Sure2Sleep Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

We purchased the product so we could try it out and provide a full and detailed objective review. Reviewed by Anne Moss – Indialantic, Florida.

Here’s the short version –

Sure2Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Topper Pros

  • Comfortable night’s sleep
  • Easy to set up
  • No odor

Sure2Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Topper Cons

  • It may not match your personal preference

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See this product on Amazon.

A mattress topper is a thick pad that you can place over your mattress. The topper provides not only protection for the mattress itself but also a layer of soft material that may actually be more comfortable than the mattress itself.

In our case, we chose a 2-inch thick mattress topper in order to try and make a hard mattress more comfortable to sleep on. The mattress was high-quality but too firm for our needs.

Replacing the mattress was not possible in this case, as the bed was in a long-term furnished rental. So, we decided to add a topper to soften the surface.

About this mattress topper

We purchased and tested the king-size Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper made by Sure2Sleep on Amazon. We chose this mattress topper because it had great reviews, was affordable, and promised a temperature-neutral experience. 

We ordered the mattress on Amazon in July 2021. It arrived at our Florida residence two days later, as promised. Delivery was free, thanks to Amazon Prime.

Researching the brand, we found that the foam is manufactured in Kansas, and the material is cut and packaged in Texas. In other words, this product is 100% made in the USA.

The material

Sure2Sleep is a small US-based company that specializes in memory foam mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers. As the name implies, their Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper is made of memory foam. 

This product uses a technology they call: cool gel swirl infused memory foam. The cool gel is there to keep the topper temperature-neutral and prevent it from accumulating heat during sleeping hours.

The memory foam itself is nice and soft, and you can see the cool blue swirls in the lighter foam –

A close-up on the foam of the mattress topper

Keep in mind that this is in fact foam. It’s not gel. The word “gel” in the name refers to the gel they infuse into the foam at the factory. 

And while it is soft and hugs the contour of one’s body, it’s not memory foam of the kind that keeps the shape you embed into it.

the mattress topper

Available sizes

This product is available in several sizes, so you can choose the right one for your bed. Whether yours is a twin bed, a double, queen, king, or even California king, you can get the topper in the size you need.

And here’s an idea: a reviewer on Amazon reported that she bought a twin size topper for her double bed so that she could place it on her side of the bed. She needed the extra cushioning and her husband didn’t, and that solved the problem.

You can also choose between a 2-inch thick topper or a 3-inch thick one, depending on how much “sinking” you want to allow your body. We went with the 2-inch thick topper and were happy with this choice.

The Setup process

Setting up this mattress topper was very easy. It arrived in the form of a huge rolled-up bundle.

how the mattress topper arrived

We simply took off the plastic wrap and it immediately unfolded on the bed –

Setting up the mattress topper

Next, we just unrolled the entire mat and placed it right over the king-sized bed mattress.

The mattress topper on the bed


The manufacturer does recommend allowing the topper to rest for half an hour so that it fully expands before you place the sheets over the bed again.

There was no odors or anything out of the ordinary. The entire setup was easy and without any issues.

The size was accurate enough, especially after a while. 

Final look - with the mattress topper

What does it feel like?

We loved this product! Both my husband and I had a very good night’s sleep. We were never too hot, and the mattress felt more comfortable. 

My husband could have kept on with the mattress alone, but for me, I needed the extra softness of the topper to help me elevate the pressure on my hips and arms. 

It’s worth noting that when it comes to mattresses or mattress toppers, experiences can be very personal. For us, in a fully airconditioned bedroom, this product proved to be cool and comfortable. Keep in mind that it is temperature-neutral. Don’t expect it to cool you off in the same way an air conditioner or fan would. 

What we liked

We liked how easy it was to set up this topper. All we had to do is roll it out on the bed, wait for half an hour and then put the sheets back on. It was ready to use right away, without any odors or issues.

The product did the job. Instead of fighting against an extra-firm mattress, we now enjoy the best of both worlds: the support of the mattress, along with the plush softness of this mattress topper.

What we didn’t like

Nothing to report on this end. We liked everything about this product, from the shipping experience to setup and of course, the good night’s sleep it delivered.

I will say that not all reviewers enjoyed this product in the same way we did. When reading the reviews on Amazon, some people complained about it being too hot, or too soft. 

Which brings me to the next point – you can try it and see for yourself.

No risk trial

Sure2Sleep offers you a 30-day trial on this product. You can try it out, and then if you don’t like it, return it to Amazon. 

Returning products to Amazon is easy enough. There are several options on how to do that. This specific product is fairly large, and I imagine it might be challenging to squeeze it back into its original packaged form.

However, it’s not heavy, so if you were to roll it up nicely and pack it up, it shouldn’t be too difficult to haul it to the nearest UPS store where they’ll take it off your hands and send it back to Amazon.

See this product on Amazon.

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