How To Store Blankets [5 Easy Methods!]

If you own any number of blankets, you've probably wondered, "What's the best way to store them?" Storing items properly is an essential part of extending their life and making sure they'll continue looking new for years to come. In this post, we've collected some of the best ways to store all types of blankets so that you'll have a clear plan for organizing your belongings. So let's get started!

There are about as many different ways to store a blanket as there are types of blankets and places you may need to store them. Here are a few methods you could consider:

  1. Folded in a box under the bed
  2. On a shelf in the linen closet
  3. In a basket near the couch
  4. Inside a storage ottoman
  5. Draped over a decorative ladder

A basket with blankets and pillows near sofa indoors, How to Store Blankets [5 Easy Methods!]

A basket with blankets and pillows near sofa indoors, How to Store Blankets [5 Easy Methods!]

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A basket with blankets and pillows near sofa indoors, How to Store Blankets [5 Easy Methods!] A basket with blankets and pillows near sofa indoors, How to Store Blankets [5 Easy Methods!] A basket with blankets and pillows near sofa indoors, How to Store Blankets [5 Easy Methods!]
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A basket with blankets and pillows near sofa indoors, How to Store Blankets [5 Easy Methods!]

Of course, you'll also want to consider how to keep your blankets smelling fresh and clean, or you may have specific concerns, such as how to store blankets in a small living space. Rest assured - we'll answer all of these questions and more in the rest of this post.

How to Store Blankets in the Living Room

You have two important considerations when thinking about how to store your living room throw blankets. The first is keeping the blankets clean and protected, and the second is storing them in an easily accessible place. If you're lounging on the couch reading and realize you'd like to cover up with a blanket, you'd most likely prefer it if you didn't have to stand up to find one. Luckily, there are a few ways to stow your blankets within arm's reach in your living room.

Use a Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman is a footstool with a lid that lifts off to reveal storage space inside. This is the perfect spot to store some folded blankets, and when the top is on, it also doubles as a convenient place to put up your feet.

Keep Them in a Wire or Wicker Basket Near the Couch

Stack your folded blankets in a basket next to the couch. This keeps them easy to access, and also allows you to display their beautiful patterns and colors.

Living room decorated with bouquet of peonies, wicker basket with blanket, plants and carpet

Drape Them Over a Decorative Ladder

If you have space and would like to show off some particularly stunning blankets, find a decorative ladder or rack, lean it against a wall, and drape the blankets over the bars.

How to Store Blankets in the Bedroom

Even though you probably use a blanket on your bed every night, you may have extra throw blankets you want to store during the day. You might also need to store your larger comforters somewhere during the warmer months, so they're out of your way. But no worries - there are a few simple ways to keep your blankets tucked out of sight until the moment you need them.

Fold Your Blankets in a Storage Bench at the Foot of the Bed

Storage benches offer plenty of room for even king-size comforters and also provide extra seating space and visual interest. You can find some great ideas in our post, 17 Rustic Storage Benches That Will Look Great In Your Bedroom.

Place Them in a Classy-looking Hamper

Place your off-season blankets and throws in a solid laundry hamper with a lid. You could even place it under a window and set a plant on top for some extra camouflage.

Wooden laundry hamper basket standing on the floor with towels and blankets hanging

Slide Them Into Storage Boxes Under Your Bed

You could use simple plastic bins, but why not have some fun and add to the overall look of your bedroom? Try fabric or cardboard storage boxes in attractive prints, or even boxes made from cedarwood. A great bonus effect of cedar is that it keeps your blankets smelling fresh and also deters moths.

How to Store Blankets in Small Spaces

Blanket hanging on a decorative ladder

When you live in a small space, you have to get creative with your storage solutions. It's best to find a way to store your blankets that either serves a secondary purpose or dramatically diminishes the size of the blankets. A few ideas from the previous lists, such as a storage bench or ottoman or boxes under the bed, would work perfectly in small spaces. Here are a few more:

Use Vacuum-Seal Bags

If you need to store blankets and comforters for an entire season, consider using vacuum-seal bags. These bags attach to a device that sucks out all of the excess air, leaving you with small, compact packages that are easy to toss on a shelf in the closet. Just be aware that this isn't the best choice for down bedding, as it can damage the delicate feathers.

Attach a Storage Rack or Ladder to the Wall

Storage ladders don't have to take up space by leaning against a wall - you can mount them to the wall and create an attractive storage spot. Just be aware that this option works best for lightweight blankets and throws, as the weight of heavy comforters could pull the ladder off the wall.

How to Keep Blankets Fresh in Storage

It's one of those life mysteries - you can put good smelling, freshly-washed blankets in storage, only to pull them out a few months later and find that they smell musty and stale. This happens for a couple of reasons. First, if there's any moisture left in the bedding at all, it can grow bacteria that give it that musty odor. Second, a lack of airflow causes blankets to absorb any surrounding smells, leaving them overflowing with unpleasant scents the next time you open the box or drawer.

Since blankets stored in wire baskets or on ladders get plenty of airflow, there isn't too much concern that they'll develop unpleasant smells. But how can you combat these odors in blankets that are stored in enclosed spaces?

Make Sure Your Blankets Are Completely Dry Before Storing Them

Blanket and pillows on a basket beside a cozy sofa

Remember, any amount of moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. This not only gives your blankets that unpleasant musty smell but can also lead to health problems, especially in people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Use Sachets

Bunch of lavender flowers and sachets filled with dried lavender

Sachets are little cloth bags filled with dried herbs that are used to scent blankets, clothing, and other textiles. Choose a classic scent like lavender or try something a little more unusual such as rosemary or peppermint.

Poke Holes in a Box of Baking Soda and Place it With the Blankets

Baking soda helps absorb and neutralize odors. Just remember to change the box every few months.

If You Keep Your Blankets in a Closet, Store Them on a Wire Shelf

This helps circulate air, which in turn diminishes a lot of unpleasant odors. If your closet shelves are made from solid wood, buy small wire shelves to set on top of them and store the blankets on those. Plus, doing this gives you even more storage space.

Put Scented Dryer Sheets Between Each Stacked Blanket

This will keep your blankets smelling fresh. You can also place a bar of scented soap wrapped in tissue paper in the same space as your stored blankets. The blankets will absorb the scent of the soap instead of any musty odors from the container.

Pack Your Blankets in a Cedarwood Box 

Not only will this type of wood give your blankets a fresh, clean scent, it also keeps away moths that could chew holes in the fabric.

How to Organize Stored Bedding

Organized linen closet with towels, blankets pillows and bed sheets

It's very easy for linen closets to become disaster zones where everything gets tossed in without rhyme or reason, but it's just as easy to keep your bedding neatly organized. We'll also share some ways to organize your bedding if you don't have closet space. To start, here are a few ways you can organize a linen closet:

Sort Your Bedding by Type

Place sheets, blankets, throws, comforters, and anything else with other items in that category. If you're unsure of what kind of blankets you have, check out our post 14 Types of Blankets Every Homeowner Should Know for a quick and easy explanation.

Sort it by Color

Stack all of the red blankets together, all of the white sheets, and so on, while keeping them separated by type. This makes it even easier to find what you're looking for, and also gives your shelf an even more organized appearance.

Slip Each Set of Sheets Into its corresponding pillowcase Before Storing

This keeps everything neat and tidy, and also makes it easy to grab a clean set of sheets when you need one.

Use Baskets and Hampers.

This helps corral smaller items and keeps stacks of any size looking neat. Just make sure the baskets are made from wicker, fabric, wire, or another material that allows plenty of airflow.

Here are a few ways to keep bedding organized if you don't have a closet:

Keep a Set of Clean Sheets Between Your Mattress and Box Spring

Just fold them enough so they'll lie flat and not give them mattress a bulky feeling. This way, you'll always know exactly where to find your extra set of sheets. This is also a great tip if you live in a small space.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Once again, storage ottomans and benches save the day! Stow comforters in a storage bench at the foot of the bed, while a storage ottoman under your window can hold throws or extra pillows.

Store Them in a Cupboard or Armoire

If you have space, use a cupboard or armoire in the bathroom, bedroom, or hallway as your linen closet. You can use most of the tips for linen closets, and it also adds a nice finishing touch to your space.

How to Store Extra Pillows

Various household items in closet

Pillows tend to be big and bulky, which can make storing them a challenge. However, there are a few ways to make it work:

Store Them in a Wire or Wicker Laundry Hamper

Place the hamper on the floor of your closet if there's space, but if not, slip each pillow into an attractive cloth bag and put the hamper in the corner of your bedroom.

Keep Them in a Storage Bench

You can put the bench in the classic spot at the foot of your bed, or you can place it under a window in any room of the house to create a cozy window seat.

Store Extra Pillows on Closet Shelves.

Just make sure they have plenty of ventilation to avoid musty odors.

Store Under the Bed

If your bed has built-in drawers, that's the perfect spot to stash extra pillows. Otherwise, slip some boxes or bins under the bed for a similar effect.

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