How To Style Entryway Table? [6 Interior Design Styles Suggested]

After opening the door to an abode, the entryway table is the first piece of furniture to catch your eye. Aside from being a practical place to stow mail or keys, how can one best dress an entryway table? Not to worry, we did some digging to uncover excellent ways to show off the table in a foyer or vestibule.

If you are looking for the perfect ways to style an entryway table, you can't go wrong with the following decor treatments:

  • Rustic Farmhouse Charm
  • Nautical
  • Modern & Minimalist
  • Bohemian
  • Industrial
  • Art Focused

No matter your personal sense of style, there are some core design principles to follow when dressing an entryway table. Keep reading and you can confidently approach styling an entryway table with ease.

Foyer of a luxury home with entryway table, How To Style Entryway Table? 6 Interior Design Styles Suggested

A Curated Entryway Table

An entryway table can easily make or break a space depending on how it is styled. Adding accessories like art, plants, lighting, and mirrors on or around an entryway table should work together to create visual appeal.  Too many things on a console table can make a home feel more cluttered, whereas selecting specific items that complement the decor instantly sets the mood when you walk through the door. Let's take a look at some time-trusted design ideas.

Rustic Farmhouse Charm

Invite the magic of the countryside and pastoral visions with a farmhouse styled table. Choose a table made from reclaimed wood or with an antiquated finish. Decorate the table with a mix of textured items for visual appeal, such as lanterns, a ceramic container, and a welcoming sign. Don't forget to bring in a touch of nature with real or faux flowers in a decorative vase or milk can.

Reclaimed Wood Table

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Nautical Details

The seaside has the power to calm and center, so why not invite nautical elements into your home? Create a sea-worthy entryway with artwork featuring seashells, coral, sea animals, or abstract visions. Stick to a neutral color palette, coupled with cool blues, greens, and sand-like beige.

When possible, throw in a woven basket for added texture and storage. If you have it, feel free to display found objects from the beach like sea stars, urchin shells, or faux coral.

Coral Branch

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Modern Minimalist Chic

Keep things clean and elegant, especially if you have a small entryway. Say more visually with fewer things on or around your table. And, keep the design of your table streamlined and simple.

Increase how large your space seems with a practical mirror for final checks when heading out or coming home. Build up to create visual interest and movement in a vertical orientation. Choose a potted plant that catches your eye and add some artful empty storage at the bottom of your table.

Round Hanging Mirror

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A Touch of Boho

Brighten up an entryway with Bohemian flair, creating a unique ambiance with plants, ethnic art finds, and varying texture. Keep plants of varying heights and leaf styles to create visual appeal. Throw in tasteful woven baskets, wood or horn sculptured pieces, and add textile accessories with intriguing traditional patterns.

A mix of tastefully curated items shouldn't leave an entryway feeling cramped or stressful, but appear as if you came back from an archaeological expedition.

Console Table

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Industrial Review

There is something so fascinating about an industrial entryway. A well-chosen table and accessories accentuate exposed pipes, vintage exposed brick, and aged wood. Choose a narrow industrial table with a hardy wood top and structural metal legs.

Complement your table with clean, understated mirrors to reflect existing visual elements. Add soft touches like black ceramic bowls for display with a matching vase that displays plants. Don't forget to show the power of metal with an artful wire bowl housing small books.

Industrial Console Table

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Art Showcase

Make a visual impact that everyone will love when they step into your entryway. Choose a tasteful piece of modern framed art that sits on the wall behind your table. When possible, choose an oversized piece of artwork but ensure that the sides of the table extend beyond the frame.

Play around with the balance using arranged items on your tabletop in ascending order and keep the underside of your table bare.

Poster Frame

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How Do You Make An Entryway Look Bigger?

The first step to making an entryway look bigger is to keep clutter to a minimum. You want to ensure that any and all elements you add to your area are not making your space look cramped or thrown together.

Place a huge piece of artwork to create a visual focal point behind your console table. You can place a large potted plant in a corner or to the side of your entryway table to create movement. Another method is to add mirrors with a horizontal orientation to make the space seem larger.

Don't forget that you can play around with color, as lighter colors come forward and darker colors recede. Place a lighter colored table against a contrasting, slightly darker color and add a few tasteful accessories to make the entryway seem grand in size. For narrow entryways, especially, utilize color, a mirror, and select a table with a lean profile. Also, experiment with asymmetrical balance and where you place lighting, art, or other items of interest in an entryway.

Ornate Rectangular Mirror

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What Size Should A Foyer Table be?

The table in a foyer may vary in size and height depending on if it is vintage, modern, or custom. However, a table in an entryway should measure between 2 to 5 feet in width and have a height between 30 to 33 inches.

Choosing a table that falls within this range should allow a person to comfortably access the table. Ideally, the top of the table should land at the same level as your hands when they are at your sides.

Can You Use A Console Table In An Entryway?

When styling an entryway, it is acceptable to place a console table in this space. Depending on how the table is designed, any shelf space and drawers are helpful for stowing away items or displaying art, a lamp, or books. You can find console tables that fit all types of decor styles, from industrial to rustic and more.

One-Drawer Console Table

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Espresso Console Table

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In Closing

Creating a welcoming entryway that instantly sets the vibe for your home is an absolute must. Decorating an entryway table according to your aesthetics and home decor creates visual appeal and gives you home a cohesive look. Choose a console table for your foyer that provides ample space and highlights the room.

Make sure to avoid cluttering the table, and play around with color, placement, and strike a balance with select accessories. Depending on the size of your foyer or vestibule, choose the color and style of your console table for practical and aesthetic value.

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