13 Sunflower Wallpapers For Any Room (Inspiration and shopping links)

Sunflowers are not just an elegant plant, they also make for a great decorative theme. Why not make the most of these regal yellow blooms with sunflower-themed wallpaper?

Have you ever seen sunflowers in a field or garden? They are tall and remarkable, whether as single plants or in a yellow field. And did you know sunflowers are named after the sun, not just because of their radiant yellow petals and round shape? These remarkable plants actually track the sun during the day, turning the flowers to follow it across the sky. How cool is that?

Sunflower wallpapers


Want to bring them into your room decor? There are many ways to do that but one quick affordable method would be by using wallpaper. Wallpaper provides you with an instant huge canvass across one or more walls. And we can show you how to pull that off in the collection of sunflower-themed wallpapers below.

13 Gorgeous Sunflower-themed Wallpaper option for any room

This curated collection includes regular patterned designs, as well as murals for an accent wall and even wallpaper borders! All of them available from Amazon, just a click away.

1. Summer Sunflower Wallpaper by Spoonflower

Utilize the invigorating warmth of summer and freshness of spring into your home with this incredible floral wallpaper mural. It utilizes brilliant splashes of colors that will suit your taste and an eclectic sunflower pattern that will look good in most rooms. The high-quality print will ensure that all the attention in the room gravitates toward the sunflower pattern.

The gigantic pattern is so incredibly detailed that you will be able to see each masterful stroke of ink in breathtaking quality. You will find it difficult to believe that you’re not actually sitting in a field of sunflowers. This wallpaper is easy to install, simply soak it in water, apply on to a smooth surface, and then voila!

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2. Sunflower Wallpaper by Roostery

This elegant sunflower mural is a stunning example of masterful artwork that depicts gorgeous yellow sunflowers in saturated hues of white that create a certain air of elegance and sophistication that is a surefire way of transforming your dull walls into something spectacular. This wall mural will beautify just about any space and will partner with a varying arrangement of furnishings, both contemporary and ornate.

The design pattern repeats every 18 inches. This wallpaper is made using PVC fabric that resists wear and tear. Furthermore, it takes advantage of a high-quality print that is fade-resistant. You can wash it with water without worrying about the print fading.

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3. Removable Activated Sunflower Wallpaper by Spoonflower

Sunflowers are both delicate and simple and are often found in giant sunkissed farms, glistening against the brilliant luster of the sun. Although it is a fairly common flower, this does not make it any less special. It is able to bring a touch of happiness and summer into your room that will catch anyone’s attention. It combines a combination of color vibrancy and durable fabric to stay on your wall for years.

It’s most important selling point is the ease of applicability. Simply soak it with water and apply on to smooth wall surface. The wallpaper is fully removable, giving you the ability to experiment with your creativity without worrying about damaging either the fabric or its print.

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4. Custom 3D Wallpaper by Ldlbz

Whatever size of your room, this wallpaper will definitely add a ton of flair to your spaces. Taking a closer look at the mural will reveal stunning detail that captures a brilliant sunflower field while the sun sets in the background, unraveling beautiful pastels of colors on the sky. The artist manages to capture every detail in full color that almost looks like a 3D sculpture.

At the same time, the mural possesses simplicity while still keeping you breathless. This work of art is easy to apply and extremely feature rich. It is waterproof, mildew resistant, and smoke proof. Maintenance is simple, just use a wet sponge and get rid of any blemishes and dust.

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Sunflower-Themed Wallpaper Border

5. Sunflower Border by Blonder

This sweet mural features a series of sunflowers of different sizes against a beautifully textured background. Green colored leaves add a touch of realism to the sunflower while diversifying the color palette, ever so subtly. This wallpaper border is visually striking and worthwhile addition to your room.

The sunflower pattern repeats every 21”, which is perfect for small and large rooms alike. These borders are easy to apply because of the vinyl being coated with pre-paste. However, you will need more paste if you want to reposition the wallpaper elsewhere.

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6. Sunflower Country Kitchen Wallpaper by Brewster

A sophisticated flower such as the sunflower adds both light and life to any room in your house. This series of sunflowers feature green leaves, gold-shaded border, and a bluish background that adds a very versatile color palette to each room. It is best used in a kitchen, where it will be able to maximize both functionality and aesthetics. Wallpaper borders with balanced colors such as this one should complement any room.

This wallpaper border is fairly easy to apply because it arrives prepasted. Furthermore, it is a low maintenance item and can be cleaned using a wet sponge.

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7. Red Themed Sunflower Wallpaper Border by York

This highly detailed sunflower mural is a stunningly vibrant design that depicts a cluster of various flowers including rose, lavender, and of course, lustrous sunflowers against a red backdrop. The beautiful green leaves enhance the wonderfully detailed sunflowers to provide your room with an unparalleled visual effect that will add a lot of flair to your kitchen or bathroom.

Although the wallpaper border arrives prepasted, you should apply some extra for good measure otherwise the borders may not securely anchor over your wall, especially if the walls are not smooth. In terms of maintenance, this wallpaper border is easy to clean.

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8. Glowing Sunflowers by Norwall Wallcoverings

This sunflower wallpaper border is a gorgeously colorful design that brings the deep, rich tones of yellow sunflowers into your room. You can easily create a beautiful detailed and amazingly warm focal point in your room. If you’re the kind of person that loves flowers a lot but do not have space or time for them at home, consider getting this wallpaper border.

There is a bit of flora and fauna scattered around the mural for good measure. If you want to find an easy way to add more radiance and color to your room, this is the way to go.

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Sunflower wallpaper for accent walls

9. 3D Wallpaper Sunflower by LWCX

This large multicolored 3D wall mural is a wonderfully vivid, bright design that encapsulates the lighter elements of summer to help you create a stunning focal point in your room. A vast sunflower continues for the entire stretch of the horizon in the background while a beautifully lit up sky brightens up the landscape.

Furthermore, this wallpaper has been created using environmentally friendly materials that naturally resist both moisture and mildew. Its material is durable and is designed for long term usage. The print takes advantage of high-quality of manufacturing design that doesn’t fade easily. Wipe away at smudges without worrying about scarring the mural.

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10. Beautiful Sunflower Wallpaper by HYF Wallpaper

This wallpaper was only possible thanks to advanced printing technology, or else it would have required immense labor, and of course, would have been just as expensive. It adds a lot of sophistication to your room thanks to the brilliant pops of color and the highly detailed sunflower. The design itself is very minimal in style, as a single flower stand alone against black and grey backdrop.

This mural’s color does all the heavy lifting for you in terms of design, giving you tons of creative freedom to experiment with furniture and décor of any style or color. The only inconvenient issue about this wallpaper is that it is not shipped with glue and wallpaper powder, leaving that up to you.

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11. Golden Sunflowers by Shuangklei

For fans of nature, this golden sunflower wall mural is the perfect wallpaper in your room. As the name suggests, the wall artwork is focused on sunflowers with a shiny luster thanks to the summer sun. Making the scenery extremely lively are the butterflies that literally revolve around the sunflower. The vibrant colors incorporated into this mural should create good vibes into anyone looking at it.

This wallpaper is feature rich, being both waterproof an easy to clean. It is built with environmentally safe materials.

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12. 3D Painted Sunflower by hwhz

Sprucing up your boring room is no longer a problem by adding this strategically designed wallpaper that enlivens your room sunflower themed flora and fauna. This wall mural evokes the warmth of those hazy summers all year round and looks stunning in either traditional or contemporary furnished rooms.

The best part is that this wallpaper does not contain any formaldehyde and is 100% environmentally friendly. It is easy to clean and incredibly feature-rich, being both waterproof and moisture proof.

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13. Retro Sunflower Wallpaper by HUANGYAHUI mural

This sunflower wall mural will add life to any room in your house. As the name will suggest, these sunflowers feature a more rustic layout against a golden brown hued texture that is reminiscent of the days gone by. Incorporating a dynamic design, this accented wallpaper will suit all styles, tastes, and interior design theme. It offers a fun and retro vibe that will revitalize your room.

This wallpaper does come prepasted, although it is recommended to add just a little more to ensure it sticks on your wall.

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We hope these designs help inspire you! Still shopping around? Make sure you read our post about where to buy wallpaper online. Also, Check out this post about 75+ Modern Wallpaper Designs to bring out that outstanding 21st-Century-look in any room.

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