15 Awesome Tan Living Room Ideas

Choosing the right furniture and decor can be tricky sometimes. Are you wanting a tan color palette for your living room but don't know where to start? Well, we've done some digging and have plenty of ideas to share. 

Whether you love all things tan or want a few statement pieces to match, it's essential to keep your living room cohesive.

Although there isn't one way to do this, we recommend choosing a tan sofa or seating set and incorporating a similar color with your decor. You may also want to try using different shades of tan for your art and furnishings, so there are plenty of options.

As we begin, we will cover all things tan living rooms and discuss how to decorate yours. Whether you want something minimal or one of a kind, we're here to offer some help. With that said, let's jump right into this topic!

Living room with luxury decor, 15 Awesome Tan Living Room Ideas

How Do I Decorate A Tan Living Room?

Decorating a tan living room is much easier than it seems. You want to start by finding a shade of tan that works for your space and then choose your main furnishings accordingly.

Modern scandinavian living room interior

Once you do that, incorporate other colors with your tan furniture, like blue or pink, and add pops of color to your room. You can use almost any color palette with tan, so your options for decor and art are endless.

1. Tan Suede Sectional

Our first idea for a tan living room is finding a suede statement couch similar to this. Although this room's design borders a boho-chic aesthetic, it doesn't feel too busy.

We also like how this designer chose a blue-accented statement rug and matched the ottoman and throw pillow to create a theme in the space.

2. Different Shades Of Tan

Next up, we have this ultra-simple tan living room idea that is one of our favorites on the list. As mentioned, finding different shades of tan and using them together in your living room is an easy way to keep things cohesive without having to be too plain.

It's also worth mentioning the warmer-toned sofa and lighter-colored accent pillows and throw blanket, which make this space feel super cozy and livable.

Snugtown Solid Soft Cozy Cable Knitted Blanket

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3. Super Modern Aesthetic

Third, we have a modern and minimalistic tan living room idea that is truly stunning. Like the previous example, this tan living room also features a few warm-toned accents, which help add life to the space.

Although you don't have to use warmer-colored decor, doing this can help make a tan living room feel less showroom and more welcoming to your guests.

4. Earth-toned Furniture

Coming in at number four, we have this gorgeous earth-toned and tan living space. Especially if you don't want to use all tan furniture, we think it's a great idea to try colors like green and brown for your seating.

It's also worth noting how this design kept the wall art and rug simple, which allows for colorful sofas and decor.

SAFAVIEH Dallas Shag Collection Thick Area Rug

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5. Hints Of Blue And Leather

Next, we have a blue and leather accented tan living room right out of a magazine. Like some other examples, this living room isn't 100% tan, which might be better for those wanting some variety in their space.

Of course, doing things like painting your walls tan and choosing a rug with a similar tone will help maintain that aesthetic, so details are important.

6. Mixed Wood Tones

Another idea for a tan living room is trying various wood tones similar to this example. Tan and wood go together very nicely, which makes using the two in your living room a no-brainer.

We especially like how this living space went with the stacked rugs, which add just the right amount of variety and color to the flooring.

7. Large Statement Mirrors

Coming in seventh, we have this quintessentially cozy tan living room idea. Using large mirrors to decorate your walls is a great way to reflect light within your room and even make it feel a bit bigger.

Another detail to note is the darker finishes in the lighting and other hanging art, which nicely contrast the tan sofa, rug, and walls.

Umbra Round Wall Mirror

This circle mirror has a rubber frame, is 37 inches, mounts to your walls, and comes in a few color/size options.

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8. High Glam Design

Next, we have the perfect idea for anyone after a high glam tan living room. Although this isn't for everyone, we like how this room went with super light seating, which helps brighten the space up a bit.

It's also worth mentioning how this design chose to have darker wood accents, which contrast the light tan walls and seating nicely.

GDFStudio Traditional Chesterfield Loveseat Sofa

This loveseat sofa has a tufted fabric design, dark wood legs, individual seat cushions, and measures ‎33.75 x 61.75 x 27.75 inches.

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9. Adding Some Greenery

Ninth, we have a simple yet cozy tan living room idea that we love. Even if you don't garden, adding a few houseplants into your living room will help make it feel more like home and be a great conversation starter for guests.

Another great detail is the statement leather sectional and similar colored chair, which add plenty of warmth to this tan living space.

10. High Ceilings With Blue Accents

Coming in at number ten, we have a stunning blue-accented tan living room. Besides having breath-taking high ceilings, this living room also does a great job of adding hints of blue throughout, which helps add character to the space.

We also love how this design went with a two-tone ceiling, which grabs attention and frames the room nicely.

11. A Few Rustic Details

Next on the list, we have a charming and somewhat rustic tan living room idea. Although this room doesn't use many colors, the throw pillows and picture frames look fun, and they add just the right amount of character to this space.

Another thing to note is the almost matching sofa and wall color, which help create a theme for the room and allow for fun-colored decorations.

12. Dark Grey Accents

Next, we have this tan- and grey-colored living room idea. Grey and tan tend to work well together regardless of shade, so trying this in your living room should be pretty easy.

That said, we recommend finding a similar colored throw pillow or blanket to your grey walls like this example to keep things cohesive.

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13. Warm Tan Walls

Another idea for a tan living room is choosing a warmer wall color like this example. As we mentioned, warmer colors will make your space feel more welcoming, so this is a great idea to try.

We also want to mention how this living space went with blush pillows and gold accents throughout, which work well with the warmer theme.

14. Dark Hardwood Flooring

Next, this simple yet well-designed tan living room uses darker hardwood flooring. Wood, in general, works well with tan color palettes, so trying this in your space is a good idea.

It's also worth noting how this room went with a mix of modern and traditional decor and furniture, which gives it a cool final look.

Generic Furry Footstool Ottoman

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15. Using Natural Elements

Last on the list is this eye-catching tan living room that uses plenty of natural elements. Similar to our previous idea, this tan living room also incorporates wood throughout, which gives it a warm, welcoming feeling.

The lighter grey stone accent wall is also a great detail, and it complements the softer tan furniture and area rug nicely.

To Wrap Things Up

Whether you want to repaint your living room or already have a tan color scheme going, it's vital to keep your space cohesive. There are plenty of tan living room ideas including warm walls and decor, using earth tones, and even adding plants into your home.

Although you don't have to use all tan furniture, we love how a mono-color design comes across, but again, every home is different. We also recommend finding a few pops of color and placing them around your tan living space, so have fun with your pillows, blankets, and rugs.

Regardless, make sure to use colors/patterns that are complementary, and don't be afraid to add wood and stone accents to your living room's design.

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