25 Tan Bedroom Ideas That You Need To See

Tanning might not be doable year-round, but anyone who has been checking out interior design magazines can tell you that tan is always in season in the bedroom. Tan bedrooms feature gorgeous, calming neutral shades that work well with a wide range of different styles. It can be rustic, modern, or even a classy, contemporary look. 

The cool thing about this often-ignored color is that it can be played up and down, all depending on how you’re feeling. A little inspiration goes oh, so far with tan. If you’re mulling over the idea of getting a tan bedroom makeover, a little inspiration can go a long, long way. Let’s take a look at what some top designers have done.

tan and gray bedroom with wood nightstand, headboard, upholstered seat. 25 Tan Bedroom Ideas That You Need To See

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1. Western Tan

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warm and cozy home interior (loft apartment) design with western tan accent

This cute bedroom features rich browns, beiges, and tans in a gorgeous Western style. By playing up the textures of leather and gold, the designer was able to add dimension and coziness to the room. The result is a bedroom that feels warm, rich, and inviting while still being fit for a cowgirl. 

The cowboy aesthetic here is awesome. You can get that same vibe from placing leather accents on your bed.

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2. Light It Up

tan bedroom that uses ebony wood finishes and under the bed lighting

Can we talk about how hard it is to find a tan bedroom that uses ebony wood finishes the right way? It’s very hard, but this designer accomplishes it beautifully. With many modern setups, ebony and tan don’t work together due to insufficient lighting. This is not the case here. The designer was smart and used underlighting to make the entire room look futuristic, friendly, and relaxing. 

Most of the time, underlighting strips on beds and cabinets will be enough to make this look pop.

3. Gentle Lighting

modern bedroom with women's shoes and a big closet. gentle, warm, ambient lighting

If the heavily enhanced look of underlighting was a little too “modern hotel” for you, then you might want to look at this designer’s work. This designer featured gentle, warm ambient lighting that helps tone down the mood and give you a dreamy place to rest. The tan is paired with taupe for a super calming, modern, and mellow ambiance. Chic!

The hanging lamps against the wall color are what make this room look so elegant. It just goes to show that beige walls rule

4. Black And Tan

home decor for autumn, crates used as nightstands, black and white wall

Not to be mistaken for the delicious alcoholic beverage, this take on a black and tan bedroom is a truly impressive look. The black wall adds a bold contrast to the lighter shades of tan. Since there are a lot of wooden accents on the walls and bed, the overall look walks a line between modern and rustic. No matter how you look at it, it’s bold. 

Some striking black accessories can help make this look yours. 

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5. Boldly Burgundy

Boldly Burgundy bedroom with large white wall clock above the bed, tan floor and furnitures

Yes, tan is a neutral color. Yes, it’s often said to be bland. No, it doesn’t need to stay bland. This designer fell in love with the look of burgundy and decided to pair it with tan to make a bedroom with this combo. It’s a striking look that gives the entire room an air of luxury. It also helps that the whole setup has a pointedly crisp, linear look to it, too. 

6. Na-Na-Nautical!

Baby bed for a young teenager in a ship style with a lifeline and nautical decor. Modern interior of a child's room in a nautical theme

Most of the time, people associate nautical bedroom layouts with light beige carpets. This doesn’t have to be the case. A deeper tan look can work well. Here, a designer used a deep tan wood finish, tan accents, and a stunning blue and white wall theme to give a young boy a nautical bedroom he’ll love. 

Hang tight, though! This isn’t the only nautical inspiration we found on this list…

7. Sail Away

warm and cozy nautical themed boy's room interior design, with a lots of props and lovely plush toys

This was another take on the nautical theme that we found to be pretty beautiful. Here, deep tan still makes an entrance in the form of flooring and accessories. However, it is more heavily balanced out with large splashes of white (on the walls and bed) alongside classical sky blue accents. 

Unlike the other example we have, this room looks a lot larger than it really is. It’s the lighter colors used in the palette.

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8. Country Victorian

antique-heavy bedroom features a lot of tan, mahogany wood, and rose undertones. Country Victorian

Country? And Victorian? It happens more often than you think. This antique-heavy bedroom features a lot of tan, mahogany wood, and rose undertones. All three of those colors happen to be classic Victorian picks. The designer took a cue from Victorian furniture design and spacing to create a room that’s totally historical. While this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s still an excellent choice for the right person.

We suggest doing this in a country farmhouse.

9. Rich In Texture

rich in texture bedroom with white and tan accent. patterned wall and beddings, wood nightstand

You don’t need to have a bunch of colors to make your room feel multi-faceted. This designer used a bunch of patterns on the sheets and walls to create a unique look. The palette only has two colors: tan and white. Yet, all the different textures employed in the room’s design give it a sleek yet deep look. 

10. Kickin’ It Old School

hotel bedroom in old school, Rococo or Baroque decor, silk and satin beddings and curtains

Remember the days where European hotels meant that you would have Rococo or Baroque decor? Maybe a little silk and satin? Though those days probably expired in the 19th century, we can still channel that charm in the right room. Of course, going for a royal blue or other super bright colors doesn’t always work with this look. 

Tan, while neutral, is still elegant enough to stand up to Baroque vibes. Just sayin’. 

11. Maybe Muted?

Bedroom in a private house in brown and beige colors. tan, greyish beige and a couple of darker colors that are done up with a muted, greyish tone

Here’s an interesting concept. This bedroom has a tan, greyish beige and a couple of darker colors that are done up with a muted, greyish tone. Though all the colors have a slightly greyish overtone, the truth is that the room still happens to have a somewhat warm vibe. That’s the tan’s work. Tan is naturally warm, you know!

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12. Neo-Victoriana

Neo-Victoriana, room in white-grey, antique furniture, and paired it with modern lighting

Ooh, this is a cool look! The designer here based most of the room in white-grey, but then made a point of adding tan furniture, flooring, and bedding. That gave the room a unique contrast that makes it look weathered in a glamourous kind of way. They also got some awesome antique furniture, and paired it with modern lighting. The end result is a futuristic take on Victorian. It’s awesome!

13. Italian Luxury

italian style bedroom, Tan, cream, and white, Mediterranean ambiance, Baroque-style furniture and architecture

Are you a fan of Italian design? This upscale bedroom might be a good match for your taste, and behold, it’s in tan. Tan, cream, and white are what constitute the majority of this bedroom’s color palette. That gives it the Mediterranean ambiance people love. To give it a more upscale and royal look, they used Baroque-style furniture and architecture. 

We kind of want this look in our fantasy villas, not going to lie.

14. Tons Of Tapestries

A front-view shot of a stylish bedroom interior, tapestry patterned fabrics can be seen hanging on the walls with string lights.

Hipsters and hippies are going to adore this look. This entire bedroom is based on the use of retro tapestries to add texture, improve the look of bedding, and boost the coziness factor. To help offset all the crazy colors of the tapestries, the designer decided to use tan for the floors, bed, and accents. This is a cool, youthful look that will knock everyone’s socks off. 

Is it a little van life? Yep. But it’s still awesome for houses, too.

15. Maxing Out On Minimalism

Modern bedroom interior, with bed, night tables, lamps, and many details around. Many books and decoration, wall is rich in texture. maximizing on minimalism

So far, we’ve seen a lot of designs that are heavy-handed when it comes to colors, accessories, and other goods. It’s normal to feel like it might be a bit too much. Minimalism is popular because it makes smaller rooms look big, and because it also happens to help keep your home more organized. This look is so simple, and just needs white and tan to make it work. It’s sleek, modern, and easy to accomplish. 

16. Emphasis On Angles

contrast of the tan floors, brick walls, and wood emphasizing angles

Tan is a fantastic color selection if you have a room that has some interesting architecture in it. Why? Because it’s dark enough that it can be used to highlight the unique angles that the room has. Here, the contrast of the tan floors, brick walls, and wood helps emphasize all the different textures it has. 

17. Retro Glory

beautiful vintage bedroom interior. wooden walls. faux television, turquoise accents, and tons of tan. retro glory

Let’s just be real: retro is always in. This bedroom features a faux television, turquoise accents, and tons of tan. The rich wood finishes and the midcentury modern furniture helped turn this cool room into a trip from the past. Admittedly, many people might find the heavy-handed use of antiques and dated decor to be much, but it’s a great inspo shot for people who are fans of retro rooms.

18. Sweet Suburbia

Attic bedroom interior scene with reading corner in the evening. mood lighting. sweet suburbia

It’s hard to categorize this room, really. There’s a lot of tan in the motif, and tons of mood lighting. The furniture is modern, and contemporary. And yet, it has a very ethereal look to it thanks to the mood lighting’s effect on the sheer materials. The greyish tan accents only add to that fairy-like ambiance. It’s a beautiful, sleepy, suburban bliss zone.

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19. Scandinavian Splendour

Scandinavian splendour decoration whites, tans, light beiges, and emphasis on wood. hint of greens, hygge, foresty place

Scandinavian decoration is all about whites, tans, light beiges, and emphasis on wood. This is one of the better examples of why this theme works well with tan rooms: it’s a way to add a natural touch to the room. The open atmosphere, elegant (yet subtle) green accents, and tons of cozy, hygge blanket throws make this place feel like a foresty place to camp out. 

20. Keep It Warm

Brown and orange pillows on white bed in natural bedroom interior with wicker lamp and wooden bedside table with vase. keep it warm

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian style but want to see a little more color than a typical “all neutral” palette, hang tight! We found an amazing example of good design. Here, the designer coordinated the tans and whites with a burst of orange, followed by yellow, followed by red. The end result is a fiery warm look that is modern, sleek, and elegant. 

21. Aloha, Style!

Ocean view of nice cozy bedroom, aloha style. tan and wet sand colored accents

Tan isn’t just a thing you can do at the beach. This island look shows that tan accents can help people reminisce about the gorgeous sand along the oceanside. The “wet sand” tan of the bed accessories helps offset some of the more quirky colors in the room, like lilac. Overall, it’s a lovely island vibe.

22. Verdant Greenery

empty green wall of fashionable bedroom interior with warm bedding. verdant greenery. live plants inside a tan bedroom

Green and tan go together like peanut butter and jelly. This is a good example of why. The tan enhances the brightness of the green, and makes people think of lush plants. Incidentally, this room designer made an effort to stock up the place with plenty of live plants as decor. The concept works, and makes the room look impressive.

23. Smooth Lines

tan and gray smooth lines in a bedroom. silver gray ring chandelier and wood wall cladding, gray beddings, wood floor

This tan bedroom features a palette we’ve seen quite a bit. The tan helps add an extra flair to the the statement light, a brushed silver ring that turns the room from spa-like to powerfully modern. Overall, this room is a good example of why tan and grey work together. It’s a way to add flow.

24. It’s All Wood

wooden elements by adding blankets and pillows with a tan color with a faux wood print

Tan is a color that people associate with wood. That’s just the way it is. This wood-happy designer decided to emphasize the room’s wooden elements by adding blankets and pillows with a tan color with a faux wood print. Believe it or not, they made it work. It’s a very unified and unique theme for any bedroom to have. 

25. Private Cabana

Bedroom of a luxury beach cottage with picture windows facing the sea, beige curtains around the bed. private cabana

This beige and tan bedroom took a different take on the island look. The designer here added a layer of privacy in this all-window home by adding a set of beige curtains around the bed. The privacy curtains, mixed with the wooden accents of the four-poster bed, turn the bed into a private cabana in the bedroom. Chic!

In Closing

We hope this guide has given you some creative inspiration for your tan bedroom. If you draw some inspiration from these examples, you’ll be well on your way to creating a truly remarkable space.

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