How To Stop Plastic Carpet Protector From Moving

If you are sick of your carpet protector sliding beneath your chair, it's time for you to find a solution. A sliding carpet protector can become really irritating. However, you don't want to remove the protector because it will keep your chair from rolling and leave indentions on your carpet. What can you do to fix the problem without tossing your mat out the window? We know this struggle all too well and set out to find the best solution for the problem. Find the answers below. 

A sliding carpet protector is super annoying. However, there are a few tips that will help keep it in place:

  1. Make sure you have the right rug for your carpet.
  2. Keep your carpet protector clean. 
  3. Attach carpet grippers. 

Keep reading as we delve into these solutions and which ones work best. We will also answer frequently asked questions and tell you which products worked best for us. 

Male caucasian hands with black handle stainless steel scissors cutting to size a strip of yellow anti-slip rug grip tape. Cutting and placing anti-skid carpet tape, How To Stop Plastic Carpet Protector From Moving


How to Keep Plastic Carpet Protector from Moving

If you're trying to work and your plastic carpet protector keeps moving under your chair, you need a solution fast. Not only is it annoying, but it can be distracting. The following three steps will help you keep your carpet protector in place, with extra emphasis on the last step. 

1. Choose the Right Protective Mat for Your Carpet Type

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While this may be the most obvious solution, many people don't realize that there are different mats for different types of carpets. For example, if you have a thick, plush carpet, you will need to make sure your protective mat is designed to be used with such. Some are only made for thin, low plush carpets. 

Check the specifications on your mat. If they don't match your carpet, it's time to buy a new carpet protector. 

Check out this carpet protector on Amazon that is designed for low and medium-pile carpets. 

Here is a protector on Amazon designed for high pile carpets. 

2. Keep Your Mat Clean

As with most products, it's important to keep your carpet protector mat clean. An unclean mat will not properly grip the floor. Make sure to wash it about once every couple of weeks. Don't fret; they are quite simple to wash. Use warm, soapy water to gently clean both sides. If there is dirt and grime around the grips, you can use a soft-bristled cleaning brush to remove it gently. 

Make sure your mat is completely dry before replacing it. Wet mats will cause mold and bacteria growth. It is also a good idea to keep your protector away from direct sunlight as it can degrade the quality of your mat, making it less reliable. If the sun shines directly into your windows onto your work area, you should utilize curtains or blinds to minimize sun exposure. 

3. Attach Carpet Grippers

Male caucasian hands with black handle stainless steel scissors cutting to size a strip of yellow anti-slip rug grip tape. Cutting and placing anti-skid carpet tape, How To Stop Plastic Carpet Protector From Moving

While testing these theories, we discovered that using carpet grippers was the best way to keep your protective mats in place. Don't run off and buy grippers just yet. You will need to make sure they are suitable for use on carpet. Some will leave a sticky residue, ruining your flooring. 

The following products are our top picks for keeping plastic carpet protectors in place:

Reusable Rug Gripper

This rug gripper is at the top of our list. Unlike other products, it is designed to work on carpet. However, not all carpet is suitable. There is no cutting or fitting. The pack comes with eight pre-cut grippers that stick on the edges of your mat. Best of all, they won't leave sticky residue on your carpet, and they are reusable! You can remove the grippers with water or alcohol when you are ready to clean your mat or move to a new office. 

You can get your own reusable rug gripper on Amazon.

Floor Mat Grip Tape

This extra-large floor mat tape works well for keeping plastic carpet protectors in place. It has a strong bond that will hold up to high traffic areas, but it won't leave residue on your carpet. This tape is not reusable, so you will have to replace it every time you wash your plastic carpet protector.

You can get your own floor mat grip tape on Amazon. 

Gorilla Grip

While Gorilla Grip didn't work as well as the other two products, it does a decent job of keeping the mat in place. However, it's not as easy to install. You must cut it to the proper size, fitting it to the entirety of the mat. It is not reusable or washable, but it does not leave a sticky residue and is suitable for carpet. 

Please note that it does not hold up very well in high-traffic areas. Therefore, if you do excessive rolling in your chair, it will not last as long as the other products on our list. 

You can purchase Gorilla Grip on Amazon. 

Wheel Indentation on Your Plastic Carpet Protector

If you are having issues with your chair wheels, leaving ugly indentions in your carpet protector, we have a solution for that too. If you don't roll around in your chair and don't mind it being stationary, apply wheel protectors to the mat. It will both keep your chair from rolling around and keep those unsightly indentations out of your mat. 

You can find wheel protectors on Amazon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Close up of steam cleaner cleaning very dirty carpet.

Do Plastic Carpet Protectors Work?

There are both pros and cons to using plastic carpet protectors. Since you are reading this post, you are likely having difficulty keeping yours in place. This is one of the most common issues with plastic carpet protectors. However, we have found that they protect the carpet fairly well and allow your chair to roll. 

With these tips, you will have less trouble getting your mat to stay in place. There is one thing to consider. Since the carpet protector will be kept in place most of the time, if you don't regularly clean your carpets, including underneath the mat, the surrounding carpet will become a different shade from the carpet underneath your protector. This is because the protector keeps dirt, grime, and spills from affecting the space under your chair. 

Therefore, when you perform routine cleaning on your mat, it may be a good idea to clean your carpet as well. 

How to Flatten Plastic Carpet Protector

When you purchase a new chair mat, it typically comes rolled inside a package. Upon opening, you'll notice that the mat does not want to lay flat. Don't worry; this is an easy fix. Make sure you have something heavy, such as stacks of books or reams of paper, to stack on the corners of your mat. 

Unroll your protector, placing the heavy objects on the corners. The flattening process could take as little as one to two hours; however, it may take up to 24 hours for your mat to completely flatten. Having access to direct sunlight will help accelerate the process, as will a warm room temperature. 

How Do You Keep Plastic Carpet Runners in Place?

Plastic carpet runners can be kept in place with the products listed above. Floor mat grip tape will probably be your best option since carpet runners are fairly long.  

Does Rug Gripper Tape Work?

Rug gripper tape works very well. However, before purchasing, make sure you are buying the correct kind of gripper tape. Many rug grippers are meant for tile and hardwood and aren't suitable for carpet. Purchase gripper tape that specifies efficiency on the carpet without leaving residue. 


Don't let a sliding carpet protector ruin your week. Use these simple suggestions to help keep your mat in place and your carpet safe. If you have additional questions, feel free to check out other articles on our blog. The following are just a couple of examples of what you can learn: 

When you're ready to clean your carpet, find out how much it costs to rent a carpet cleaner here. You can also discover how long it will take your carpet to dry after using a cleaner here. Check us out for all your housing questions. 

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