37 Teal Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Looking for teal bedroom ideas? We have the photos and design advice that could inspire you and help you design the bedroom of your dreams – literally!

When designing a bedroom, you want to choose a color palette that is soothing enough for sleeping, but still stunning enough to show off. Teal is the perfect color for a bedroom because it’s in the blue-green spectrum, so it’s both calming and eye-catching.

If you can’t picture teal, imagine the color turquoise-only darker. Teal is a deep, blue-green shade reminiscent of lush lagoons and tropical waters. This luxurious hue can transform your bedroom into a relaxing oasis fit for royalty.

And who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve woken up in paradise every morning?

You can easily achieve the look and feel of an idyllic island retreat by adding this chic shade to your bedroom. Teal offers a vibrant alternative to the basic blue and earthy green theme. It washes over a room but is vibrant enough not to get washed out and it adds a splash of sophistication without seeming too showy.

Teal is iconic on its own, but when contrasted against complementary colors, the results can be truly breathtaking. Let’s take a look at some of the best bedroom designs in the teal color scheme. First up, the classic pairing of teal and white.

Teal and White Bedroom

1. Feminine Flair

Gorgeous teal bedroom with white painted walls and cabinetry

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Teal adds a fresh, youthful vibe that compliments any décor. Even warm wood looks good next to teal because the blueish shade enhances the orange and yellow undertones. Top it off with a sparkling chandelier and you’re an instant princess!

2. Casual Cool

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Teal painted bedroom with a huge China cabinet and a wall mounted TV

A muted tone of teal lends an air of casual style that doesn’t have to try too hard yet still looks great. Dark woods will pop off this paler shade and add a richness to the humbler hue. A silvery-white comforter will bring out the cooler tones of lighter teal walls.

3. Breath of Fresh Air

Spacious teal painted living room with white bedding and furnitures

If you want a bedroom that feels fresh and clean (even when it’s mid-week messy) then use cooler-toned whites and a whimsical teal shade. This bedroom is a perfect example of how bright white furniture can appear against a teal background.

4. Little White, Big Impact

Modern teal painted bedroom walls, dark wooden oak bed with teal beddings, and a ceiling fan

You don’t need a lot of white for it to stand out from teal walls. Simply add small accents and a corresponding comforter. Let the teal do the work by highlighting whatever white you choose to add to the room.

5. Coastal Romance

Teal painted bedroom walls with calligraphy writing on the wall

Sail away with this airy teal shade, white accents, and seaside accessories. Add an ocean-themed bedspread and a romantic wall inscription and you’ll feel like you’re on your honeymoon even when it’s not your anniversary!

6. Layered Teal

Spacious interior of a modern bedroom with a metal framed bed and teal curtains on the wall

Who says you only have to stick to one shade of teal to design a bedroom? The above example shows how you can layer different shades of teal to add dimension. Picking a bedspread with a busy teal-themed and white pattern will add texture and pick up the varying shades in the room.

7. Dreamy Afternoon

Small teal living room with bedroom with a teal painted wall and teal beddings

Soft teal walls and a rainbow bedspread will provide a dreamy ambiance in any bedroom. With the light filtering in from crepe-like curtains, you’ll feel inclined to indulge in an afternoon nap.

8. Weekend Hangout

Interior of small teal painted bedroom with teal beddings

This shade of teal leans toward green and wonderfully complements the ashy brown in the bedspread. The almost minty teal balances the rich, dark wood of the furniture and highlights the white.

Teal and Gray Bedroom

9. Texturized

Teal and gray incorporated bedroom with a light gray accent wall and a gray bed

This bedroom boasts bold textures nearly everywhere you look! Notice how the suede headboard in charcoal gray looks even softer against a luminous teal accent wall. Metallic fixtures add vivid contrast to this silky bedspread.

10. Bold and Beautiful

Interior of a modern bedroom with a teal accent wall, teal beddings, and gray floral curtains

Express your unique personality! Paint an accent wall a bold shade of teal and add a wall inscription that embodies how you live your life. Teal takes center-stage in this bedroom and is counter-balanced by a smooth, smoky gray.

11. Warm Waters

A huge solid oak bed with floral beddings and teal painted walls

The trick to combining different colors is keeping them in the same warm or cool tone. In this bedroom, this warm grey pairs fabulously with lagoon-like teal and cherry-colored wood.

Teal and Brown Bedroom

12. Bayside

Interior of a spacious bedroom with a teal painted wall, carpeted flooring, and a huge wooden oak bed

Use different shades of brown to contrast teal walls and create a maritime atmosphere. Billowy, chiffon-like curtains let in a sea breeze without blocking the light.

13. Modern Medieval

A small brown and gray painted bedroom with a gray blanket on a wooden bed

Blend different genres with nailhead accent furniture and modern art paintings. This bedroom has a decorative edge that is smoothed over by its velvety bedspread.

14. Country Chic

Interior of a rustic themed bedroom with teal colors, teal carpeted flooring, and a metal framed bed

Cozy up in a chic color palette of muted teal and golden brown. Floral accents give this bedroom a soft, feminine feel and a wicker chair boasts country cottage vibes.

15. Dark Chocolate

Narrow and teal colored living room with a wooden framed bed with light blue colored beddings

Add deep, rich wood tones to a hazy shade of teal to create a casual, but luxurious, atmosphere. When decorating a teal-themed bedroom, indulging in dark chocolate is always a good idea.

Dark Teal Bedroom

16. Simple Elegance

Modern mansard living room with teal painted walls, wooden bed, and teal beddings

This misty shade of teal creates an inviting and elegant atmosphere, without taking itself too seriously. Simple accents pair beautifully with straight-forward style.

17. Retro Retreat

A dark blue colored bedroom wall with a huge picture window on the side

Jazz up a plain bedroom with throw-back colors like retro teal and Tumeric yellow. Going back in time for design color choices can make for a timeless vintage escape.

18. Pearlescent Splendor

Small narrow bedroom with teal painted walls and a floral bedding

Feel like you’re under the sea by drenching the walls in deep teal. Adding wicker furniture with a pearlized finish gives a stunning luminous effect. This bedroom glows!

19. Hampton Hideaway

Dark Teal Bedroom | Article by HomeDecorBliss.com

This sleek design embodies the coastal style while keeping it classy. Metallic wall accents and glass lamps add a touch of shimmer. Dark woods and chrome hardware are the perfect soft touch to the matte teal walls.

Teal and Purple Bedroom

20. Set the Mood

Interior of a bedroom with purple patterned walls and matching purple and teal beddings with a small lamp on the side near the teal curtains

Teal and purple pack a powerful punch! This combo is as bold as it is gorgeous. Liquidy satin throws make for a tranquil setting perfect for sleeping.

21. Sleeping Beauty

Purple and teal wall with zigzag patterns. Light purple painted wall on the curtain with teal and purple curtains. Teal beddings with blue and white stripped beddings

Choosing a lighter shade of teal and purple sets a youthful, playful tone. A crystal chandelier adds charm and sparkle.

22. Uptown Spunk

A bedroom with dark purple painted walls with teal framed flat panels, teal beddings matched with two purple throw pillows

This bedroom looks good enough for a night on the town! But when you’re bedroom looks this good, why would you ever want to leave?

23. Regal Affair

Interior of a light purple colored bedroom with deep teal bed frame and a deep teal cabinet on the side with flowers on top of it.

Royal purple pillows and Bermuda teal furniture make a great couple. A cooler shade of lilac on the walls is complemented by a frosted grey rug.

24. High Rise Haven

Interior of a purple-themed condominium bedroom with a huge wall behind the header. Teal bedding with floral throw pillows. Wooden flooring with square carpet patterns.

A minimalist bed can create a neat floating effect, especially against lighter floors. “Rise and shine” has a whole new meaning!

25. Light Up the Night

Interior of a teal walled bedroom with an arch entryway. Yellow beddings matching the overall theme of the bedroom.

Lighting makes all the difference in design. These hanging star lights add a touch of whimsy and pillar candles illuminate a dark fireplace.

26. Royal Digs

A luxuriously appointed bedroom featuring a striking purple and teal color scheme

We’re digging this royal plum and teal combo! This example shows how a daring wallpaper choice can really elevate a room’s status quo. Plush pillows and throw blankets enhance the luxurious feel of this bedroom.

27. Under the Sea

Interior of a bedroom with purple colored wall. Matching purple and teal bedding with green and white shade lamp placed on top of the table

This bedroom’s giving us serious mermaid vibes! The rippled throw cover adds movement and the mirrored nightstand reflects light and color, making you feel like you’re in an underwater paradise.

Teal and Magenta

28. Bohemian Bungalow

A bohemian-styled bedroom showcasing vibrant fuchsia bedding adorned with intricate patterns and circular motifs.

This Bohemian style bedroom combines vivid magenta and dusty teal in a relaxing and carefree style. Casually placed lanterns add a bit of mystery and romance.

29. Cool Jeweled Effect

White bed with white beddings and matching teal painted walls

Combining contrasting textures and colors is a simple way to add layers of complexity to a room without much effort. Choosing soft, matte fabrics will make glossy items like these silky accent pillows and flowers shine like jewels!

30. Fearless

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If your bedroom already has a lot of character, why not add more? This bedroom began with a recessed ceiling and ended with an explosion of color! Don’t be afraid to kick it up a notch and go big with bouffant curtains and eclectic accessories.

31. Dazzling Tassels

Matching colors is one way to ensure a room looks pulled together, even if it’s all over the place! Simply match colors in a rug to the bedding and accessories to each other.

Teal and Pink

32. Flawless

gorgeous matching teal and pink bedroom with a gorgeous light pink throw on the deep teal bedding

This mauve-pink practically blossoms against a dark teal background. To create a flawlessly feminine feel, choose velvety-textures and floral decor.

33. Starstruck

A dusty pink and deep teal bedroom creates a soothing palette. A pendulum light in the middle of the room

This dusty pink and deep teal create a soothing palette. Of course, nothing tops off a room like a gorgeous pendulum light. This star-shaped beauty is sure to keep you looking up while you’re dozing off!

34. Make a Statement

A huge teal headboard with a gorgeous deep dark purple wall.

A bed’s headboard is a great way to make a statement, especially against a darker wall. This dark teal and baby pink combo illustrate this concept perfectly.

Teal and Orange

35. Sunset Vibes

Orange painted walls with matching throw pillows with white beddings

When decorating a bedroom, it makes sense to use sunset colors. Luckily, teal and orange are absolutely striking alongside one another. Mix in different shades of orange and teal for variety. Don’t worry, they’ll look good no matter how light or dark, we promise!

36. Gotta Have Terracotta

Gorgeous bedroom with teal beddings and matching terracotta bedsheets

If earthy orange tones are more your style, go for a terracotta shade. You don’t have to be an artist to add texture to an accent wall. There are many paints available that allow anyone to easily create this special effect.

37. Southwest Simplicity

A bold and inviting bedroom characterized by deep turquoise walls that create a dramatic and cozy ambiance

Create Southwestern flair with this rich golden-orange and jeweled-teal color scheme. A flowy curtain adds a dream-like ambiance.

We hope you found these teal bedroom ideas interesting and that they inspire you to create that perfect teal-shade room that will provide you with hours of sleep and rest.

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a bedroom with teal blue walls and hardwood flooring, including a white bed in the room has a mirror on the wall.
Modern room interior with comfortable bed near window.
Interior photography of a classic style bedroom with an upholstered ivory head board, pillows and cushions, bedside tables and lamps against a teal wall, an ensuite bathroom to the right.
A large bedroom with tall ceilings, hardwood floors, and light blue walls.
Interior of a modern teal color themed living room with a brown window painting, 37 Teal Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You
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