How To Turn Off The Night Light On A Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number beds are renowned for their customizable comfort and innovative features, one of which is a night light.

However, there are times when you might prefer to sleep in complete darkness.

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If you are finding the built-in night light a bit bothersome, don't worry. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to turn off the night light on your Sleep Number bed.

Getting Acquainted with Your Sleep Number Bed

Before we embark on the step-by-step guide, it's vital to grasp your Sleep Number bed's structure.

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These beds are equipped with several features for adjustable comfort, including the underbed light, which is designed to provide a soft glow for better nighttime visibility.

However, its operation can be manually controlled for a more tailored sleep experience.

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Guide to Managing the Underbed Light

Here is an easy-to-follow guide to help you manage the underbed light on your Sleep Number bed.

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Step 1: Open the SleepIQ App

The underbed light is controlled using the SleepIQ app, so the first step is to open the app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Navigate to the Bed Menu

Once you open the SleepIQ app, tap on the "Smart Bed" menu located on the bottom of your screen.

Step 3: Access the Underbed Light Settings

After accessing the bed menu, select "Night Light."

You should now see the control settings for the underbed light. You can choose between Off, Low, Medium, or High Settings.

Step 4: Adjust the Underbed Light Settings

In the Night Light control settings, you'll also see an option to adjust the brightness or completely turn off the light.

You can also set a timer by choosing the "Start Timer" option and choosing how long you want it to be set.

You can also set it on auto mode. This means the light will turn on when you get out of bed and will automatically shutoff when you get in bed or will shut off 10 minutes after getting out of bed.

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Step 5: Save Your Preferences

Once you've made the necessary adjustments, don't forget to save your preferences. Your underbed light should now behave according to your desired settings.

Keep in mind that the controls and settings might slightly differ based on your specific Sleep Number bed model.

For instance, according to a note on their support page, the Night Light feature can only be seen on their Legacy Flexfit 3 bed model.

If you're having any difficulties, refer to the user manual for detailed instructions or check their support page.

A Few Helpful Tips for Managing Night Light

  1. Flexibility: SleepIQ app gives you the flexibility to adjust the underbed light as per your needs. You can even set up an automatic shutoff timer for your convenience.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Turning off your underbed light when not needed not only provides a darker sleeping environment but also promotes energy efficiency.
  3. User Manual: Always keep the user manual of your Sleep Number bed handy. It can provide detailed information and troubleshooting help regarding your bed's features and settings.

Make the Night Light Feature Work for You

Sleep Number beds are designed to provide unrivaled comfort and a personalized sleep experience.

While the underbed light is a convenient feature for many, knowing how to control it to your liking is equally crucial.

Remember, every feature of your Sleep Number bed is designed for customization. So, don't shy away from tweaking the settings to match your comfort levels and preferences.

Here's to sweet dreams and peaceful nights!

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