20 Star-Themed Wallpapers That Your Kids Will Love

20 Star-Themed Wallpapers That Your Kids Will LoveThe serene beauty of the star-studded night sky has inspired artists and visionaries for centuries. It is only natural that we would love to add these celestial beings to the decor in our homes, whether as a star-studded bedroom, to a primitive country motif with rustic stars and red berries. The possibilities are endless, but we curated a list of 20 amazing star-themed wallpapers to get you started.


1. Fluorescent Star Wallpaper

By day, a muted and subtle stars and moon theme. By night, a shimmering celestial sky. This wallpaper comes in rolls and is easy to adhere to any wall or ceiling. Simply stick it on, turn off the lights and let your child enjoy sleeping under the stars each and every night.

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2. Galaxy Mural Wallpaper

For an accent wall that’s seriously out of this world, you can purchase this wall mural. It is sold in an assortment of sizes so that you can achieve whatever look you want with the breathtaking image of outer space. It is made with waterproof silken cloth and is installed just like traditional wallpaper. Easy to clean and durable, this mural will withstand the test of time in any room.

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3. Blue Star Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are a fun way to decorate a child’s room. They look great when applied to a smooth, dry surface and can easily be removed when/if your child changes their mind about them. These blue stickers can be used to decorate entire walls or even serve as a wall border. It’s up to you!

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4. Multi-Colored Stars Peel and Stick Wallpaper

This peel and stick vinyl wallpaper is a fantastically easy way to bring stars to your child’s – or any – room. You can even use this wallpaper over glass and windows! When it’s time to remove, you can do so with ease. Yet, the wallpaper won’t easily come off before you’re ready for it to.

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5. Navy Constellations Wallpaper

This peel and stick wallpaper is a fun way to add the whimsy and beauty of the cosmos’ constellations into any child’s space. Simply clean your wall with warm water before placing the wallpaper. Using cleaning agents can cause the wallpaper to prematurely lift. If you clean the space behind the wallpaper properly, it will not lift or peel for years to come.

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6. Neutral Star Wallpaper

Sometimes, you don’t want a very bright and distracting wallpaper, but rather something that complements a different type of aesthetic. This wallpaper from Chesapeake offers a more neutral approach to star décor in more muted shades. Simply peel, then stick. This wallpaper can even be cleaned!

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7.  Star and Berry Vine Wallpaper

For a more rustic, country-inspired look, this wallpaper fuses the beauty of winding vines with eye-catching and strategically placed stars. It is the perfect addition to a vintage themed nursery or childhood bedroom. This wallpaper is also easy to add to a space of your choosing. It is pre-pasted, so simply peel and stick, right from the roll!

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8. Star and Berry Border Wallpaper

Another addition from York Wall Coverings, this border wallpaper is a great way to add a touch of something special to even the plainest of walls. To apply this border to any room, simply wet the pre-pasted backing with water and paste it onto a clean wall. This wallpaper border is the perfect addition to any room that could use a touch of country-inspired charm.

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9. Star and Crescent Moon Wallpaper

This peel and stick wallpaper from RoomMates produces a beautifully muted field of stars and crescent moons on any clean and even wall surface. It is easy to apply and even easier to remove when the time is right. This wallpaper is also incredibly durable, as it can be scrubbed, repositioned and redisplayed whenever you want. It won’t even leave any sticky residue when removed, so even if you’re a renter and not a homeowner you can use it worry-free!

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10. Patterned Blue Star Wallpaper

The design of this wallpaper is very simplistic in nature, but it remains eye-catching and beautiful all the same. The different blue hues paired with the fact that the stars are of different sizes make for an interesting field of vision whenever you look at this wallpaper. You can scrub the wallpaper after simply peeling and sticking it onto a clean wall. This design lends itself easily to any nursery, child’s bedroom or playroom!

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11. Galaxy Inspired Wallpaper

This wallpaper from GREAT ART comes in a set of several panels so that you can appropriately fit the gorgeous imagery onto any space of your choosing. Each order comes with instructions to help you paste the wallpaper perfectly to your wall. By the time you’re done, you will have a beautiful wall that will capture the eyes of anyone who steps inside. The premium material that this wallpaper is made of makes it quite durable and especially easy to keep clean with only water.

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12.  Night Sky with Stars and Moon Wallpaper

This nighttime skyscape makes for an incredible accent wall in any room, especially a child with a love of stargazing. It is sold in 6 pieces for ease of application. The wallpaper functions using an adhesive backing that still allows for it to be repositioned and removed whenever you need it to be. It’s remarkable how easy it can be to get such an impressive nighttime scene directly onto your wall. Simply make sure that the wall has been cleansed with water, first!

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13. Self-Adhesive Nighttime Sky Wallpaper

What child wouldn’t love to sleep surrounded by a starry nighttime sky? This high-quality wallpaper is of the peel and stick variety, making it easy to install in any childhood bedroom! In fact, any clean and flat surface can support this wallpaper beautifully – even glass and windows. And this is not just some cheap sticker. The wallpaper sold by Wall26 won’t leave a sticky residue that you’ll have to clean up later. Reposition, remove and replace as often as you want!

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14. Black and Grey Star Wallpaper

This unique star wallpaper is designed to be peeled, cut to size and then simply stuck onto the wall(s) of your choice. It especially looks great when paired with vibrantly colored décor, or even stark white, as this provides a breathtaking contrast. This wallpaper is removed just as easily as it is installed, but only when you want to remove it. Until you’re ready to take it down yourself, this wallpaper from RoomMates will last for as long as you want it to.

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15. Smiling Sun with Stars Backdrop Wallpaper Border

Even a plain white wall can become a beautiful example of your personal taste when you add this whimsical wallpaper border to your interior design. This classical design is very colorful, but the shades are muted enough as to not serve as an eyesore in your or your child’s bedroom. This wallpaper border is pre-pasted and strippable, so you can move it if you need to – after an easy-as-pie installation. Even better yet, the material composing this border is very breathable. You don’t need to worry about health or environmental concerns because of this wallpaper, because the wall beneath it still receives air.

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16. Yellow Star Beachy Wallpaper Border

Does your little one love the sand and the surf of the beach? This wallpaper border looks great on nearly any color wall, especially any shade of white, cream or light blue. It invokes beach imagery through the use of shells against a rustic looking wood-inspired backdrop. All you have to do to bring the beach to your child’s room is dip the border in water and smooth it across the surface of the wall. It really is that easy!

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17. Space Travel Wallpaper Border

What kid doesn’t dream of rocketing off into space and existing among the stars? This wallpaper border offers images of space travel vessels, planets, stars and satellites, which will look great against a wall of literally any color. You don’t need paste or water to install this border into your child’s room. Simply peel and paste!

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18. Blue Galaxy Wallpaper

This environmentally friendly wallpaper from hwhz is incredibly easy to install on any wall or ceiling. The blue swirls and stars of space will make any area of your child’s room stand out among the rest of its décor. The vibrant design does not fade, is easy to clean, and only comes off when you want it to. The 3D effect of this wallpaper is eye-catching and unique, sure to fit your child’s taste if they are a space aficionado of any kind.

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19. High-Resolution Solar System Wallpaper

This wallpaper not only looks great but can be a fun teaching tool for your child! Help them identify the planets or count the stars as they marvel at the beautiful wallpaper mural that you have chosen for them. This 3D wallpaper showcases the solar system in beautiful, high-resolution detail and stunning color. The design won’t fade over time and can be easily cleaned with only water. Because it is peel and stick in function, it can be removed or repositioned on a whim!

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20. Solar System Graphic Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a solar system wallpaper that doesn’t capture the photorealism of the example above, consider this addition to your child’s bedroom. This pre-pasted wallpaper needs only to be dipped in water and smoothed over the wall or ceiling to be applied. With no paste, there is no mess, and the wallpaper can be removed with ease – but only when you want it gone.

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We hope this list of 20 Star Wallpapers inspired you to choose the right celestial wallpaper for your nursery or kids room. Have you spotted a favorite already? Leave us a comment to let us know which you liked best!

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