10 Of The Best Tools For Cutting Carpet

One of the most important tools you need for installing carpet is a knife to cut it with. This tool, often referred to as a carpet knife, will be used frequently during your project. Making sure you have a good quality blade will make your work easier for you. With so many different types of cutting devices, finding the perfect one can be difficult. We've scoured the internet and found the greatest instruments for cutting carpet.

Best carpet cutting tools:

  1. BIBURY Heavy Duty Utility Knife
  2. Dewalt Retractable Utility Knife
  3. Kobalt Folding Utility Knife
  4. Stanley Carpet Knife
  5. Robert's Carpet Knife
  6. CHILI Linoleum Knife
  7. CANARY Carpet Cutting Scissors
  8. C.JET Soft Grip Heavy Duty Multipurpose Scissors
  9. Stalwart Cordless Power Scissors
  10. WORX ZipSnip Cutting Tool

Let's take a look at how these knives work and what makes a good carpet knife.

A carpet installer using a cutter to trim the carpet in the living room, 10 Of The Best Tools For Cutting Carpet

Quality Carpet Knife Traits

Having a nicely made knife can protect you from unexpected injuries, improve the quality of cuts, and make cutting carpet easier. Since carpet tends to be cut in high quantities, you'll want to make sure you have a tool that will work well for long periods of time. A good blade will:

  • Have a sharp and durable edge.
  • Have a durable handle.
  • Be easy to use.
  • Be comfortable to hold for long periods.

At the very minimum, your carpet cutting tool should have a sharp blade and be made well enough that it can cut for long periods of time. The blade must be both sharp and strong. This will help you make cleaner cuts without as much fraying. Having a well-made handle is also a necessity. If you have a flimsy handle, it could potentially break and cause injuries.

A carpet installer measuring the carpet and using a cutter to trim it

Having an easy-to-use blade that is also comfortable to hold are some other features you should be looking for. Some common issues to be on the lookout for are difficult-to-change blades or blades that get stuck. While the knife will still work, those kinds of problems can make it more difficult to work with.

Recommended Tools

There are a lot of tools to pick from when it comes to carpet cutting. Let's take a more in-depth look at some of the best options for this job.


Retractable knives have blades that slide in and out of the handle. This allows for greater control of the depth of the cut. It is also a good way to store the blade safely.

Dewalt Retractable Utility Knife

The Dewalt retractable knife is a straightforward tool. The blades are easy to change because of the rapid load system it was designed with. Once the blade is fully extended, you'll push the button near the blade and remove them. There is also storage space in the handle for quick access to a new blade.

Check out DeWalt's retractable utility knife on Amazon.

Stanley Carpet Knife

The Stanley carpet knife has a simple design. It features an angled handle to keep your hand above the items you're cutting. It also swivels open. Once your handle is opened, you can change blades out or store them inside.

Check out the Stanley carpet knife on Amazon.


A folding carpet knife is designed like a pocket knife. The blade folds in and out of the handle with a mechanism to lock it in place. The compact design makes these tools easier to transport.

Kobalt Folding Utility Knife

The Kobalt folding knife can be slightly tricky to use at first. Once you can easily locate the trigger to open and close the knife, it's easy to use. Changing the blades is also straightforward. Push a small lever, and your blade will come right out.

Check out this Kobalt folding utility knife on Amazon.

BIBURY Utility Knife

The BIBURY utility knife has gone through three different redesigns. This generation of knives has a more comfortable handle design and is more durable overall. A metal button opens the blade on the handle. You can change blades with a similar button on the fully opened knife.

Check out this BIBURY utility knife on Amazon.

Fixed Blade

These carpet cutters feature a blade that doesn't retract. Knives designed in this way can be more durable because there won't be many moving pieces that can break down. However, these knives can be dangerous to transport. Make sure you have a proper cover for your blade.

Roberts Carpet Knife

Roberts carpet knife has an aluminum handle with internal storage for extra blades. It also has a slip-resistant grip because of the bumpy design on the handle. To change the blades on this carpet knife, you turn the knob with the stem.

Check out Robert's razor blade carpet knife on Amazon.

CHILI Linoleum Knife

Linoleum knives are designed to cut sheet materials like linoleum and wood paneling. However, linoleum knives can also be used to cut carpet. While you will need a couple of additional tools, like a knee kicker, these knives are worth it. The CHILI linoleum knife has an ergonomic, non-sticky handle with a hole for easy storage.

For installation information, check out: How To Lay Carpet Without A Knee Kicker.

Check out this CHILI linoleum knife on Amazon.


Scissors are another great option for cutting a carpet. These tools are generally used just like a regular pair of scissors. Most carpet scissors will have angled blades which makes it easier to cut your materials.

Canary Cutting Scissors

Canary cutting scissors are made out of stainless steel. The blades used with these scissors are 3.5 millimeters thick. This gives them the strength to cut through things like carpet, artificial turf, and vinyl. 

Check out Canary cutting scissors on Amazon.

C.JET TOOL Soft Grip Cutting Scissors

The C.JET TOOL cutting scissors have an adjustable range. You can lock your scissors closed or switch between the small and large range options. This gives you greater control and can make cutting easier. These scissors are multipurpose and can even be used as a wire cutter. This particular design has serrated blades, which should help prevent the blades from slipping when cutting.

Check out C.JET TOOL Soft grip scissors on Amazon.


Electric carpet cutters can shorten the amount of time you have to cut carpet. These types of scissors frequently have rechargeable batteries. This gives you the same mobility you would have with carpet knives or scissors.

Stalwart Power Scissors

These power scissors have a large handle. This handle holds the battery and some operational buttons. The cutting area looks like scissors that have been stuck slightly open. The blades can be removed by pushing a button on the handle. Stalwart scissors come with two different kinds of blades. The first is for soft materials like fabrics. The second is for harder materials like carpets.

Check out Stalwart automatic scissors on Amazon.

WORX ZipSnip Cutting Tool

The WORX ZipSnip is an electric cutter with a circular blade. This cutting tool has a rechargeable battery, so no need to worry about a cord. Unlike other knives, this particular tool has an automatic sharpening system. The ZipSnip can cut material up to 1/4" in thickness.

Check out WORX electric cutting tool on Amazon.

Which side do you cut a carpet on?

It's best to cut a carpet on the back. The backside is easier to work with because it's flat and doesn't have any loose material to get in the way of your cuts. You can also make markings to help make the correct sized cuts.

How do you cut carpet so it doesn't fray?

To avoid fraying carpet when cutting, it's best to work slowly. Rushing can cause you to make a mistake. If you work more deliberately, you'll have more control and will be more likely to have a better cut carpet.

If your carpet does fray, there are a few tricks to fixing it up. Trim down any frays with sharp scissors or your carpet knife. Binding your carpet edges with heat or a carpet binder can also prevent fraying.

For more information on frayed carpet solutions, check out: How To Keep Carpet Edges From Fraying? [6 Methods]

Will a Stanley knife cut carpet?

A Stanley knife is a workplace utility knife with a retractable or folding knife. Stanely is a popular brand of blade. Its popularity is what's made it so synonymous with the utility knife. On top of utility knives, Stanley has also created saws and carpet knives.

Both Stanley carpet and utility knives are good choices for cutting a carpet.

Check out this Stanley retractable carpet knife on Amazon.

How do you cut carpet for disposal?

When disposing of carpet, it's best to cut strips between three and four feet in length. This makes rolling and transporting the carpet much easier. Then you can roll it up and secure it. From there, you can either throw it away with your regular trash or recycle it. Recycling carpet varies by location and type of carpet. Contact your local waste collector to get the best information on how to dispose of your old carpet.

In Closing

There are a plethora of great tools for cutting carpets. When searching for a carpet cutting tool, be on the lookout for a sharp and durable blade. It should also have a durable handle. You may also want to try different types of knives. Carpet scissors and electric scissors are also viable options for this type of job.

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