Should A Tablecloth Match The Curtains?

You’re putting together your dining room, but then you stop and wonder if your tablecloth should match your curtains. For your convenience, we’ve brought you the answer. Here you will find out why you should or should not match your tablecloth with your curtains.

Your tablecloth does not necessarily have to match your curtains, but your dining room will look more put together if they do match. Or if your tablecloth and curtains do not match directly, the colors should complement each other. 

Keep reading to find out about different ways you can match your tablecloth with your curtains, how to choose the right tablecloth for you, what color tablecloth you should use, what the point of a tablecloth is, and more. 

Dining table covered with orange tablecloth standing on wooden terrace in green garden. Should A Tablecloth Match The Curtains

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Matching Your Tablecloth With Your Curtains

While curtains are a more permanent fixture in your dining room, a tablecloth is not. Tablecloths are commonly used to spruce up the dining table for events or other special occasions. Even with that in mind, there’s a lot of freedom with picking out tablecloth color, pattern, and fabric. And regardless of color, your tablecloth should blend in seamlessly with the feel of your dining room. 

Curtains are the more permanent feature in the room, so keep that in mind as you pick out your tablecloth. As long as you don’t pick a tablecloth that clashes with the pattern and color of your curtains, you should be all set to have a gorgeous, coordinating room. 

One easy way to guarantee your room will look put together is by directly matching your tablecloth and curtains. This can be achieved through color, pattern, and even fabric. The room below exemplifies how to match the two through color:

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Straight view of dining room with table covered with tablecloth and four teak and fabric chairs and large with with curtains; oriental rug under table

If your curtains are solid-colored, you have lots of coordination options. Solid colors are easy to coordinate due to their vast versatility. You can make it simple or elaborate with your tablecloth in this case. With solid-colored curtains, you don’t have to be very mindful of the tablecloth you use. If you like simplicity, go for two neutral colors, as seen below:

dinner table with dark tablecloth and light colored curtains on the windows

If you have patterned curtains, the best way to coordinate your tablecloth is through having similar colors or a pattern in the two. The shared colors and pattern are easy on the eyes and create a cohesive look. 

Elegant prepared table in stylish dining room with light colored tablecloth, light flowy curtains

Holidays, birthdays, and other occasional events are the time to throw matching and coordination to the wayside. During these times, don’t be too concerned with whether or not your special tablecloth matches your curtains. Focus on your event and creating a showstopping table setting. 

Interior light grey kitchen and red christmas decor. pink tablecloth with light flowy curtains on the windows.

A Note On Tablecloth Materials

There are a wide variety of tablecloths out there for you to choose from. The design and colors in the tablecloth will make it easier for you to match it with your curtains. If you prefer a fancy tablecloth, you might choose lace or satin. Some like to add small tablecloths to coffee tables and end tables to add a bit of decor to the room, too.

Here are the most common tablecloth materials to use:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Polyester cotton blend
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Silk
  • Lace

Each of these materials can help foster a certain ambiance in the dining room. So as you go about picking out your tablecloth, keep the following in mind.


Cotton tablecloths might just be the most popular. They are inexpensive and durable and come in a variety of colors and designs. Cotton tablecloths are usually used for informal events. 


Linen costs a little more than the average tablecloth, but it gives off a sense of elegance and luxury when used within the home. This is a long-lasting material that is also quite resistant to stains.

Polyester cotton blend

Poly-cotton blends come in many colors and prints. When polyester and cotton are blended, you get a longer-lasting yet less expensive fabric. 


Vinyl is available in a variety of designs and colors. It is a great choice of material for your tablecloth. It is affordable and works well indoors or outdoors. This type of material is commonly used for picnic-like events.


Plastic tablecloths come in all sorts of colors and are known to be water and stain-resistant. They are used most often for events where the table needs to be covered for the purpose of protecting it or decorating it. Plastic tablecloths do not look expensive, but they will get the job done right. Most people throw away their plastic tablecloths after the event is over with, but if it is not torn you can certainly reuse it. 


Silk is often a light pink or beige and is the most expensive material for a tablecloth. While it is soft, delicate, and luxurious, it is best for indoor use only. This type of material certainly elevates the look of your table. 


Lace is usually white and is a more delicate material for a tablecloth. It is most often used for style and its attractive appearance rather than practicality. You can either use a lace tablecloth as an overlay over a plain colored fabric or on your wood table. 

How do I choose a tablecloth?

In order to choose the right tablecloth for your table, you must first consider the size and shape of your table. For example, if you have a round table, you will want to choose a round tablecloth. 

The package that your tablecloth comes in or its product description will have the dimensions on it for you to compare with your table at home. It is best to have taken these measurements before you even head out to the store.

The occasion for which you are choosing a tablecloth will help you decide which one is better for you. Is this for a casual everyday look or is it for a formal occasion? If you would like to use a tablecloth for its functionality, it is best to go with a cotton blend, vinyl, or linen. As for a fancier look and feel, go with silk or lace. 

What color tablecloth should I use?

The color of tablecloth you should use depends on the color of your curtains, flooring, and walls. Your curtains can help guide you to make the best decision for yourself and your household too. Keep in mind which colors complement each other on the color wheel. Some people even like to change their tablecloths depending on the current season.

To learn more about how to choose a tablecloth color, head on over to this article: How To Choose A Tablecloth Color – Questions To Ask Yourself

What is the point of a tablecloth?

dining table with wooden chairs set on the terrace with tablecloth

The main purpose of a tablecloth is to protect the table. Another purpose of a tablecloth is to tie together a room. Some people prefer the look of a tablecloth while others prefer seeing the wood or color of their table. This is a personal preference and is easily changed throughout the year. If there is a holiday approaching, you may choose colors or patterns to represent that holiday such as green and red for Christmas or orange and black for Halloween.

Rather than a tablecloth, some people prefer to use placemats to catch the food that sometimes makes its way to the table instead of your mouth. If you have a plain-colored tablecloth, you can use placemats on it to help keep your tablecloth clean. Keeping your tablecloth clean will make it last longer.

Making your table visually appealing has been said to play a role in the way we perceive our food. Simply incorporating a tablecloth can make you feel like you are participating in a special occasion. You can learn more about the purpose of a tablecloth and why they’re definitely not out of style in this post: Are Tablecloths Out Of Style?

How do you set dishes on a tablecloth?

How you should set your table depends on the size of your table as well as how many seats you have around the table. You can use placemats or leave those out. Either way, you will want to start with the dinner plate in the center of your table setting, place the fork (or forks) directly onto the tablecloth to the left of your dinner plate, place the knife to the right of the dinner plate followed by the spoon on the right side of the knife.

Next, you place the water glass at the top right corner above the knife. If you are using a wine glass, set it to the right of the water glass. Lastly, the placement of the napkin can either be on top of the plate or under the fork.

silver cutlery on top of table napkin on a set of ceramic flatware on a table with tablecloth

If you’re worried about your tablecloth slipping or getting yanked, don’t fret. We have all kinds of solutions for you in this post: How To Keep Tablecloth From Slipping [5 Tips & Tricks]

In Closing

Ideally, your tablecloth and curtains should match or at least complement each other. Most people like the look and feel of their home decor matching. Complementary colors are always best for visual appeal.

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