What Color Towels For A Beige Bathroom? [6 Great Ideas!]

Do you need to pick new towels for your beige bathroom and have no idea where to start? Well, we’ve done plenty of digging and have a few ideas to share. Let’s get into them.

Spa setting decorated with green leave towel and white stone, What Color Towels For A Beige Bathroom? [6 Great Ideas!]

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If you have a beige bathroom, there are plenty of towel colors to try. Top choices include white, gray, brown, blue, green, and even pink.

Beige walls allow for more creativity with towels and bath accessories, so feel free to have fun decorating. Keep reading for more tips!

How Do You Decorate A Beige Bathroom?

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Adding color to a beige bathroom is easier than you think. First, determine whether the beige tones in your space are warm or cool.

This will help you choose colors for your towels, bath mats, art, and other decor. Typically, beige, a neutral hue, looks good with just about anything.

That can come in handy if you prefer a more vivid bathroom aesthetic. However, beige will also look nice with soft/neutral colors like white, grey, and brown.

Furthermore, beige walls already look more welcoming than bright white or grey walls, so getting your bathroom cozy shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Towel Colors For A Beige Bathroom

Natural cosmetic product display bathroom interior background in farmhouse style

1. White

Our first suggestion for beige bathroom towels is a simple white option. White towels symbolize a clean and fresh space, which is perfect for the bathroom.

Additionally, using white accents throughout a beige space can help modernize it, which is great for anyone remodeling. Again, this isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, but it will look pleasant.

Luxury White Bath Towel Set

This towel set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths that are 100% combed cotton, premium quality, and come in a few color options.

2. Grey

Grey towels in a beige bathroom

Next, we have a grey towel idea for a beige bathroom. Like white towels, using grey tones in your space will help modernize it.

Furthermore, grey is better at hiding stains and everyday wear and tear, making it the perfect alternative to bright white towels.

Resort Collection Soft Grey Bath Towel Set

This grey towel set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. It’s 100% cotton, premium quality, and has a two-year warranty.

3. Brown

A brown towel folded on the bathtub

Another idea for beige bathrooms is using rich brown towels. Brown tends to have a warm undertone, so this can complement a warmer beige wall or cabinet.

This idea is also good for anyone wanting a more classic bathroom aesthetic, as brown tends not to be as modern as grey or white.

Utopia Towels Dark Brown Towel Set

This towel set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. It is made of spun cotton, which is ultra-durable and has a double-stitched hem finish.

4. Blue

A blue towel hanged on a towel rack

Here, we have a blue and beige bathroom idea with an ocean feel. Blue and beige typically work well to create a nautical aesthetic, so this may be an idea to consider if that’s what you’re after.

Furthermore, blue can also give your beige bathroom a lighter, brighter feel, which is great for smaller spaces.

Nautica Home 6 Piece Towel Set

This set of towels includes two towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. It’s made of 100% terry cotton and promises maximum absorbency. The towels also come in a chevron pattern.

5. Green

A folded towel on a towel rack inside a beige bathroom

Following a colorful theme, we have a green towel idea for beige bathrooms. Although green and beige aren’t the first color combination that comes to mind, they can work nicely together in one space.

Here, you can see how these softer jade towels bring out the cooler tones in the beige wall, giving the bathroom a modern flare.

However, you can also use a deeper, richer green towel set to bring out the warm undertones in a beige wall/cabinet, perfect for any style.

American Soft Bath Towels

This set of towels includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. They are made from soft cotton and promise to be gentle on the skin. The towels are available in various color/bundle options.


A folded pink towel on a bathtub

Lastly, we have another fun towel color idea for a beige bathroom—pink! Using pink towels in the bathroom can work nicely, especially for those wanting something chic.

Typically, the warmer undertones in blush pink towels will help pull the warm undertones from beige walls and decor. That can make your home feel cozier and “livable,” which you always want to achieve.

COZYART Pink Bathroom Towels

This pink towel set includes six pieces, is made of premium Turkish cotton, has a double-stitched hem, promises to dry you off quickly, and comes in various colors.

Is Beige A Good Color For Bathroom Walls?

Yes! Beige wall paint is a great choice for your bathroom. Its neutral tone is easy to work with and perfect for any style.

Pair beige with white, gray, blue, or green accents for a modern look. Or, if you want a more traditional vibe, go with deeper tones like brown.

Beige is super versatile and works with any design, making it a favorite for many homeowners.

What Color Bathroom Cabinets For Beige Walls?

If you have beige walls, go for simple cabinet colors. White, light wood, and gray work well with beige.

Again, when working with beige, you want to follow a neutral design palette, which applies to your cabinets and fixtures. Deeper wood tones can also work, giving a more traditional vibe.

Should Bathroom Cabinets Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

Although there isn’t a set rule, having your bathroom cabinets be darker than the walls is generally best. Of course, this won’t be hard to accomplish if you have a beige bathroom.

When designing a bathroom, you want to ensure your space feels as big and open as possible. If you have warmer beige walls, try to spice things up with a light grey or even white cabinet color.

Although this doesn’t follow the darker cabinet guidelines, it can help brighten your bathroom. Lighter wood cabinetry also works, staying slightly darker than the walls while adding warmth.

Do All Towels In A Bathroom Need To Match?

Bathroom Shelves Towels

No, not all towels in a bathroom need to match. Mixing multi-tone and patterned towels is very trendy.

However, we recommend finding similar undertones to avoid a chaotic look.

For example, brown, blue, and beige towels in a beige bathroom work well. The warm tones of beige and brown complement each other, while blue adds a bright contrast.

Again, there isn’t one way to do this, so everyone’s bathroom will be different.

Is It Better To Buy A Towel Set?

Buying a set of bath towels is usually easier and cheaper. A 6-8 piece set can save you money and create a cohesive look.

Buying towels together also ensures they have the same texture and material. Even if you prefer a mix-and-match design, plenty of multi-color towel sets are available.

Oakville Beige-Striped 100% Cotton Velour Towel Set

This set of patterned towels is made of 100% cotton material, comes with six towels, premium quality, promises to be extra soft, and comes in a few color options.

To Wrap It All Up

interior of modern bathroom with toilet bowl near rack with cosmetics, towels, toilet paper, laundry basket, palm tree and toilet brush

Whether you want to redo your current bathroom or move into a new home, figuring out a color scheme can be tricky.

From what we found, beige bathrooms will look good with white, grey, brown, blue, green, and even pink towels.

Regardless of color, the first thing you want to do in your space is to find the undertone. This helps in choosing other colors to accessorize with.

Your bathroom needs to reflect your style, so have fun with your towels (or keep it simple; we don’t judge).

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