19 Gorgeous Starfish Shower Curtains For The Perfect Beach-Themed Bathroom

19 Gorgeous Starfish Shower Curtains For the Perfect Beach-Themed BathroomShower curtains are important bathroom accessories. They are the basic and functional decoration of any bathroom. A lovely one will give your bathroom that stylish, elegant look.

For fans of sea creatures themed decor, the starfish is one of the most attractive creatures out there. Now, we imagine you would want to mix your love for starfish with your desire for a stylish shower curtain. Hence, we researched and compiled a list of the best starfish-themed shower curtains on the market for you.

Vandarlin Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

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This shower curtain features starfishes and a couple on seashells on a sandy beach. The durable polyester fabric is made from is 100% waterproof. It comes with c-shaped curtain hooks. The images are printed on it with a heat dye sublimation technique, ensuring it does not fade quickly.

Available at 66" wide and 72" long, this curtain can easily be washed, maintain and it dries fast. It is the perfect fit for neutral-colored bathrooms.

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Sylbapestry Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

This shower curtain offers you an incredible picture that features; starfishes, seashells, a glistening ocean, a beautiful, blue sky, a bit of green and the shiny sun.  It is the depiction of what a good day at the beach looks like. This shower curtain, made from polyester, is waterproof with rust-resistant metal grommets. It protects your privacy while also fitting in perfectly with your bathroom.

Sized at 69" wide and 72" long, this curtain comes with 12 plastic shower hooks. It can easily be washed with a machine.

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Avanti Linens Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Avanti Linens has spent the last decades developing some of the best bathroom accessories on the market - this shower curtain is a continuation of that tradition. This luxurious curtain depicts a calm ocean water scene featuring starfishes, seahorses, and shells. It is made from water-repellant polyester fabric that ensures your bathroom floor is protected from the water streams.

Sized at 72"x72", this easy-to-install curtain is machine washable. This curtain comes with various complementary accessories like; hand towels, bath towels, tissue holders, bath rugs, and soap dishes that are to make transforming your bathroom an easy task.

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Ambesonne Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Sea creature lovers will enjoy this shower curtain. Featuring 3D like images of starfishes, seahorses, conches, and seashells, this polyester fabric curtain is the exact accessory you need for that vibrant bathroom decor you are aiming for.  At 70"L x 69"W, it does not need a liner.

Despite the lively use of colors on it, this curtain does not fade. It is waterproof, safe to use and easy to wash. It would serve as a great housewarming gift to friends due to its attractive but rare design graphics. It comes with 12 curtain hooks.

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BROSHAN Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

This lovely scene with its image of starfishes and seashells on a turquoise wooden board will calm you whenever you see this shower curtain in your bathroom. It is from soft-texture, eco-friendly polyester print material and comes with a liner that beautifies your bathroom as well as protect your privacy.

This printing on this curtain is done with modern digital printing, ensuring the graphics on it last long. IT is waterproof so, it will keep your bathroom floor dry. Its marine nautical ocean style enables it to match a wide variety of bathroom decor, therefore making it the ideal housewarming gift. Available at size 72"x72", it comes with 12 strong hooks.

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Krelymics Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Nothing can give you that summer vibes like this shower curtain. Depicting starfishes on a fishing net, a conch, a seashell, and a retro boat board all against a blue sea background, it is just the right choice for that stylish bathroom look you want. Prized for its affordability, this curtain is made from waterproof, polyester fabric.

Despite its vibrant, non-fading colors, this product is free of any toxic materials. It dries fast and does not give off any strange odor. Available in different sizes - 70"L x 69"W, 75"L x 69"W and 84"L x 69"W - this product is machine washable. It comes with 12 plastic hooks.

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RS-QS Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

This beautiful shower curtain is just what your white bathroom needs. Its lifelike image of a yellow starfish in the midst of white seashells on a white sand beach will give your bathroom that sparkling clean look - always. Also, its other qualities will definitely make your bathing experience more enjoyable.

It is made from durable, waterproof polyester material that also dries fast. The prints on it were digitally done to last long. This curtain comes in 72"x72" size, allowing for easy machine wash. Lastly, It comes with 12 c-shaped plastic hooks.

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Uphome Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

If the beach is truly your happy place, then this shower curtain is made just for you. Featuring the image of a big white starfish and a declaration of your love for the beach, it is the piece of decor that will please you and impress your guests immensely. It is made from 100% toxic-free polyester fabric. Its raincoat water-repellant technology guarantees a dry floor after a shower. With its weighted hems, your privacy is also assured.

The graphic on this shower curtain is digitally perfected to ensure it does not fade. It comes in size 72"x72", enabling easy machine wash. A bonus of 12 free plastic shower hooks comes along with the purchase of this product.

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UHUSE Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

This beach scene has an inexpressible sense of calm around it. The added image of the starfishes in the foreground makes it more alluring. Sized at 72"x72", this 100% polyester fabric shower curtain prevents your bathroom from getting wet with its waterproof feature. It is soft, smooth with no need for a liner.

It is easy to maintain, wash and comes with 12 curtain hooks. The color scheme would go well with any light-colored bathroom - ensuring you start your day bright.

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LALILO Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Here is another great starfish-themed shower curtain. Measured at 78"L x 73"W, this polyester material is made to withstand water splatter, hence preventing bathroom floor mess. With its HD digital print, its colorful images are sure to last long. It needs no extra liner and fits any standard bathroom.

Its features include; weighted hems, rust-proof metal eyelets and reinforced top head for extra durability.

Having this shower curtain will not only give your bathroom that comforting aura, but it will also brighten your day.

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Ambesonne Heart-Shaped Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Another quality product by the Ambesonne company, this brown taupe shower curtain screams subtle elegance. The hand-drawn starfishes, seashells, and conches in a heart-shaped form will fit perfectly with various bathrooms, towels, and rug color schemes. It is an easy way to change the entire look of your bathroom decor without having to change much.

At 89"L x 69"W, this extra-long product is made from waterproof polyester fabric. It is made from eco-friendly material - no harmful or toxic dye used.

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BLEUM CADE Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Created with state-of-the-art digital printing technology, the HD images on this shower curtains - from starfishes to marine sailboat - are guaranteed to last long. It is made from polyester, peach fabric. It comes in three size ranges namely; 70L x 69W, 75"L x 69"W and 84"L x 69"W.

This product is durable, waterproof, and does not require a liner. It contains no harmful substance, hence it is safe for use. It is designed to fit the standard bathtub. It comes with 12 free curtain hooks.

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Linsam Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Made of 100% polyester material, this mix images of starfishes and seashells patterned curtain measures at 71"x71". Unlike most of the curtains on this list, it is equipped with built-in flex rings that make it easy to install without the use of hooks. The waterproof and mildew resistant qualities ensure it does not fade quickly.

This product is made out of quality, safe eco-friendly material, hence it can be used for your kid bathroom too. It is also very easy to clean.

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JAWO Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Sized at 70"L x 69"W, this watercolor starfish-themed shower curtain is the perfect fit for your standard bathtub. It is made from 100% polyester fabric with no vinyl, plastic or PEVA. This curtain comes with rust-resistant grommets, a reinforced top header that keeps it durable, and 12 c-shaped hooks for easy installation.

It is waterproof, machine-washable and dries quickly. If you are aiming for a total bathroom makeover, we suggest you go for this.

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Accrocn Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

This blue shower curtain features one giant starfish. It is made from 100% polyester material with water-resistant features that prevent your bathroom from getting damp during showers. With a size of 78"L x 72"W, this curtain will fit any standard shower or bathtub. It is transparent enough to let light through while also protecting your privacy.

This product can be easily cleaned and washed with a machine without running the risk of its color fading. It comes with reinforced hook holes for easy hanging as well as rust-resistant eyelets for durability.

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ABxinyoule Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Here is another lovely scene for beach lovers. An orange starfish on the beach, a wavy ocean, birds flying and a bright blue sky all vividly printed on this polyester with the best digital technology to avoid fading.

Sized at 72"L x 69"W, this shower curtain comes with rust-proof metal grommets for durability. It is waterproof and does not require a liner. It is safe - contains no harmful substances -, easy to wash, and guarantees the protection of your privacy. It also comes with complimentary curtain hooks.

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DS BATH Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

Sized at 78"L x 62"W, this shower curtain will maintain its vivid colors with high technology digital prints. It is safe for use as it contains no harmful substance and was made with eco-friendly material. This 100% polyester curtain comes with 12 free curtain hooks. It is water-resistant and durable enough to last for many years.

The bottom of this curtain is sewn in a way that allows for an increase in drooping. It is a good fit for bright bathrooms.

There are complementary items you may buy with this item.

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NYMB Sea Animal Shower Curtain

There is no better way to encourage your kids to bath than having this lovely shower curtain. Patterned with images of starfishes and sea turtles, this 70"x70" sized polyester curtain comes with 12 complementary curtain hooks for easy installation. Its non-fade feature ensures the 3D printed images last long.

This shower curtain is waterproof, easy to wash by hand or machine, and fit for most standard bathrooms.

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BROSHAN Colorful Starfish-Themed Shower Curtain

This Broshan's shower curtain is made out of eco-friendly polyester fabric. Its colorful image is made with modern digital printing that prevents it from fading. At 72"X72", this product is perfect for any standard bathtub or shower. With its waterproof feature, your bathroom floor will always be dry after shower.

This shower curtain comes with a weighted hem that keeps the curtain in place thereby ensuring your privacy. It comes with rust-proof grommets as well as 12 complementary curtain hooks.

It will make a great housewarming gift to family and friends due to the wild range of bathroom decor it can be matched with.

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