11 of the Best Tiles for a Living Room Floor

Choosing a tile floor for your living room doesn't have to be intimidating. There are several tile options to consider that vary by size, color, texture, and pattern. But which one works best for the living room? We researched this topic, and in this post, we will answer this for you.

Here are the best types of tiles for a living room floor:

  • Terrazzo Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Engineered Hardwood Tiles
  • Slate Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • Vitrified Tiles
  • Plastic Laminate Tiles
  • Linoleum Tiles
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Sandstone Tiles

Finding tile floors that will compliment your current living room decor and your personal style may take some planning. It's important to consider your overall layout, location, and spacing options within the living room. Continue reading to learn about put some of the best tiles that you can use to decorate your living room floors.

Beautiful Interior design with a jungle printed feature wall, black and white checker tiles and decorative tropical plants, 11 of the Best Tiles for a Living Room Floor

Best Tiles For Living Room Floor

Interior of stylish panoramic living room with grey walls, tiled floor, beige sofa standing near round, 11 of the Best Tiles for a Living Room Floor

Terrazzo Tiles

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Terrazzo tiles are formed from a mixture of different materials, including quartz, granite, and marble. Some may also contain glass and other materials, making this particular tile very versatile.

These tiles work great for living room areas as they are highly durable and don't take much cleaning to maintain a clean and fresh appearance. They are great at hiding stains and can go with several different types of decor. Whether you're going with a modern or a more earthy or homestyle look, these easy-to-install tiles are worth considering.

terrazzo flooring texture polished stone pattern for flooring

Ceramic Tiles

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Ceramic tiles are made from quarried clay and can be prepared by molding them into various shapes. You can purchase these tiles polished or unpolished or with glaze. The great thing about adding ceramic tiles to your living room is that they are one of the least expensive tile and options available, and they are fairly easy to maintain and install.

Laying floor tile on living room with a ceramic

Engineered Hardwood Tiles

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If you prefer the look of hardwood in your living room, engineered hardwood tiles are a great way to go. They are easier to install, very durable, and don't take much effort to keep clean. These tiles can tolerate high humidity levels and have great water resistance.

You can also find them available in several designs, colors, and styles. If you have a living room with different colors and styles, these versatile tiles can work great to help blend everything and improve cohesiveness.

Slate Tiles

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If you are looking for more of a contemporary feel in your living room, consider slate tiles. These tiles are naturally slip-resistant and work well for high-traffic areas. They're available in different designs and color patterns, making it easy to find a pattern that will work well for your decor. They're very durable and can easily be maintained with weekly cleaning and mopping.

Slate tile ceramic, seamless texture square light gray map

Porcelain Tiles

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For the most part, porcelain tiles are a bit heavier and less porous than ceramic tiles. You'll find that these tiles have higher water resistance and are generally more durable than ceramic tiles. If you're searching for living room tiles that can stand up well to heavy traffic, these are the tiles to do the job. You can also find ceramic tile patterns that can replicate the look of hardwood, granite, or marble tiles.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

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The biggest benefit of luxury vinyl tiles is their water resistance. This can be especially advantageous if you have a living room that is the common area for leisure activities or visiting guests. Luxury vinyl tile comes in several patterns that can replicate the look of hardwood, marble, or natural stone.

engineered Vinyl plank flooring

While these tiles may be slightly more expensive than ceramic tiles, they're definitely worth it, as they can be maintained rather easily and are long-lasting. You can purchase these tiles as planks, pre-glued strips, or square tiles.

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Vitrified Tiles

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Vitrified tiles are suitable for any room but can work exceptionally well in the living room as they are highly durable. These tiles have a scratch-resistant polish that makes them perfect for high-traffic areas. Not only are they stain resistant, but they are easy to keep clean. They're available in multiple colors and are considerably inexpensive, considering their durability. They're also easy to install and can make for an interesting and modern-looking living room.

Plastic Laminate Tiles

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This tile flooring option is perfect for remodeling projects, as it is easy to install and moderately priced. If you're looking for tiles for your living room that are easy to clean and durable, here's the choice for you. This contemporary tile is available in several styles, colors, and shapes. There are also water-resistant options available if you have a living room that sees a lot of traffic during the week.

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Linoleum Tiles

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Linoleum tiles are also another easy-to-maintain living room flooring option. The great thing about these tiles is their natural ability to repel dust and dirt and inhibit the spread and growth of microorganisms. Linoleum tile is long-lasting and available in several style options to go with any living room decor.

Mosaic Tiles

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If you prefer to mix things up in your living room, consider going with mosaic tiles. These tiny multicolored tiles are made from a mixture of ceramic material, natural stone, porcelain, or glass. Though they are commonly used in bathrooms, they can add color and character to your living room--not to mention they require little effort to clean and maintain.

Sandstone Tiles

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Prefer something with more of a rustic feel? If so, sandstone tile may be the way to go. These tiles are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and colors. They are also perfect for living rooms that have eclectic decor or neutral color schemes. You'll find that sandstone tiles are moderately priced, and maintaining them isn't as difficult as it may be with other stone tiles. They're also good at hiding stains and dirt and can give your living room an earthy and natural appeal.

Is Tile Flooring Good For A Living Room?

Tile can make for an exceptional flooring option in the living room. Not only is it very aesthetically pleasing, but it's also easy to clean and maintain. Other floor tiles such as wood and carpet can require more maintenance to stay looking their best. Tile flooring, on the other hand, can be easily be cleaned with weekly sweeping and mopping.

It's also available in various patterns, colors, and designs that can work with any home decor. Whether you're looking for something neutral or something to disguise stains in high traffic areas, tile is definitely worth considering.

What Color Should Tiles In A Living Room Be?

Living room interior with large leather ottoman

The most common colors for living room tiles include cream, beige, and sand, but it really depends on the look you're going for. Porcelain and ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors. The best way to determine the color will work best for your living room is to consider the color of the room's furniture and walls.

Should Floor Tiles Be Darker Than The Walls?

If you're looking to make the room look smaller, tiles that are darker than the walls can help accomplish this. However, if you prefer to create the illusion of a spacious room, lighter tiles will always prevail. Pastel and cream-colored tiles can not only help to add an interesting contrast to walls that may be dark, but they can also open up your room to make it more appealing. So to say, it really depends on the look that you are going for in the room.

What Color Grout Is Easiest To Clean?

Darker grout isn't necessarily easier to clean as it is better at hiding stains. If you have a room that sees heavy traffic daily or weekly, a darker grout can help reduce the amount of cleaning needed to keep the floor looking its best. However, if you use a quality grout sealer, it can definitely help to reduce the amount of cleaning needed to maintain the grout.

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Wrapping Things Up

Beautiful Interior design with a jungle printed feature wall, black and white checker tiles and decorative tropical plants, 11 of the Best Tiles for a Living Room Floor

Whether you are remodeling your home or purchasing a new home, tile floors can make for a great living room option. Before deciding what type of tile to go with, it helps to consider other room elements, such as wall tones, natural light availability, and furniture color.

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Which color floor tiles are best for living room?

Brown, beige, grey, and amber are the most popular choices for living room floor tiles. Ensure that you choose colors that complement the design of your furnishings. It helps to create some consistency in your space.

What is the best tile for living room: ceramic or porcelain?

Ceramic tiles are more suitable for areas with moderate traffic, such as home flooring, while porcelain tiles are more durable and transparent, making them a better choice for both commercial and residential use.

Should I use big or small tiles in my living room?

Large tiles create an illusion of a more spacious and roomy area, while small tiles can make a room feel smaller. Larger tiles also result in fewer grout lines, which can enhance the overall aesthetic and neatness of the space.

What floor tiles make a room look bigger?

Light-colored tiles, such as whites or creams, can create a sense of openness by allowing more light to enter the space. Lighter colors also give a less cluttered appearance compared to dark colors, further enhancing the perceived size of the room.

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