Tan Or Beige House? 11 Exterior Color Schemes To Consider

Do you have a tan or beige house? Or maybe you're considering repainting the exterior of your home tan or beige? Well, you've come to the right place. We've created this guide to inspire your creativity and show you how to coordinate your exterior color scheme with a beige or tan-colored home.

Tan and beige are very similar to each other, and both hold a very light, creamy brown tone. Beige tends to have more pink, fleshy undertones, while tan contains more distinct brown hues. However, both colors are considered neutral tones, making them fairly easy to work in with other shades.

There are some other factors to consider before you make your color choices, like roof color and any accents on the home. Keep reading to learn all about the considerations and find inspiration for your project.

Tan PVC house sidings with white trims matched with nice landscaping, Tan Or Beige House? 11 Exterior Color Schemes To Consider

1. Traditional Triumph

This home uses traditional, dark features with consistently brown undertones to create uniformity. A brown roof, brown stone accents, brown mulch, and brown shutters all carry the main color theme but are varied slightly to create interest.  The white trim around the walls, doors, and windows helps generate a touch of contrast against the primarily brown theme.

Luxurious country styled house with brown PVC siding incorporated with decorative stone sidings and brown shingle roofing

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Rio Hamza Trading Pine Mulch

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2. Beige Beauty

Residential mansion painted in a light pink color with clay tile roofing

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This beige home has terracotta-colored roof tiles that play off the pale reddish-brown tones of the house. Conversely, the white trim and doors create mild contrast against the wall color. Lush green landscaping brightens up the yard and adds a beautiful touch of color. 

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3. Black, Blue, and Beige

Cream painted wooden residential house with white trims and dark shingle roofing

This home used its black roof to create a dramatic contrast against the light beige of the home's walls. Color was added by using shades of blue on the door and gables. Dark reddish-brown mulch was used in the landscaping to mimic the undertones of the walls, and white trim was used to create definition and contrast. 

Microblend Exterior Paint Beige

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4. Rustic Ranch

A long span country house with light brown sidings and gray shingle roofing

This ranch-style home uses a dark tan shade that closely matches the roof to make the home appear taller. At the same time, the white trim creates contrast, and a single set of white shutters on the center window draws the eye to brighten up the entire scene. The large white garage doors also help to lighten up the appearance of the building. 

5. Tan Temptations

House with brown PVC sidings, white trims and dark shingle roofing

The black roof and shutters on this house give it a dramatic, elegant look, and they stand out well against the tan of the house's walls. White trim creates contrast against both the black and tan shades and defines the shape and architecture of the home. The landscaping is left unadorned to avoid detracting attention from the masterful color scheme of the house.

6. Beige Bungalow

Brown shingle roofing with tan sidings and white trims with a huge driveway

This bungalow uses beige as its dominant wall color and creates contrast using a dark brown roof and door. To break up the amount of tan, a bulky, wide trim was chosen that lightens up the overall appearance of the building and creates plenty of interest.

The yard is delicately landscaped, and a shrub with rosy foliage was chosen to coordinate with the rosy beige color of the walls.

7. Tasteful Tans

A small classic American house with cream sidings, brown window shutters and gray shingle roofing

This home uses varying shades of tan to create a diverse and interesting appearance with true depth.  A dark brown roof, medium brown shutters, vivid brown stone skirting, and brown mulch all play off the primary beige color of the home. White trim was used to sharpen the main form of the building and create contrast against the brown and tan tones.

Mid America Louver Shutters

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8. Crazy For Khaki

Luxurious mansion with brown trims, cream PVC sidings and decorative stones

This home uses varying shades of brown to create diversity against the tan walls. Large amounts of stone are added to certain walls to add more color variation and provide a bit of texture to the building, making it seem rustic and grand. Brown mulch is used in the landscaping to help tie the yard into the house's color scheme.

9. Split-Tone Treasure

Two story house with brick sidings and matched with wooden sidings and white trims

This home brick was used on the lower half and a pale tan on the upper portion to help alleviate some of the tan tones. The red brick also matches the roof's red tones, tying it together nicely. Dark brown trim creates contrast and interest, resulting in a regal feeling exterior.

THE ONE Exterior Paint

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10. Neutral and Natural

Beige PVC sidings of a two story house at a classy residential area

Tan, white, and green adorn the facade of this home. Dark green doors and shutters tie the home together nicely with the plants used in landscaping. The white trim around the house defines the edges, and the black roof creates contrast. A patch of white roofing above the garage helps break up the tan color on the walls.

Modern Masters Front Door Paint

This paint is designed specifically for use on front doors. It comes in various colors, but this dark green shade will help you achieve a similar look on your home.

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11. Tan Wonderland

Small country house with dark brown roofing, white trims and blue tinted windows

This deep tan tone is balanced against white trim and a gray roof. The white trim is bulky and helps break up the tan shades, while the dark roof's steep overhang helps to minimize the tan of the walls. The bright green plants that make up the landscaping introduce some color to the scene, and their height also helps to hide some of the tan, preventing it from becoming overwhelming.

Prestige Exterior Paint

This deep tan paint will help you get a similar wall color, with high contrast against white. 

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What Colors Go With Tan?

As a neutral tone, most colors will work well with tan shades. Black and white are always safe choices with tan, and they offer a desirable contrast against it. Colors like blue, green, and even red can create a dramatic splash of color that looks natural against a tan house.

What Colors Work Best With Beige?

Beige s another neutral tone, but it is a little more picky than tan due to its pink undertones. Black and white are good choices with beige, but colors are slightly more limited. Reds, oranges, pinks, and gray are all excellent shades for use with beige. Try to avoid cool tones.

How To Choose House Colors?

With all of these great options, it can be hard to decide. Of course, the best way to ensure that you find a color scheme you'll love is to reference images of homes that are similar in style to your own. You can also use paint sample cards, paint tests, or paint color simulators to understand better how colors will look on your home.

How To Make A Tan or Beige Home Look Modern?

Using black as a secondary color for the exterior of your home will help to modernize tan or beige walls. The stark contrast created by the black paint creates interest and depth. A black roof and shutters will also help to add an edge to tan or beige homes, but don't overdo it and make it look too dark.

Should I Use Light Or Dark Shades Of Tan Or Beige?

A good rule of thumb for determining the darkness of the primary color is to consider the size of your home. It's common to use lighter shades for smaller homes and darker shades for larger homes. Surprisingly, a lighter shade on the outside of a home will make it seem larger, while darker shades will make the home seem smaller.

In Conclusion

Tan PVC house sidings with white trims matched with nice landscaping

Now that you've seen these gorgeous exterior color schemes, you're ready to make plans. Don't forget to consider your roof color and the color of any plants that already exist in the landscaping. Have fun redecorating and enjoy your home's new look.

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