Throw Pillows For A Blue Couch [12 Awesome Ideas With Pictures]

Throw pillows are jewelry for your couch. They add texture and color and give your living space a bit of comfort. Use throw pillows to pull in different colors and coordinate with other elements of the room. Some people argue that throw pillows are fussy or too busy for a modern space, but we disagree. Choose the right ones for each decor, and you'll live like a queen or king in their palace. Just make sure to keep the pillows on the couch and not the floor.

A white colored living room with a blue corner couch with throw pillows on top, Throw Pillows for a Blue Couch [12 Awesome Ideas with Pictures]

All-Blue Throw Pillows for a Blue Couch

The monochromatic look is subtle and beautiful. And what color goes better with blue than blue? We've gathered some examples of blue couches with blue throw pillows for you to see if this is the look for you.

1. Chevron-Textured Tonal Pillows

This lovely aqua sofa pairs with a slightly darker toned aqua pillow. The pillows are stitched with a chevron pattern, adding to their visual interest. They also match the color of the wall bringing all the tones of blue together.

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A blue couch with blue throw pillows and blue colored wall


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2. An Exact Match Of Blue

If you think modern rooms can't have throw pillows, this example shows otherwise. By choosing pillows that exactly match the shade of the couch, this design pulls off a clean and contemporary look.

A living room with gray colored walls and a blue colored couch

Blue and White Throw Pillows for a Blue Couch

Blue and white is such a natural color combination. It's one of our favorites, and so it's no surprise that we'd love blue and white pillows for a blue sofa.

1. Blue & White Tye Dye Pillows

These fun pillows in turquoise and white tye dye lend a breezy quality to this casual room. They're large and comfortable and provide a nice visual counterbalance the turquoise love seat.

A blue colored couch in a living room with white colored walls and flooring

2. Play With Patterns

There's no reason to stick to only one pattern of a throw pillow. Here, each pillow is different than the other. Even the curtains echo the blue and white theme of the room.

A blue couch placed near the window with floral pattern curtains

3. Share Pillows From The Couch With A Neighboring Armchair

If your sofa comes with throw pillows, use those on a neighboring armchair to tie the two pieces together. Here the armchair has one pillow that is an exact match of the sofa and one with a blue and white design. Altogether it's a look that invites you to relax.

A blue couch on a light colored living room with leaf patterned curtains

4. Stripes On Solids

This room is lovely. Wedgewood blue walls, a robin's egg blue sofa, and a seersucker ticking pillow combine for the ultimate in calm. The striped pattern of the pillow is a subtle yet playful addition to this couch.

A blue colored wall with sky blue colored couch

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5. Geometric Designed Blue And White Pillows On A Blue Sofa

In this contemporary room, throw pillows tie things together. The triangular pattern of the fabric matches the angular shapes in the door of the sideboard. The white of the pillows plays with the white in the coffee table and other accessories in the room.

A blue colored living room with blue hallway with blue couch

Throw Pillows for a Blue Couch: Other Options

Blue is a generous color. It matches many other shades and gives home designers room to play. These sofa and pillow combinations think beyond the blues.

1. Soft Beige Patterned Throw Pillows With Pillows To Match The Sofa

Many large sofas come with matching throw pillows. But if your sofa is large, consider adding a few more to break up the color. Here, patterned beige and white pillows accentuate the other gold and tan tones in the room.

A blue couch with blue marble wall with picture hanged on the wall

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2. Rust Colored Throw Pillows For A Teal Sofa

Natural colors naturally look good with turquoise. This velveteen turquoise contemporary sofa finds its mate in rust-colored throw pillows to match the side tables.

A sky blue colored sofa placed near a blue wall

3. Cream Colored Throw Pillows On A Navy Couch

We want to sink into this gorgeous color combination. The cream tufted pillows look both elegant and homey on this fantastic navy velvet sofa. 

A white colored living room with a blue colored couch

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4. Mustard Yellow Pillows With Turquoise Or Teal Shades

Yellow and blue are as natural as the sand and the sea. Here the colors take a tone toward the warm side in mustard and teal. Add a matching lap throw to the combination for harmonious color blending.

A white colored living room with a blue corner couch with throw pillows on top

5. Soft Grey Throw Pillows And A Geometric Accent Pillow For A Blue Sofa

Grey and blue are in the same family. So it makes sense to combine grey throw pillows with a blue sofa. But if you want a bit more, add in a black and white geometric pillow to the mix.

A blue chair with throw pillows on top placed near a beige colored wall

6. Pink Patterned Throw Pillow (And Ottoman) With A Blue Sofa

If you favor a playful look, consider matching an ottoman, and throw pillows in a festive pink. Pinks look great with blues, especially if you're not afraid of color.

A blue colored couch with matching blue walls

7. Yellow And White Pillows On A Blue Sofa

We know yellow and blue are a love match. But why not throw in some white, too? This mix of pillows gives this room a bright, sunny look that welcomes your guests with style.

A blue colored couch with throw pillows and coffee tables on front

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8. Shades Of Grey Pillows On Your Blue Sofa

Every shade of grey looks excellent against the blue. If you can't decide, get one of each. Then pair it with a chunky afghan in yet another shade of grey.

A blue colored sofa with a comfortable blanket and throw pillow placed on top

9. Add Fun Statement Pillows

This royal blue sofa boasts two super fun pillows, along with two neutral pillows. If you love an artsy and eclectic look, find a couple of new pillows to highlight your personality.

A blue colored sofa with white colored walls

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10. Match The Shape Of Your Pillows To Your Sofa

These medium grey pillows blend well with this room's decor. They also are proportional to the sofa in their rectangular shape. Size of your throw pillows can make a difference in what you're trying to say.

A blue colored wall with an abstract designed cabinet and blue couch

11. White And Natural Throw Pillows Highlight A Blue Sofa's Surroundings

Here the pillows were chosen to play off of the room's decor. The natural tones mirror those of the framed pieces on the wall behind as well as the lamp and furniture pieces. The pillows allow the eye to circle the space without stopping on the sofa.

A blue couch placed next to a gray wall with an indoor palm tree on the right

12. Smaller Pillows For A Casual Look

Choose a matching set of smaller pillows to break up the space of a more massive couch and give a room a more casual look.

A blue themed living room with a blue couch and blue trusses and columns

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