What Are Thermal Curtains And Do You Need Them? [Inc. 11 Examples]

Brrr, it sure is cold out there! You’re wearing your heaviest sweater, and you have your heat blasting, but sometimes you wish there was a more energy-efficient way to stay warm. For instance, what if you could insulate your home? You can install thermal curtains to help. What are these? We have looked into this and found all the information that you need, as well as some great examples.

Thermal curtains are thicker curtains that insulate a room due to their multiple layers of fabric and acrylic foam sandwiched between each. With less need to use the heater or air conditioner, you can save money on your energy bills.


Curious about thermal curtains and whether they’re the right option for your home? Make sure you keep reading. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these curtains, including what they’re made of and how they work. We’ll even share 11 links to thermal curtains on Amazon!

What Are Thermal Curtains?

Let’s begin by expanding more on the definition of thermal curtains. At first glance, these look just like your everyday home curtains. They’re quite thick, but you’d never guess they’re insulated only by looking at them.

The weight of the curtains comes from the material used, commonly polyester or cotton. There’s not just a single layer of the material, either, but at least two layers. Some thermal curtains even have a triple layer.

Each of those fabric layers has its extra layer, this time made of acrylic foam. This also contributes to the thickness of thermal curtains. The acrylic foam provides insulation to whatever room you install the curtains.

An insulated room is a comfortable room, and we think you’ll soon agree once you experience the difference. Thermal curtains keep too much light from getting into the room. This can protect furniture, carpeting, artwork, and other décor from getting sun-faded. Also, with less sunlight in a room, you can prevent the space from getting too warm and sending you running to your thermostat, says HowStuffWorks.

Another benefit of thermal curtains is how they can reduce sound. If you live on a noisy street and can often hear outdoor traffic, even with the doors and windows closed, then you should consider thermal curtains. They can make a significant difference!

In their sound-blocking abilities, the indoor noises generated in your home don’t escape either. This is especially handy if you have a rather boisterous family and neighbors who are prone to complaining.

What’s the Difference Between Thermal Curtains and Blackout Curtains?

One thing we want to mention is that thermal curtains are not the same as blackout curtains. If you browse around enough for thermal curtains, you might see blackout curtains and thermal curtains used interchangeably.

We can see where the confusion might arise. Blackout curtains tend to be thicker and heavier, too. They can also keep light from getting into a room. That’s their primary purpose.

Unlike thermal curtains, blackout curtains have an interior liner that mutes sunlight even more effectively. Oh, and while blackout curtains are typically dark in hue to best block the light, they’re not exclusively black or dark blue. You can also get them in pink.

What Are the Types of Thermal Curtains?

You’re glad your thermal curtains are functional, but can they be pretty, too? Absolutely! Here are the various styles of thermal curtains you can choose from.

Side-Draw Shades

The first of these thermal curtain types are known as side-draw shades. These work best with big windows, French doors, or doors that slide open and closed. As the name implies, side-draw shades open either right or left, starting in the middle and going in the direction you choose (both directions are also possible).

A shade seal within the side-draw shades creates a magnetic seal along the side and top to keep the shades looking their best.

Classic Curtains

Classic curtains are what you envision if someone asks you to close your eyes and picture a set of curtains. There are two drapes or pieces of fabric attached to a rod. You can pull the curtains open or closed to your liking. Depending on the material and its thickness, some curtains have ties that keep the material in place.

Balloon Shades

Next, we’ve got balloon shades. These are named after their resemblance to balloons, especially when open. The drapes have scallops at the bottom that are quite puffy. When the material is held together in the middle, that gathered look only lends more credibility to the name balloon shades.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are yet another type of thermal curtain. These window coverings can keep the sun out through their stacking mechanism when you open them. They can look scrunched up if opened, but when they’re down, Roman shades add a smooth, seamless appearance to any home.

Here’s a great post from Architectural Digest that offers some tips for decorating with Roman shades.

Hobbled Shades

Hobbled shades are often a variation of Roman shades. They’re referred to as a teardrop shade. Whereas Roman shades are only crunched when you open them, a hobbled shade has a crinkled, zigzag look even when closed. This is due to pleats installed horizontally along with the shade.

For more advice on decorating your home with curtains, check out this post on our blog.

Do Thermal Curtains Really Work?

By this point, you know enough about thermal curtains that you might be seriously thinking of getting some. You’re just not sure if they’re going to deliver the promises you’ve heard thus far. Will thermal curtains work, or are they just an appealing addition to your home?

Thermal curtains do indeed work. Remember, these curtains aren’t just made of fabric, but they have a foam layer with a vapor barrier between each fabric layer. The foam used for thermal curtains is high-density, so it’s quite adept at soundproofing and preventing heat transfer.

The vapor barrier hugs the foam core, preventing condensation from making the thermal curtains less effective, as the foam cannot absorb the moisture.

Are Thermal Curtains Effective in Summertime?

Thermal curtains are especially handy in the winter when drafty cold air can get into the home. Even if your windows are old, a set of thermal curtains can keep your room cozy until you can plan a window replacement.

What about when summertime arrives? Should you take your thermal curtains down? Not at all. Like we said earlier in this article, thermal curtains block out sunlight. We don’t need to tell you that the sunshine is hot. If one or several rooms in your home get bathed in the sun, you’re not going to want to spend any time in those rooms over the summer. If you have to, you’ll start sweating. To compensate, you crank the AC.

With less sun, these rooms stay cooler, allowing you to become less reliant on your air conditioner. Thus, there’s no reason to retire your thermal curtains just because it’s not cold out anymore. They’re handy to have around during all seasons.

Do Insulated Curtains Save Money?

Everyone wants to save their cash. Through a more energy-efficient home, you can do just that. Windows, walls, curtains, and other forms of insulation in your home provide a more consistent temperature. Like we just talked about in the last section, a home that’s a comfortable temperature means you’re not cranking the heater or air conditioner as much.

If you’ve ever looked at your energy bill after a frigid month, you know how high it typically is. The same is true if the past month has been a scorcher. You have to stay comfortable, and that means using your heating or cooling system often.

According to Energy.gov, you can eliminate 25 percent of your heat loss with draperies like thermal curtains. In the winter, that’s crucial. Imagine having 25 percent more heat just by changing your curtains. You feel warmer just thinking about, right? Should you get new, energy-efficient windows as well, your energy savings could be even more significant. You can kiss those overly pricy energy bills goodbye.

11 Examples of Thermal Curtains on Amazon

If you’re chomping at the bit to get your hands on some thermal curtains to experience the benefits firsthand, here are 11 of our top recommendations. They all come courtesy of Amazon for easy, convenient shopping.

1. NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Curtains

These Amazon’s Choice thermal curtains are blackout as well. You can get them in various sizes, with the biggest 42 inches wide and 90 inches long.

Click to see more on Amazon.

2. Rose Home Fashion Wide Thermal Curtain Panel

This curtain panel from Rose Home Fashion is another Amazon’s Choice pick. The curtains are quite sizable, with the biggest ones 108 inches wide by 100 inches long.

Click to see more on Amazon.

3. HLC.ME Lattice Print Thermal Insulated Curtains

If you’d prefer printed curtains to solid ones, try this set from HLC.ME. No matter the color selection, each has an appealing lattice print pattern.

Click to see more on Amazon. 

4. WONTEX Thermal Insulated Grommet Curtains

The timeless appeal of these polyester thermal curtains from WONTEX makes any room shine. You’ll love the many colors and sizes to choose from.

Click to see more on Amazon.

5. Deconovo Room-Darkening Thermal Insulated Curtains

Yet another Amazon’s Choice set of curtains, Deconovo’s have six grommets per panel. They’re also blackout curtains and quite spacious.

Click to see more on Amazon. 

6. H. VERSAILTEX All-Season Thermal Insulated Curtains

Here’s another patterned set of curtains, this time from H. VERSAILTEX. Their pattern is overlapping circles.

Click to see more on Amazon. 

7. TEKAMON Thermal 99 Percent Blackout Curtains

If you want dark blackout curtains that are also thermal, this set from TEKAMON is a good choice. You get two panels, both made of polyester.

Click to see more on Amazon.

8. MUICO Thermal Insulated Grommet Curtains

With your purchase of MUICO’s thermal insulated curtains, you get two tiebacks included as a bonus. The vivid hues available make these a must-have.

Click to see more on Amazon.

9. BGment Rod Rocket Thermal Curtains

The Rod Rocket thermal curtains from BGment are inexpensive but straightforward. They also come in seven sizes!

Click to see more on Amazon.

10. Utopia Bedding Room-Darkening Thermal Insulating Curtains

These classy, thick curtains will dress up any room in the home. Utopia Bedding offers a few rich, velvety colors that will make you fall in love.

Click to see more on Amazon.

11. Primitive Linen Thermal Curtains

The Primitive Linen curtains are another winner from H. VERSAILTEX. Their thermal liner and blackout capabilities make them a favorite.

Click to see more on Amazon.


Thermal curtains have multiple fabric layers with foam between that fabric. The design of these curtains makes them ideal for blocking out sunlight, soundproofing the home (no outside sound in and no inside sound out), and maintaining room temperature. You can enjoy a more beautiful home and a lower energy bill by making one small change to your curtains.

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