from 66″-120″. For rods like this, make sure you use an additional support bracket in the center so you don’t end up with sagging or buckling from the curtains’ weight.

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120-170″ Curtain Rods

The largest of the standard curtain rod sizes, these will cover a huge amount of space. Whether you’re using it to create a fabric wall with curtains or covering a large picture window at night time, this over-sized rod has you covered. You will need to use extra support so that you don’t end up sagging when you hang curtains on such a long rod. The rod will also typically come in more than 2 pieces like the smaller rods do.

This 120-170″ telescoping rod comes in a heft 1 1/8″ diameter. This size helps with preventing sag over such a wide span of curtain coverage.  This rod comes with 6 brackets for hanging and 5 separate rod pieces that fit together to create the total length. The finials screw on at the ends and can be switched out when you want to change styles.

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What Diameter Should A Curtain Rod Be?

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There are two things to think about when choosing the diameter of your curtain rod. First, is it sturdy enough for your curtains so that it doesn’t bow. And second, will it fit inside of the curtain hem or tabs of the curtains you chose. Anything much smaller than 5/8″ might tend to bow if you’re hanging curtains heavier than sheers. A good 1″ curtain rod in a metal can hold heavier curtains.

This 1″ diameter metal rod curtain can hold up to 22 lbs. of fabric. That’s a nice heavy-duty rod. It comes in two telescoping lengths, either 36-72″ or 72-144″.

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How Do You Install Extra Long Curtain Rods?

When you have a large window, you will need extra support. Curtain rods that go beyond 60″ or 5 feet will need a third bracket in the center of the window. This will keep your curtain rod from sagging. You want it placed in the center so that when you close your curtains, they still close properly. We found a short video to help you with this installation.

  • You’ll need to measure the entire length of your window, then add about 6″ to either side for your end bracket places. Then divide the window width plus those additional 12″ and divide to find the spot for your center bracket.
  • Decide how far above your window you want the brackets to go and mark the spots for your brackets.
  • Make sure your marks are level
  • Drill holes for your wall anchors
  • Put them into place with a mallet
  • Screw brackets into wall anchors
  • Place your curtain rod and curtains in place

What Is The Proper Placement Of Curtain Rods?

Mature Adult Male Installing Curtain Rods

The placement of your curtain rods should be centered on your windows. You want space on the sides of the windows for the curtains to rest against the wall when opened (not blocking the window). Typically this adds anywhere from 3″ on each side to 6″ on each side. This measurement can be based on personal taste, the mass of curtains, or the room available to you on your window wall.

As for the height above the window, that is a bit more personal. Curtains hung from near the ceiling can create a sense of height and spaciousness in a low ceiling room. If this is the choice, then hang the rod near the ceiling, leaving room for the rod finials and curtains to close without snagging on the ceiling. 

The other option is a more standard installation. Your curtain rod should be installed anywhere from 3-6″ above the window frame as a general rule.

Do Curtain Rods Need To Be Hung On Studs?

While it is optimal to hang a curtain rod on a stud, that may not be an option to get the curtain rod hung correctly in relation to the window. That’s why the use of wall anchors is recommended. Wall anchors grip into drywall, providing a very sturdy method for hanging heavier objects. Even if your wall could hold a curtain rod and curtains, the constant opening and closing could eventually pull the rods loose without the use of wall anchors.

White plastic wall anchors screw into sheetrock, giving a solid spot for screws to be screwed in. Kits like this are a handy thing to have in your homeowners DIY kit.

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The Curtain Rod Size DeMystified

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Now that you understand the ins and outs of your curtain rod sizes, it’s time to find the perfect ones for your home. Remember to take your time installing them to ensure long wear and easy curtain closure. We have so many great posts on curtains here at We hope you’ll check out a few of the ones below:

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Standard curtain rod lengths chart, vertical

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