Which Throw Pillows Work Best With A Leather Couch? [21 Ideas With Pictures]

If you already know how you want to decorate your living space, a leather couch's versatility is a great thing. You know that no matter what color scheme or theme you plan on using to decorate, your leather couch will match. 

A collage of two leather couch matched with throw pillows, Which Throw Pillows Work Best With A Leather Couch? [21 Ideas With Pictures]

If you don't have a design scheme chosen already, though, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the many available options. Throw pillows are a great way to remedy this issue. Whether you want to be able to change your couch's look regularly or you want to experiment with different designs, throw pillows are an easy way to give your space a whole new look with little effort. Need some ideas to get started? We have compiled 21 different designs that you are sure to love! 

1. Contrasting Neutrals 

Modern living room decorate with brown leather furniture 3d rendering image.There are large window overlooking to nature and forest

Neutral colors are a great way to make your space look clean and neat. If you still want to add a pop of color that will attract the eye, you can use throw pillows in a neutral hue that contrasts with the color of your couch. Is your leather couch white or light grey? You can still recreate this look by reversing the colors. Use throw pillows that are black or dark grey! 

2. Geometric Patterns

Modern interior of living room with brown leather corner sofa, coffee table,floor lamp


Throw pillows have a functional purpose, of course, but they can also be works of art. Make your living room look like a museum with pillows in geometric patterns. Choose pillows of the same color with different designs or pair some patterned pillows with matching solid pillows. Either way, your leather sofa will look like an art piece. 

3. A Touch of Nature 

Interior of living room with brown leather sofa against a green wall

Bring a bit of the outdoors in with nature prints. This green leaf print with matching solid-color pillows will give your space a feeling of zen. If you are going for a coastal look, look shell prints with light blue pillows. Is hunting a favorite past-time in your household? A deer print with black pillows will look sleek and pay homage to your favorite hobby. 

4. Jewel Tones 

Modern living room interior with brick wall blank wall, leather brown sofa, green lounge chair, table, wooden wall and floor, plants, carpet, hidden lighting

Elegance and royalty come to mind with pillows in jewel tones. Add in or replace the lighter color with a deep purple pillow, and your living space will be fit for a king or queen. Jewel tones also provide a pop of color that is an alternative to brighter hues. 

5. Modern White 

White sofa with set of coffee tables, a floor lamp and pillows. Interior is white, brightly lit with ornate carpet. Concrete industrial floor and a white wall behing

If your leather sofa is white, you can buy white throw pillows to create a chic and modern space. Add some furniture pieces with black accents to create a truly sophisticated and clean look. 

6. Marvelously Matching

Modern loft living room with black and white.There are polished concrete floor,black wall and black wood ceiling furnished with brown leather furniture

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using throw pillows in the same color as the couch you are adorning. Matching pillows will make your space look cohesive. You can still add some color to the room with other pieces, but keeping your couch all one color will ensure that it will be the focal point of the room. 

7. Go Wild!

White leather couch with zebra-printed throw pillow case

Create an edgy living space by decorating your leather couch with animal print pillows. Animals prints always seem to be "in," so if you are looking to create a stylish living room, animal print pillows are the way to go! These zebra stripe pillows with matching rug make this white leather sofa genuinely stunning!

8. Coordinating Floral 

Leather sofa, floral paintings on the blue wall and flower in the vase in a living room interior

Speaking of trends, you can never go wrong with floral. Create a figurative garden with an array of different floral prints or choose a more put-together look by pairing one floral print with a matching solid color. Either way, floral pillows will give your leather couch some color while giving your space the feel of spring any time of the year. 

9. Color and Pattern Mashup

White sofa close-up in room on blue background

Make your leather couch a focal point by using multiple patterns and colors. You can choose different designs in the same color or different colors in the same pattern to create a cohesive but exciting look. Combine a little of both for an even more unique and fun look! 

10. Fairy Tale Elegance

Royal sofa with pillows and chandelier in luxurious interior

This sofa looks like it was taken off of the pages of a fairy tale, but you can easily re-create this look in your own home. Opt for pillows in luxurious fabrics, such as satin. Add in some pillows adorned with 3D roses, gems, or glitter to add even more glam. Ruffled couch cushions are entirely optional! 

11. Fun and Colorful 

Big comfortable leather couch

Pillows with a solid background and fun, colorful pattern are a great option if you are looking to bring some color to your space without being too over-the-top. If you are using a pattern in your living space, you can tie that pattern into your couch with pillows. If your space is a solid color, you can choose any pattern that catches your eye. 

12. Go Bright or Go Home 

Minimalist lounge with colorful throw pillow

Nothing lights up a room or gives space a personality quite like bright, bold colors. Choose pillows in bright shades to help your couch stand out and be the star of your living space. Be mindful of the color of your room if you choose this option. You will want to make sure that your pillows complement and not clash with the color of the walls. 

13. Brightly Neutral

Modern interior design. White living room with sofa and bookcase

Choose a few bright-colored pillows and pair them with a neutral color to get a balanced color scheme. This option works well if the color scheme of your living space has more than one color in it that you want to mirror on your sofa. A neutral pillow, in this instance, will help you achieve a symmetrical look. 

14. Patterns of Black and White 

Pillows on the black couch

Your black leather sofa will look sleek and refined with white pillows bearing a black pattern. You can find a pattern that lets your personality shine while being sure that your couch is cohesive and well put together. 

15. Touch of Fall 

Modern furniture with fall theme throw pillow

One of the most fun things about throw pillows is that you can create new looks whenever you want just by buying new pillows. Dress your couch up for fall with pillows that feature leaf or pumpkin patterns. You can showcase these patterns on their own or add some matching pillows in sold colors. The possibilities are endless. 

16. Complementary Colors 

Closeup of two blue and orange pillows on couch or sofa by bright window in modern apartment, house or home with staging of large beige, neutral white colors

Remember that color wheel you learned about in elementary school? You choose a color, and the one that is directly opposite of it on the wheel is that color's complementary color. This knowledge comes in handy when you want to use different colors, but you want to be sure that they match. If you have a particular color scheme in your living space, find yourself some pillows in a complementary color to add a bit of variety! 

17. Colorful, Intricate Design 

Two pillows and power charger in electric extension, indoor closeup

Breathe some life into a plain space with pillows that are designed with intricate and colorful patterns. These mandala-like pillows are interesting to look at and add color to an otherwise dark couch. 

18. Symmetry Remixed 

Brown leather sofa with graphic pattern pillow in elegant living room interior by the window. Modern stylish interior

Humans love symmetry. It gives us a feeling of order that we find soothing. Create the illusion of symmetry by re-creating this look. Make sure each end of the couch and the same number of pillows and each pillow has a "match" on the other end. It can be the same shape, pattern, or color. This is a great way to give your space comforting order while still being visually interesting. 

19. One Color, Two Shades 

Plant next to leather couch with pink pillow in white flat interior with lamp above table

A simple but very effective way to stick with your color scheme and still create an interesting look is to use different shades of a single color. Having walls of a certain color or wanting to use a certain color in your design does not mean that you are limited to that particular color. Choose throw pillows in various shades of one color to create depth while also staying true to your color scheme. 

20. Change of Shape 

Mock up Black Leather sofa in Modern Living room, interior design

Color and pattern are two elements that seem to come up so often in design. If you want to create an interesting look for your couch, play with color and pattern to find a combination that you love. But what about shape? Choosing throw pillows with different shapes will not only give your design a pleasing look, but those pillows also have a variety of purposes. A bolster pillow, for example, offers variety while also giving more back support while you are enjoying your couch. 

21. Celebrate the Holidays 

beautiful location with a decorative fireplace and gifts under the Christmas tree and a leather chair with pillows in the room

When the holidays come around, everyday home decor takes a backseat to festive alternatives. If you find yourself transforming your home to match the holiday spirit, don't forget about your couch. From understated and elegant to fun and fanciful, holiday-themed throw pillows can be found everywhere. Grab the ones that best match your holiday theme and enjoy the holidays from your festively decorated couch. 

Whether you've found one or two ideas on this list that you love, or you want to try them all, you can be sure that your leather couch will be the star of your living room! Feeling inspired to decorate the rest of your space to match your new couch design? Check out our wall decor suggestions here: https://homedecorbliss.com/decorate-large-wall-living-room/

If you're still in the shopping phase, it can be difficult to determine which leather couch is best for you. Let us help with our guide for choosing the correct leather couch color for your space: 


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