30+ Striped Wallpaper Designs to Inspire You (Inc. Examples and Shopping Links)

30+ Striped Wallpaper Designs to Inspire You (Inc. Examples and Shopping Links)Are you contemplating decorating your interior with striped wallpaper but are doubtful about which kind to choose? Then you are in the right place. We’ll help you choose just the right striped wallpaper that compliments your décor to perfection.

If you are looking to make a statement while giving your walls a simple but modern look, then striped wallpapers are the way to go. They are timeless, never go out of style, and anyone can easily make them work with any interior style. Contrary to what the majority of people believe, stripes are a highly versatile pattern and there’s a lot to explore with them. They come in several shapes, colors, and patterns and give out a casual, cool, and classy look!

First and foremost you need to decide whether you would like to go with stripes that are vertical or horizontal and thin or wide. Here are the impacts of all these structures and formations:

Vertical Stripes vs. Horizontal Stripes

The impacts that these two designs have on a room are completely opposite from each other. Vertical striped wallpapers are ideal for spaces with low ceilings as they create an illusion of height. They make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is thus making them a perfect choice for small spaces. Horizontal stripes offer a completely contrasting effect. They make the room feel wider and more expansive. They give out an edgier look and as they create an illusion of elongated space, they work well in living rooms and offices.

Thin Stripes vs. Wide Stripes

Thin stripes tend to give a room a crowded but modern and funky look. They create an illusion of an elongated space. Wide stripes give more of a clean, sophisticated look and make the walls look wider than they actually are.

Now that you understand the design impacts of striped wallpapers, it’s time to choose the one that suits your décor the best! Following are our picks of the best 30+ striped wallpaper designs to inspire you:

1. Graphic Grey & White Striped Wallpaper

For a wide and peaceful look, a bold, graphic horizontal striped wallpaper is the way to go. With plenty of sunlight, the room looks wide and comfortable.

Horizontal, zebra-like motif, grey-and-white striped wallpaper with washable, abrasion-resistance, and odorless material. The backing of this mural is lined with quality medium-tack adhesive, making the installation easy and non-messy.

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

2. Emerald Green Double Shaded Wallpaper

The gorgeous wallpaper with two shades of emerald green can make any place look stunning and bewitching. The vibrant, vivid color has a strong impact. If you wish to corporate your place with something simple yet eye-catching then this wallpaper with its enchanting forest vibes is the way to go. The huge gold clock is enough accessorization to make a bold statement.

3. Blue Hues Wallpaper

Whether you want to just sit and relax with your pet, listen to some soothing music or simply read your favorite novel in peace. These soft, baby-blue colored stripes make for a perfect, cozy little corner.

Waterproof, bubble-free, self-adhesive, and easily removable stripe pattern wallpaper roll. The contact paper vinyl comes with a peel-away backing with grid lines and measurements for easy application. This wallpaper is easy to cut and can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

4. Shaded Taffy & Bumblebee Striped Wallpaper

Use this shaded taffy and bumblebee striped wallpaper to bring the dull and boring surrounding of your staircase to life. This wallpaper, consisting of ice cream and candy colors is popular with the kids; therefore you can even use it to decorate their rooms. One more use of this paper can be to give your garage door a finishing and gorgeous look!

5. Romantic Bronze Striped Wallpaper

This bronze striped wallpaper adds to the warmth and softness of the room making it the perfect choice for a bedroom with yellow lightning. The colors are easy on the eyes and make for a cozy room to sleep in.

This non-woven wallpaper with wide bronze stripes is not self-adhesive. To install it on your walls, you’ll need to purchase the glue separately.

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

6. Classic Dark Blue & Cream White Wallpaper

Can blue and white ever go wrong? Whether your room is filled with sunlight or is a small, confined space with no sun, this wallpaper can give any space a classy, stylish look.

This is a simple elegant European style wallpaper, with a classic striped pattern that can add  beauty to any room.

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

7. Ballet Slipper & Candy Red Striped Wallpaper

This ballet slipper and candy-red striped wallpaper has ribbon-like stripes, which is great if you want to go for a simple, casual look. To accentuate your interior, you can pair this wallpaper with a bright red carpet or rug and hang flower planters or basket on your wall.

8. Black & White Zebra Motif Wallpaper

Whether your décor is of a vintage style or has more of a modern touch, black and white stripes can compliment any theme. With this wallpaper, you can easily find furniture and accessories that match your walls.

With this wear-resistant, anti-mite, anti-mildew, waterproof, and environmentally friendly black and white zebra motif wallpaper, you can make your interior look classic and chic. Application glue needs to be purchased separately.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

9. Striped Madness Wallpaper

Restyle and brighten up your kid’s playroom with wallpaper with bold, vibrant colorful stripes. The vivid colors of the contrasting stripy wallpaper give a strikingly radiant look. The world needs more sparkle, and so does your room!

10. Double Beige Striped Wallpaper

This gorgeous, soft colored combination of different shades of beige brings out the royal in your interior. The pastel hues make a small, compact space seem spacious.

This double beige striped wallpaper has two shades of beige, is wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, anti-bacterial, and waterproof. Wallpaper powder and glue need to be purchased separately.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

11. Creamy Fawn Striped Wallpaper

If you aren’t into flashy, bold color then this is the right choice for you. This fawn colored creamy wallpaper can give your bedroom, living room, or any other space a complete, finishing touch.

This unique wallpaper is environmentally friendly and elaborates the warm atmosphere to perfection. It is available in full HD quality and its installation is rather easy.

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

12. Lustrous White Wallpaper

All that glitters is not gold – sometimes it’s silver. This wallpaper adds a lustrous effect to your interior while not letting it lose its classy appearance.

This simple and modern wallpaper with a reflective surface is easy to apply using wallpaper powder and glue. Both need to be purchased separately.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

13. Northern Blues - Striped Wallpaper

Northern style blue and white colored stripes make for a perfect wall for a small powder room or a dining area. As the design is not too gaudy, it works well for low walls.

This repositionable, washable, and strippable wallpaper makes for a non-messy application. All you need to do is peel and stick it to your walls. No need to use water, paste, or go through any hassle!


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

14. Crazy Hot Pink Striped Wallpaper

If you are into adding some funk, jazz, and craziness to your space then these hot pink stripes are the answer! With an added pop of color, you can make your boring, dull area chaotic and fun. The tall plants add to the charm and maintain a needed balance.

15. Textured Sterling Silvery Wallpaper

Add a little shine to your walls. This combination of distinctive stripes and plain background bring an elegant sophistication to the room.

This wallpaper is made of natural, non-woven, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and high-quality material. It is perfect for hiding the imperfections and blemishes on your wall. It is not pre-pasted.

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

16. Blush Flamingo Wallpaper

The combination of white and flamingo pink works wonders for teenage children, make-up rooms, as well as for nurseries. This elegant combination adds to the aesthetics and gracefulness of a room.

This is a striking stripe patterned wallpaper and can be applied horizontally and vertically both. It has a matt finish, HD quality, it is easy to apply and also washable.

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

17. Lush Strawberry Wallpaper

When applied horizontally, this wallpaper gives a small, confined room a wider and elongated look. The strawberry color amazingly complements the cream background.

This Olivia striped wallpaper is washable and wet removable. It has a repeat pattern and is suitable for any dining room, bedroom, or a feature wall.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

18. Color Palette Striped Wallpaper

Multicolored stripes look great in small cafes and coffee shops. If you desire to decorate your café corner or your kid’s playroom, then this wallpaper will be a great choice for you!

This wallpaper is a gorgeous co-ordinate and can give a finishing look to your children’s game room. It has multi-colored stripes, paper substrate, and its roll size is 53cm x 10.05cm.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

19. Cloudy Parmesan Striped Wallpaper

This cloud and parmesan colored striped wallpaper instantly stand out in any interior. The neutral colors are soothing and they make for a perfect backdrop for some exquisite artwork.

The peel-and-stick characteristic of this wallpaper makes its installation easy and non-messy. You can fix your mistakes my simply repositioning the paper. Make sure you don’t apply this wallpaper on any textured wall. The surface should be smooth, clean and dry. It is known to be safe for walls and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

20. Crocodile Green & White Striped Wallpaper

If you love greenery but don’t want to go for the typical forest wallpaper, then use this crocodile colored striped wallpaper to spruce up your décor. It gives an illusion of height and the beautiful shade of green lights up the room.

Made of polyvinyl chloride material, this is self-adhesive wallpaper with a beautiful geometric and striped pattern. It comes in a roll size of 45cm X 10cm.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

21. Aegean Biscotti Striped Wallpaper

This well-dressed wall will be the highlight of your apartment. The combination of Aegean blue and biscotti yellow gives out a traditional, classy appearance. White and blue furniture lets the wall stand out in a better manner.

The vibrant colors of this wallpaper can brighten up any room. It has good light fastness and is wet removable. Perfect for your dining room, bedroom, and children’s room or a feature wall.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

22. Teal & White Prison Wallpaper

Teal and white is a timeless combination and helps you strike a balance between the overall style of your interior and the theme-centric ornamentation. This striped wallpaper, combined with hanging planters, will make your living room look elegant with a classy edge.

This white and teal striped wallpaper is simply an eye-catcher. It is self-adhesive. For installation, all you need to do is simply peel and paste the paper on your feature wall.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

23. Plum & Rosewood Striped Wallpaper

Give your interior a modern look with this chic plum and rosewood wallpaper. The dark shades and the hints of Dijon mustard and peach complement each other to perfection. With contrasting furniture, there will be no stopping you! Revamp your dining room or living area with this striped wallpaper and give it the groovy appearance it deserves.

24. Porpoise & White Striped Wallpaper

Diagonal stripes are a great way to transform your simple stripes into something cool and stylish. This porpoise colored wallpaper with diagonal white stripes works great in a child’s room, a living room or even your living room. You can hang a crafts holder, planters, candles, or flower baskets to add a little color to your wall.

This porpoise-and-white wallpaper is complemented with navy blue and sky blue diagonal stripes. It is made of high-quality vinyl, is self-adhesive therefore very easy to apply, and it doesn’t leave a mark or any residue behind when repositioned.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

25. Soft Bubblegum Striped Wallpaper

Whether it’s your dining area or a small sitting corner at the entrance, this bubblegum wallpaper adds a soft, delicate demeanor to your interior. Hanging flower baskets on your appealing wallpaper and spreading a table cloth with lush floral patterns will make your space look ravishing and mesmerizing.

This candy cane and bubblegum inspired wallpaper looks soft, unique, and fun! It has a repeat pattern, it is washable with a sponge, and has a paper substrate.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

26. Honey Mustard Striped Wallpaper

This wallpaper works well in spaces that have a rustic and vintage themed décor. The honey yellow color doesn’t make the area look too busy. It is perfect to be applied at the entrance of the house or a pet room. Make your space homely by installing this wallpaper and match it with brown wooden furniture and vinyl flooring to make your wall look distinctive and stand out.

27. Bone Ash Striped Wallpaper

If your place is overcrowded with bright, glaring colored ornamentation then this neutral colored striped wallpaper is the best choice to take things down a notch. The humble wallpaper contributes greatly towards making your interior look rich and graceful.

Known as one of the best selling wallpaper designs, this Java stripe wallpaper is textured that adds warmth to your space. In addition, it is easily washable with a damp cloth.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

28. Striped Rainbow Wallpaper

Whether you’re looking to renovate your living area, dining room or your kid’s bedroom, this striped wallpaper with gorgeous shades of various colors will make your place look unique and modern like no other. The rainbow shades are a statement-making choice. You can pair it up with dark colored furniture and bulbs to showcase the glowing details.

29. Double Slate Striped Wallpaper

This beautiful double slate striped wallpaper is detailed with different shades of grey and metallic highlights. If your bedroom is filled with white furniture and accessories, then this sophisticated shaded grey paper is the perfect contrasting wall décor option for you.

This high-quality wallpaper has a classic stripe design with a modern twist. It features metallic highlights and is great to add a finishing touch to your home. It has a free match pattern and easily washable.


Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

30. Fanatic Butterscotch Striped Wallpaper

If you love animals and crazy prints, then restyle your space with this fanatic butterscotch striped wallpaper. Although we recommend going wild and taking risks, you can switch to some less fierce and dramatic prints according to your preference. For a softer look, go with a hello-kitty or teddy-bear print over the stripes.

31. Triangle Fossil Striped Wallpaper

Fossil stripes are great for walls that showcase a centerpiece, artwork or even a huge television. The neutral color makes everything else stand out. It’s perfect for decorating a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even a reading corner. Because of its pastel colors and soothing textures, it makes a space seem more spacious and open.

This stunning chevron wallpaper consists of metallic elements and a matt finish. It has a 32cm repeat pattern, it is easily washable, and the quality is extremely high. It is easy to apply and would look great on any wall.

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

32. Sky Blue & Aegean Striped Wallpaper

This burlap wallpaper with two shades of blue looks cool, classy, and fashionable. The modern and voguish decorating paper provides a calmative atmosphere and is ideal for decorating your libraries, nursery rooms, and living rooms.

33. Medallion Gold Striped Wallpaper

You can make your space look rich and royal by just adding a little shimmer to it. This lustrous medallion gold striped wallpaper paired with gorgeous gold furniture and beige tiles can impress anyone and everyone. The white background highlights the glitter perfectly.

This metallic textured wallpaper with glitter motif and striped pattern is made of natural plant fiber low paper. It is ideal to add to the royal aspects of any room.

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

34. Watermelon Punch Striped Wallpaper

If you love sea, picnics, and surfing then go with this wallpaper with a soft watermelon pink background and bold, fruity print. It’s a perfect balance of salty and sweet for your dining table or a wall near your swimming pool.

Select the striped wallpaper that works the best for your interior and enhances your décor largely!

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