15 Stunning Stucco House Ideas

When it comes to the exterior of your house, you may not have considered stucco as an option. Stucco can be an excellent option for the right house in the right climate. It’s been around since ancient times when the Greeks used lime plaster to create relief decorations for their walls. 

However, stucco doesn’t work with all houses. If you live in a humid climate, it’s probably best to pass on stucco, as it can oversaturate and lead to the materials underneath it. Stucco is also labor-intensive to install, at least compared to vinyl siding options, so that it may cost more.

Stucco automatically conjures up images of sun-drenched Mediterranean villas, but it can be used in almost any architectural style. Victorian-style homes look stately and romantic with white stucco with black trim.  Modern houses can look great with any color stucco. Read on for more stucco inspiration:

Exterior of white stucco luxury house with landscaped yard, 15 Stunning Stucco House Ideas

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1.  Modern Gray

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Suburban home with front yard and tile roof

This beautiful new house combines gray stucco and stonework for an elegant, sophisticated look. The texture in this stucco is subtle, which lets the stonework steal the show. The varied rooflines and windows add to the interest of this gorgeous home.

2.  Mediterranean Dreams

New home exterior with beige walls and tile roof

The boxy lines and slight slope on the roof of this home bring to mind Greek villas. However, the luscious cream color, large garage, and polished landscaping add the latest up-to-date amenities. 

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3.  Classic Luxury

Exterior of white stucco luxury house with landscaped yard

White stucco with black trim is a classic combo on this luxury home. With majestic steps and lush landscaping leading up to the front door, this house makes quite an impression. The second-story balcony and window awnings are details that add to the luxurious feeling of this house. 

4.  Traditional Adobe

Home house exterior with garden and garage

The traditional stucco color is used very effectively in this house. The muted browns stay close to stucco’s original roots, but the intricate craftsmanship makes this a gorgeous modern home. The stucco’s solid color lets the stonework on the entrance stand out as a beautiful accent piece. 

5.  Terracotta Beauty

Contemporary California home with white walls and tile roof

Few things accent a stucco house as well as terracotta roof tiles. This Spanish colonial revival features white stucco and terracotta roof tiles. The craftsmanship of the mission-style front door blends in with the style of the house, while the garage adds modern convenience. 

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6. Updated Traditional

Modern house with Stucco exterior and gray tile roof

The traditional terracotta roof and stucco walls get a modern update with shades of gray in this modern luxury home. The arched windows and door carry on the traditional style while the carved details add a custom touch. This home perfectly blends old-world architecture and new-world convenience. 

7.  Desert Getaway

Luxury home mansion villa on desert mountainside landscape

This modern beauty proves that stucco doesn’t necessarily mean traditional or historic. The simple lines, oversized windows, and smooth finish of the stucco on this home epitomize the modern aesthetic. Stucco can be as textured or as smooth as you prefer. This homeowner has chosen to use a smooth stucco to achieve a very modern look. 

8.  Southern Charm

Pink house in morning light

This ornate pink and white Georgian house shows off a distinctive shade of cotton candy pink. The intricate scrollwork on the trim adds a touch of sophistication and keeps this home from being too cute. The double porches add a distinctly southern flair and welcome guests in style. 

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9.  Moody Blues

A stucco house with blue outer painting

You needn’t be limited to traditional or pastel colors when it comes to choosing your stucco. While stucco is an ancient technique, the color you choose can be as modern as you are. This stately home achieves an elegant finish with shades of dark blue. The white trim and lighter stonework pop against the dark shade of the house. 

10.  Homey Cottage

A beautiful homey cottage

White stucco adds a welcoming demeanor to this adorable cottage. The copper awning over the picturesque window is a warm touch that accents the cozy feel. The steep double roofline makes this small house seem larger without taking away from its bungalow charm. 

11.  Rustic Natural

A two story stucco house with white painting

The rounded edges of this stucco treatment give the exterior of this stucco house a traditional Mediterranean feel. The homeowners used a complementary color, blue, to provide a pop of color. The terracotta pots, tumbled stone, and gravel all echo the rustic feel of the stucco. The desert-inspired landscaping completes the look. 

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12. Stunning Relief

A stucco house with a tree artwork on the stucco wall

This breathtaking mural shows off the possibilities of stucco. In ancient Rome, stucco was often used to make a mural or decorative relief on exterior walls. This tradition is continued and updated with this modern stucco artwork. The artist has used stucco to turn this beautiful house into a work of art. 

13.  Arts and Crafts 

Full exterior front facade of bungalow house

This cute arts and crafts-style bungalow showcases yet another style of stucco. This house combines white stucco with exposed beams and multipaned windows in the traditional, understated style. Popularized in the early 1900s, the arts and crafts style rebelled against excessive opulence. 

14. Elegant Tudor

Luxury house with beige Stucco exterior and gray slate tile roof

This large Tudor-style house is reminiscent of English country manors. The elegant exposed beams embody the traditional style, while the beige stucco gives a sophisticated update to the typical Tudor color scheme. The gray slate roof and elaborate stone fireplace give this home a solid, old-world feel. 

15.  Ancient Original

A two storey ancient designed house

One of the biggest selling points of stucco is its durability. Under the right conditions, stucco is an extremely long-lasting and durable exterior finish. This ancient house, built in the 1400s, shows the beauty and durability stucco can achieve. Though you probably aren’t looking for a house that’s over 500 years old, it’s nice to know your stucco may hold up that long. This house also showcases the amazingly intricate designs that are possible to achieve with stucco. In the right hands, stucco can be a masterpiece. 

In Closing

Although stucco has been around for a long time, it’s not a common choice in modern homes. If you’re looking for an exterior finish that’s versatile enough to be modern but also capable of being a timeless classic, stucco may be perfect. 

Stucco has to be installed over a special metal netting. Once the netting is in place, the stucco is mixed in a process similar to concrete and applied in layers. The final layer is where the texture is installed. This is where you can let your personality shine. You can choose finishes that range from elaborate relief murals to a smooth modern look. Once the stucco has dried, it can be painted any color you can imagine. Whatever your style, you can find a type of stucco to perfectly express it. 

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