15 Tropical Throw Pillows That Will Keep Your Guests Talking

15 Tropical Throw Pillows That Will Keep Your Guests TalkingEver wonder how you can liven up a room without adding tons of unnecessary decoration? These tropical throw pillows are the perfect thing for you.

Thanks to the variety of plants and animals that represent tropical climates, there’s no shortage of design, pattern, or color with these pillows. You can change your space in any way that feels right for you. Whether you’re looking for vibrant colors, soft patterns, intricate designs, or simple shapes, there’s a tropical-themed throw pillow with your name on it.

1. Mugod Hawaiian Tropical Pillowcase

If you’re looking to venture towards vintage, then this Hawaiian themed pillow is the one for you. This throw looks best in a warm-colored room but you can toss it on any solid-colored couch to make your home feel a little more decorative.

Made of cotton, linen, and burlap, this pillow adds a little bit of texture to any space. This product features a double-sided print and a hidden zipper to keep your space clean and kid-friendly.

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2. Lunarable Tropical Pillow

With complementary colors, this vibrant throw pillow is sure to enhance the mood in any colored room. The vertical design creates movement that will draw your eye across a space, helping showcase the rest of your décor!

This pillow is available in a variety of sizes, making it a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor furniture. The spun-polyester fabric will feel soft against the skin, keeping you and your guests smiling.

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3. Fjfz Pineapple Decorative Pillow

Lift the vibe using this pineapple throw-pillow cover. With a friendly phrase and simple yet elegant design, this pillow will make anyone feel at home in your space. The soft white fabric with black and yellow accents would look great in any light-toned room.

With airy fabric, this pillow is sure to stay cool and refreshing on even the hottest days. Made by real artists to keep your aesthetic looking fresh and trendy.

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4. Batmerry Tropical Pillowcase

Made for your modern home, this white and gold leaf-printed design will enrich your space with a little bit of elegance. For anyone who likes an organized and glamorous look, this pillow is a perfect addition to your minimalistic space.

The pillow insert is easily removable for conveniently washing this no-fade fabric, and the hidden zipper makes a perfect pillow for your pet to snuggle up against.

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5. Mika Home Jacquard Pillowcase

Here’s a design that adds a unique style to any simple space you may want to decorate. The texture presents an elegant yet hand-made feel and has a color scheme that would look stunning with any shade of purple, green, or cream.

Made with jacquard fabric, this pillow was loom-woven rather than printed. The edges are over-lock stitched to help prevent any normal wear-and-tear. This pillow is both durable and machine washable.

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6. Asamour Tropical Seashell Pillows

Give your house a little pizzazz with these tropical-printed pillows. The vibrant colors on black fabric help these designs brighten any dark-space. The patterns can work with several styles, from kitschy to retro to modern. Try them on the porch, the kid’s room, or your theater-space.

These pillows are 18in x 18in, the perfect size for chairs, couches, and porch seating. The pattern variety is sure to leave everyone in your home happy with these resilient and breathable pillows.

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7. Redland Art Tropical Decorative Pillow

These pillows will make any space pop with gorgeous pink and yellow tones set behind photo-realistic leaves. This design mixes colors with contrasting and vibrant tones, standing out and making the perfect décor for a beachy vibe.

You can use thicker inserts for fluffier feels! Made with cotton-linen, these pillows are sturdy yet cozy. This pillow is a great decoration that’s sure to start a conversation in your house.

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8. ZUEXT Tropical Palm Tree Print Pillowcases

These intricate and abstract pillows are sure to get people talking about your style. The soft blue, pink, and green colors in these designs can bring a flashy yet comfortable vibe to your space. Thanks to their various patterns, these ones can stand alone or look cohesive in a group!

These pillows feature seams that are stitched with care, creating a durable product that’s capable of surviving any pillow fight. Great for offices, cafes, or any public space.

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9. Simple Awesome Stuff Tropical Pillows

Keep your eyes busy and your head comfortable with these tropical leaf-printed pillows. With the background chevron pattern, this design creates an intricate contrast of organic and geometric shapes, which fits right in with any style.

These pillows are 18in x 18in and a great decoration during any season. These ones are made of cotton and linen for durable comfort that keeps your space looking vibrant and fun.

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10. Simple Awesome Stuff Palm and Exotic Flower Pillows

Here’s a beautiful design that resembles a water-color style of art. With beautiful blues and purples that bleed together, this pillow would look great in any cool-colored room. Keep the theme looking exotic with these stunning tropical throws that are sure to make your home feel more welcoming.

These pillows are double-sided, printed on cotton and linen for a resilient and machine washable fabric. They also have invisible zippers for added comfort!

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11. Jartinle Deliciosa Farmhouse Style Tropical Pillows

Keep your space looking cute with these southern themed pillows. Featuring a cactus and a camper, these designs are unique and relatable, sure to start conversations in your home. The varying designs can be spread across several pieces of furniture, tying the whole room together. The soft colors and artsy designs are perfect for anyone with a tropical and friendly aesthetic. These pillows look best in the summer, but you can use them year-round to protest the cold weather.

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12. VOTENVO Decorative Tropical Outdoor Pillowcases

Keep your space looking clean with these minimalistic plant pillows! Each one features a different plant, and they’re labeled! Both cute and informative, these pillows are great for a small or simple space, adding a little bit of decoration in just the right place. Printing the leaves on a crème colored fabric helps showcase the beautiful contrast of color throughout the leaves, creating a soft composition that adds a comforting touch.

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13. Mugod Tropical Rainforest Cushion

This rainforest themed pillow is sure to look good in any room you have but keep it in the living room or theater area and it won’t be distracting when the lights are off. This one is sure to attract attention when visible, and the rainforest animals will melt your heart. These pillows bring a funky rainforest vibe to your room and feature high-quality yet breathable fabric, sure to stay cool in any temperature room.

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14. Mugod Tropical Cactus Pillows

Want a pillow to match your plant-person aesthetic? This one is perfect for you. Printed in a watercolor style and composed of soft colors, this pillow is sure to look artsy and make your guests feel flowery. Tie together a room with this succulent themed pillow.

This pillow works on couches, beds, day beds, and chairs. Put it on the patio to feel more connected with nature. Machine washable with durable fabric and a hidden zipper to keep your home kid and pet safe!

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15. HGOD DESIGNS Tropical Hibiscus Pillow

Keep things tropical with this toucan-printed pillow! With a outlandish array of colors, this is sure to spice up any space. Great for decorative or exotic parties, this pillow will keep you comfortable and pleased with your decor. This one features birds and flowers all mixed together in a stunning and vibrant pattern. The cover is easily removable for convenient cleaning!

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