Standard Entryway Table Dimensions [How Deep, High and Wide]

Every home can benefit from a table placed in the entryway. Not only does this provide a place to set the mail, but it also announces the style of your home upon entry. Entryway tables add an overall touch of class. But how big should the table be? You definitely don’t want it blocking anyone’s entry. We’ve done some research and have some great information for you!

The standard entryway table is anywhere from 14-18 inches deep, 32-64 inches in length, and approximately 30-33 inches high. The length is the largest variance, and this number will largely depend on the amount of space you have available in your entryway. 

Now that you know the dimensions of an entryway table, let’s discuss our answer a little more thoroughly. We’ll examine the details to consider when purchasing an entryway table, as well as some other questions you might have. Continue reading.

Console table with decor and mirror on white wall in hallway. - Standard Entryway Table Dimensions [How Deep, High and Wide]

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What Should You Consider When Deciding on an Entryway Table?

There are many details to consider before you start shopping for a new table for your entryway. You’ll want to know how much space you have, your personal sense of style, how you intend to use the table, and your budget.

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Modern hallway interior with stylish furniture and clothes rack.


The Space

Your first priority before you shop is to find exactly how much space you have for your entryway table. When deciding on the best spot for your table, consider the location of your door. If you wish to place your table just inside the doorway, ensure you are not planning on a spot behind the door or a place the door will be constantly bumping into the table. 

Once you have decided on the spot, measure the area to find how much space you have. Measure not only the length of your wall but the width of the walkway as well. If your table is too deep, you run the risk of bumping into it frequently.

After measuring, decide how much clearance you will need in order to comfortably move through the entryway. Find what would be a comfortable height for your table. Know your numbers when you start shopping.

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For more information on entryway table sizing, read our post about entry table height.

Personal Style

Modern hallway interior with stylish console table and shoe storage

Your entryway table doesn’t have to match all your other furniture exactly, but it should match your style. If your furniture leans toward a hodgepodge style, feel free to take liberties on the style of entryway table you get.

However, if the decor of your living room is all a similar color, try to ensure that the entryway table is cohesive. Remember, this table could be a first impression piece to any guests, so you want to ensure that impression is a positive one!

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Are you going to use your table just for decoration? Is it going to be extra storage space? Do you want it to hold your purse or be a catchall? Will you have a lamp on it? These are all questions you want to ask yourself before shopping as it can affect the height, size, and shape of the table you’ll need.

Many people use their entryway table as a place to keep keys, such as inside of a decorative bowl. If you’re planning on placing a lamp on it, you’ll want to ensure that the height makes the lamp easily accessible. Keep the uses you’ve considered in mind while shopping.

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An important factor to consider when decided on an entryway table is your budget. There are so many options on the market, you are sure to find something within your price range. Entryway tables sell for anywhere from $50-$100 and up. 

Don’t sacrifice on style but also try to maintain your budget. If you find a good deal, that leaves room in the budget for more decorations for your entryway table.  

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What is an entryway table called?

Contemporary Grey and Yellow Colorful Modern Living Room

Entryway tables can be referred to as many different names. It might be referred to as a console table, foyer table, buffet table, or a sofa table. Any table fitting the space can be used as an entryway table. Overall, you will hear these types of tables referred to as console tables the most.

What is a half table called?

Interior of modern room with armchair and table near light wall.

A half table used in the entryway is oftentimes referred to as a half-moon console table. These tables are exactly as the name would imply: a half-moon. They have one straight side against the wall and a curved side that faces the rest of the room. These are a lovely touch to an entryway, and sometimes give the impression the other half of a round table has disappeared into the wall. 

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How big is a round foyer table?

The size of a round foyer table will vary based on how much room you have available. A traditional, round foyer table is meant to be a centerpiece for people to gather around in an entryway. These are generally placed in a very large foyer with ample space for congregating. 

A grand foyer table should measure about 50-60 inches across. These work extremely well if you have a cascading or curved staircase, as these round tables fit nicely in the curve. But don’t force a large, round foyer table into an undersized space. Only use these types of tables to fill a large amount of empty space. 

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What Should You Put On An Entryway Table?

Entrance hall of contemporary family home

If you don’t have any immediate ideas for how to decorate an entryway table, consider some of the following options:

  • Place a mirror above the entryway table
  • Add some cherished family photos
  • Display antique or collectible books
  • Add some wicker baskets if there aren’t any drawers and place those underneath the table for extra storage
  • Display family heirlooms and knick-knacks
  • Add a vase and get yourself fresh flowers frequently
  • Keep your house plants on your entryway table
  • Add a decorative lamp

No matter what you choose to add to your entryway table, ensure that you’ve got plenty of space to maneuver around. Pay attention to those dimensions before purchasing the table.

In Closing

Entryway tables can vary in length but stay rather consistent in height and depth. Always make sure your entryway has adequate space for the table before you buy by knowing the measurements. Don’t be stuck with a purchase you can’t use and face disappointment and inconvenience. Above all, have fun picking out your new furniture!

Wondering about table height in general? Read our post, The Ideal Dining Table Height (And How To Match The Height Of Chairs).

A wooden console table near white wall with two blank frames, Standard Entryway Table Dimensions [How Deep, High and Wide]

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