23 Tasteful Teal Bathroom Ideas

If there is one category of rooms linked to the color blue, it's the bathroom. It makes sense. Water tends to be seen as a "blue" color, and there's a ton of water in a typical bathroom. We've seen bathrooms in all sorts of shades of blue---light blue, royal blue, and dark blue included.

One of the less-appreciated blues on the color wheel is teal. Teal is a beautiful shade that adds a hint of green to a deep blue, and it is a perfect pick for a bathroom color palette. Designers are starting to incorporate teal in bathrooms in a wide range of different ways. Want to see what the latest concepts are? Check these out!

Teal color to master bath with two sinks and granite countertops and a separate toilet area in a modern home with a vaulted ceiling. 23 Tasteful Teal Bathroom Ideas

1. Seafaring Beauty

Seafaring Beauty. cruise ship style bathroom with painted wood panels, teal wall, nautical accents

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Who doesn't love the look of a bathroom that calls back to the interior of an old school wooden cruise ship? Here, the designer painted wooden panels a rich teal color and added some nautical accents to complete the look. The end result is a bathroom that is staunchly traditional yet still unique enough to make you stop and think. 

2. Calmly Contemporary

old teal bathroom in an apartment with vanity mirror, sink, toilet, and space heater

Sometimes, you don't want to have an extreme look when you're working on a bathroom. That's okay. Not every room has to look like something out of a design magazine, or even have stone effect wall murals to look pretty. This designer kept it simple with a standard contemporary look that could be found in almost any home. 

White and teal works, and creates a calming ambiance. What's not to love?

3. Shades Of Teal

Contemporary residential home bathroom modern design featuring glass shower stall, bathtub, and glass wall tiles

This look doesn't involve just one shade of teal, but two. (Well, okay, it's more of an aquamarine, but still!) The two shades work well with each other and also work well with white. Since this takes a break from the trend of using darker teals, the color palette makes the room look a lot more cheerful and open. 

If you are worried about teal being too overbearing, this is a great way to soften the blow.

4. Going A Little Grey

Teal can be a bit difficult to work with when you have a petite bathroom, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use it in your bathroom. The key to making it work is to pair your teal with colors that help make a small room look bigger. In this case, the designer chose a beautiful light grey to complement the teal. 

The grey and white accents make the room look larger, but also keep things looking fresh. Chic!

5. Scale It Up

Teal is already an oceanic color, and to a point, it's almost instinctual that we tend to associate it with marine life. Here, we see teal play a focal color in a bathroom through the use of "scale" tiling. This gives your bathroom a uniquely mermaid-like aesthetic while keeping everything else pretty standard in white. 

The look is a great pick for people who want a focal point, but don't want to go crazy with teal. 

6. Mod Squad

Believe it or not, teal is a pretty retro color. This bathroom channeled the 1960s by working with midcentury modern cabinets, rich wood tones, and clean lines. It worked remarkably well with the deep teal walls, giving the entire bathroom a retro-futuristic glow. It's luxurious, don't you think?

Brushed brass accents went far here, as did textured walls. Having accessories to match is a must!

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7. Be Teal My Heart

Teal is often used in nautical looks, or as a way to use color in traditional bathrooms. This doesn't have to be the case. This unique, bohemian bathroom used teal tiling to create a Moroccan look. The arches, different tile textures, and unique bathroom accents all helped bring it together. 

Rust-colored accents, textured tiles, and lots of wood gave this a spa-like look. 

8. Yee Haw!

Putting together a rustic bathroom can be hard, primarily because worn white wood can look unintentionally shabby. Adding teal and then weathering the wood makes it a clear sign that this look was all intentional. This is a good pick for people who want to give that barnhouse chic look a shot but want to make their own twist on this tried-and-true aesthetic. 

Getting some tin signs for the bathroom can help make this look more realistic.

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9. Flowers And Fish

This is one of those looks that make you go "Hmmmm..."

The blue teal scales from earlier made a comeback, once again, as an accent wall centerpiece. Unlike last time, this designer decided to contrast two main themes: scales and flowers. The hanging lamps are shaped like large, puffy flowers. A vase in one corner keeps carrying the floral look with more white flowers.

To balance things out, the designer included a towel of each color in the bathroom. It looks chic, to say the least.

10. Carpet It

Sometimes, you don't need a lot of teal to make a bathroom stand out. Teal is a bold color that can grab attention at the drop of a hat. This lakehouse owner decided to make their bathroom unique by getting a bright teal carpet for the center of their bathroom. To highlight it even more, they kept the rest of the bathroom white as snow. 

It's amazing what a simple carpet can do for a room, isn't it? A quick look at other teal room ideas proves it's a classic concept for any room in the house.

11. Exotic Florals

Anyone who's seen the recent retro wave fandoms will tell you that teal and pink go together pretty well. This designer was aware of the fact, and used it to their benefit. They decided to work teal into their bathroom by adding a shower curtain featuring teal leaves and pink flowers, done up in an exotic, junglist style. 

This, paired with other artsy accents throughout the room, made it a shoo-in for a quirky style that rocks.

12. Easy, Peasy

Don't want to undergo a full bathroom remodel just so that you can get your teal fix? We can't blame you. This designer came up with a cool way to add some teal to your room without going crazy with tiles. Rather than focus on getting crazy amounts of gear, they decided to add a splash of teal to a black and white bathroom through the use of towels.

The folded towels weren't just functional. They gave the room a unique splash of color that made a serious statement. Better still? It's easy to do this for under $50.

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13. NYC Glamour

This cool concept came to us from the Williamsburg Hotel, and it's absolutely spectacular. Teal works amazingly well with brass, as you can see from the tile and fixtures. The clean yet industrial lines used in the windows and bathing area made this look amazing. It's exotic, yet totally New York in its own quirky style. 

Believe it or not, this look is pretty easy to copy. Just get the right bathroom fixtures and choose bright teal tiling!

14. Baha Blues

Teal is a very common color in South American home design, and this bohemian designer decided to add a strong hint of it to their take on a bathroom. Weathered wooden frames featuring tons of artwork, lots of Latin-inspired accents, and a rich teal wall is what makes this room look so exotic. 

It's a rugged look, yes, but it's notably global and sophisticated in its own right. It's a little Frida Kahlo, you know?

15. Lush And Artistic

This was a surprisingly bold way to add teal to a master bathroom, don't you think? Here, teal is the primary color and it's supported by dark colors. For most bathrooms, this would be a little too much. Here, the designer realized it was a little bit excessive for the bathroom's look, and decided to change things up by adding different artistic accents.

Of course, the art alone didn't balance the wild colors of the bathroom. To give the bathroom a more lush and spa-like feel, the designer added tons of plants to support the teal vibe.

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16. Kardashian Style

Rumor has it that this bathroom was designed by Kim Kardashian's stylist, Simone Harouche. It works, and not just because the tile game is mean. The tiles in the shower, which are a deep royal teal, were lit up so that they seemed like they were glowing. Outside of the shower, everything is done up in a minimalist manner. 

The end result is a bathroom that grabs attention yet keeps things balanced. After all, no one likes stuff that's too visually jarring!

17. Tickled Pink

Remember when we said that pink and teal go together? They do, but you don't have to opt for an exotic look to make it work. Here, the designer chose to work with a pastel baby pink for the floors and half of the wall then a beautiful dark teal for the cabinets. 

While it's feminine, it's not too girly for a whole family to use. This makes it a happy medium for people who want to get a lot of compliments but want to do it their own way.

18. Neo-Victorian Bliss

Judging by some of the looks we've seen so far, it's not surprising that teal has a pointedly Victorian vibe to it. This look is a modernized version of Victorian decor, featuring antique paintings, "newsprint" newspaper, and a teal background. It's steampunk, artsy, and would be best described as Neo-Victorian. 

The look of the walls is such a bold statement, it's hard to ignore how gorgeous and meticulously decorated this room is. Glamorous? Oh my, yes!

19. A Little Urban

The cool thing about teal is that it's remarkably flexible when it comes to the look it can bring. While it can be old school, it can be modern, and yes, it can also be urban too. Here, we see NYC subway-style sign accents on the wall, bold shower curtain designs, and a lot of crisp, smooth lines. 

All of this gives this beautiful little bathroom a deeply urban vibe, no matter where you might end up finding this room!

20. A Checkered Look

From three feet and upwards, you would never guess that this bathroom would be so striking. When you look at the room's divider, everything changes. The teal and white "checker" flooring makes a seriously pretty statement that changes the mood of the room completely. Saying it's a focal point is an understatement. 

To make the transition between the floor and white portion of the walls more complete, the designers added a teal wood panel accent and checkered, boxy accents. It's gorgeous!

21. Got Some Brass

Brass piping clearly works well with teal, which is why we've seen a fair amount of it in our picks for cool concepts. Here, we see brass piping make up the bulk of a bathroom's furniture. The unified look of an all-brass furniture setup helped this bathroom owner save space and also make a futuristic statement. 

It's simple, but at the same time, it works in a complex way.

22. Clean And Gridded

Teal is a color that most people find to be very bold and at times, overpowering. This designer realized that, and made a room that was filled with clean lines and a classic "white grid" tile setup. Then, they worked that same aesthetic into the scant furniture there. The teal came in as pops of color in accessories like towels and bottles. Chic!

23. Pattern It Up

Let's just face it, sometimes you just want an easy way to get some cool stuff in your home. Teal patterned wallpaper is a very simple way to make it happen, and there are so many different types to choose from! This designer chose a funky, chunky teal and white patterned wallpaper to give their bathroom the "cool" factor they wanted. 

In Closing

We hope that these 23 gorgeous teal bathroom ideas were just what you needed for some design inspiration! From chic and modern to rustic and rugged, there's a teal bathroom style out there for you. 

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