Travel-Themed Bedroom Inspiration (20+ Ideas from Around the Globe)

The adventure of travel is a common theme in decorating. The bedroom is the perfect place to incorporate this decorating motif. Below are some travel inspired bedrooms to bring you inspiration in your search for the relaxing room of your dreams!

Travel-Themed Bedroom Inspiration (20+ Ideas from Around the Globe)

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Image of new design bedroom with king size bed

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Modern black'n'white bedroom.
Bedroom with a canopy bed inside a palm thatch-roofed house at the Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore of O'ahu island in Hawaii, United States
Spacious travel-themed bedroom with chalkboard wall, plant, books and toy car
Detail shot of white theme bedroom with golden dotted pillow, white headboard and world map picture

Explore the World

Nothing sparks a sense of adventure like a map of the world. This bedroom is decorated simply with pale bed linens, leaving the mural as the main focus of attention.

If you are going to have a map on your wall to inspire the travel and adventure, then one from National Geographic is the one to get.  This wall size mural will cover a large wall and is just right to help you reproduce the look above.

Get Packed - Use Suitcases as Decor Items

This little bedroom looks like a room on a steamer ship with its giant wall map and stack of luggage sitting at the foot of the twin bed. This is a wonderful room for the teen that can't wait to explore the wide-open world.

These delightful vintage suitcases from Vintiquewise are just the ticket for adding a travel-inspired flair to any room. The distressed patina of the luggage conveys a sense of age and use by a seasoned traveler.

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Travel-to-Paris Bedroom Decor

Paris, the city of love and romance, is represented in this chic black and white bedroom. A striped console as a headboard provides supports for a lamp in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, and a string of fairy light mimics the lights of the city.

Here is the very mural that sets the scene in this Paris inspired bedroom. Ussore offers this romantic adjustable peel and stick mural to help you to create this look.

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This delightful Eiffel Tower lamp from Urban Shop is the finishing touch to help you add a touch of Paris to any bedroom.

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Travel-to-Japan Bedroom Decor

Japanese design is simple and evokes a sense of calm nature. A platform bed is the sole piece of furniture. It is framed by a soft mural drawing of the Japanese countryside. The expansive windows take advantage of the natural setting and allow plenty of light to enter the room without artificial additions.

A simple platform bed is the foundation of any Japanese bedroom decor. Add a delicate mural to the wall behind the bed, and leave the windows bare to capture the essence of the peaceful room above.

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Travel-to-China Bedroom Decor

This stunningly sensuous bedroom has the feel of visiting traditional China due to the contrast of the black wooden screen and the rich red and gold bedding and accents.

Oriental Furniture offers the perfect Chinese inspired screen for you to use as the backdrop for your sumptuous bedroom set up.

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Add this incredible Chinese Wedding Bedding Duvet Set to your bed to complete the look! The rich reds with gold embroidery perfectly capture the opulence in the room above.

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Travel-to-Africa Bedroom Decor

Channell a sense of going on safari in the wilds of Africa with a simple cream and gold dressed bed that is topped with a gorgeous picture of a giraffe galloping through the grass.

TANDA's warm silhouette of the African savannah as the sun sets is the perfect crown to a bed like the one above.

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Travel-West Bedroom Decor

This Old West-inspired bedroom is designed to make the owner feel like they are visiting the wild west. Black and white portraits of Native Americans hang above a rustic bed. The bed is dressed with native patterned pillows and a cowhide print throw. The colors in the pillows are reflected in the striped on the drawers of the side table.

Add Old West flair with a cowhide print sherpa throw. The black and white print is a perfect contrast to the vibrant colors in Native American patterns.

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Travel-to-The-Carribeans Bedroom Decor

This bright white room with turquoise trim around the doors and dark wood floors really makes you feel like you are in the tropics. A simple platform bed is dressed in white linens and accented with pillows stamped with sea creatures. The free and easy vibes really show what it is like to escape to the Caribbean!

Onway's collection of throw pillow covers emblazoned with blue sea creatures is the perfect way to recreate the feel of the room above. They are made of durable, easy to wash linen fabric that will hold up for a long time.

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Travel-to-India Bedroom Decor

An intricate and colorful mix of patterns evokes the vibrant culture of India with its rich mix of culture and history. Elegantly colorful blocks for fabric make up the quilt on the bed, which is topped with bright pillows in a mix of patterns. A vintage wooden screen and elegantly ornate light fixture create a juxtaposition that brings together the new and the old, which is India.

This beautiful silk patch authentic Kantha quilt is handmade in India. Use it as the foundation of your India inspired bedroom. Add some colorful throw pillows and a silver lamp to finish off the look.

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Travel-to-New-York Bedroom Decor

Clean and modern, with a stunning view of the New York City skyline, this bedroom instantly transports you to the Big Apple without ever getting on a plane. The loft windowpane mural is the focal point of this room, and the grays and whites evoke a sense of the city.

Bring the fabulous views of the New York City skyline into your bedroom with this set of five canvas photos. Hang them at the head of your bed recreate the feel that you are looking out over the city.

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This bedroom is perfect for the Anglophile in your life. Bring a little bit of Britain to them until they can go there with a giant map of the city and a bed with a Union Jack throw and pillow. This cute and simple bedroom is an easy win for those who love all things British!

This Union Jack flag throw is just what you need to start your London inspired bedroom. Throw this over a light blue bedding set for a perfect pairing.

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We hope you enjoyed this tour around the world! Whether you choose a specific destination or a general travel theme, you can create an awesome bedroom that could just tempt you to stay in bed!

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