11 TV Cabinet Designs For The Living Room [#8 Is Our Favorite!]

Watching TV in the living room is like breathing air for most of us. Our TV cabinet’s style is often overlooked in the design process but is much more important than one would think. Are you worried your current TV stand or cabinet just isn’t cutting it? Lucky for you, we have done our research and have compiled a list of our top 11 TV cabinet designs that we are dying to share with you. 

Choosing the perfect cabinet or stand for your TV will come down to your taste and style needs. We suggest starting with a simple, modern design and moving up or down from there. Your TV is most likely expensive, so your cabinet needs to protect it.

As you keep reading, we will show you our favorite 11 TV cabinet design ideas and even link a couple of excellent products. There are truly no wrong answers to this cabinet situation, but there are certainly better options. Now let’s find you the perfect TV cabinet!

Interior hipster smart tv and blank picture poster frame, 11 TV Cabinet Designs For The Living Room [#8 Is Our Favorite!]

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1. Modern Floating Cabinets

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Modern living room interior with cabinet

Our first TV display cabinet is a floating modern accented wood option working more as a frame for your TV. Installing your television into your wall is a sturdy and minimally visible option for those wanting to hide any cords that hang from the TV. 

South Shore Floating Wall Mounted Media Console

Here we have a modern white floating TV stand that will add some storage and style to your media area. This floating console has a glossy finish and measures out at 56 inches.

View this item on Amazon here.

2. Simple White/Wood Stand 

Tv cabinet in modern empty room Japanese - zen style,minimal designs.

Next, we have a traditional TV stand that gets the job done and has a modern design. This is an easy way to hide your TV’s cords and cables without having to install your television onto your wall. This cabinet design tends to be on the more affordable side of the bunch and is excellent for small to medium-sized TVs. 

Tangkula Modern White Wooden TV Stand

Here we have a modern and simple TV stand design from the Tangkula brand that will look great in your living room. This stand is intended for a TV 60 inches or less and has cabinets for your cable box and other accessories. View this stand on Amazon here.

3. A Place For Books And Decor

a wall unit in a livingroom with bookshelves and cupboard

Next, we have a bookcase TV cabinet option that checks every box for those needing more storage and who love to read. Choosing a large TV cabinet with extra storage is only going to be beneficial in your space and is great for displaying decor, books, and movies. We suggest this design for small to mid-sized televisions.

4. Sleek Mounted Media Center

North American Condo interior with living room cabinet

Another cool design for your TV cabinet would be a wall-mounted unit that displays art and other decors. This design has an upscale look to it and makes the TV feel like part of the wall without being bulky. Wood is a common material used for TV cabinets and stands due to its strength and timeless look. 

5. Natural Wood Design

Smart TV standing on the wooden console in modern interior with home decor

Here we have a light natural wood TV stand idea that will look great in any room style. This design has a modern yet classic feel to it and even includes some shelving for your cable box or gaming system. The more shelving, the better when it comes to a TV cabinet.

AM Alphamount TV Console Table With Storage

Here we have a similar TV stand from Levan Home that is a natural wood finish and will add just the right amount of texture to your space. This TV stand is equipped to hold a television up to 55 inches and has plenty of cabinet space for your things.

Follow this link back to Amazon to view this item.

6. Using A Backboard

TV screen on the wall with wooden plate above the cabinet in modern living room with green wall, armchair, bookshelf, curtain, plant.

For anyone wanting to spice things up, we have this super clever backboard idea for mounted TVs. This cabinet design uses a matching backboard and console area to make this space feel upscale and contemporary. Sticking with the same material for your stand and other cabinetry is a great detail to look out for in your design process. 

7. Futuristic And Frosted

Living room interior with futuristic and frosted TV cabinet

Next up, we have a super modern cabinet idea for your TV that follows a frosted glass design. This stand is ideal for gamers and anyone needing tons of electronic storage below their mounted or un-mounted television. The white stand and frosted glass display make this a standout piece to pair with any size television. 

8. Entire Wall Coverage

Entire wall coverage TV cabinet

Here we have a luxury TV cabinet idea for anyone with a wall to spare. This design chose to utilize the entire living room wall and included tons of cubby space for art and decor. We like how this space decided to add huge cabinets beside the TV to store any accessories or gaming systems that might look junky if left out. 

9. Low To The Floor

Low to the floor smart TV cabinet

An excellent idea for huge TVs would be a floor cabinet option that gives off a very sleek final look similar to this example. This design is easy to work with and only requires floor space, and can work with both mounted and un-mounted TVs. We suggest trying this idea out with televisions measuring over 65 inches. 

SONOROUS Studio Wood And Glass TV Stand

Here we have a floor-level TV stand from the SONOROUS Studio that will work well with larger and heavier TVs. This stand comes with hidden wheels, making it much easier to move in and out of your space, and measures out to 75 inches.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

10. Steel And Glass

[PIN id=”815433076281158890″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Another more contemporary TV cabinet idea we like would be a steel and glass design like this room has. Choosing to go with an open concept stand is a great way to add some storage and fashion to your TV area. Finding a gold-accented or brushed metal design will look especially great in a modern or elegant living room space.

11. Built-in Fireplace

[PIN id=”572801646364812413″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Last but certainly not least, we have this built-in fireplace TV stand design that makes us want to snuggle up and eat a ton of popcorn. This particular design has been trending in recent years and is great for anyone without a fireplace who wants to enjoy one. Who doesn’t want to sit back and watch the fire without having to lift a finger?

Walker Edison Rustic Wood And Glass Fireplace TV Stand

Here we have a TV stand that comes with a built-in fireplace that will get you feeling extra cozy from the Walker Edison brand. This media console comes in multiple natural finishes, uses LED technology to create a fire-like feeling, and can hold televisions up to 64 inches.

View it on Amazon by clicking here.

Our Final Thoughts

TV cabinets and media spaces have seen a burst in popularity in recent years for plenty of reasons. Choosing a TV stand or cabinet area to display your decor and media accessories is becoming a must in home design and isn’t showing signs of stopping. Your TV cabinet’s design can make or break your room and should be paid attention to in the design process. Whether you want a modern glossy finish or a LED fireplace simulation, the perfect TV stand is waiting for you. No matter your taste or budget, there are plenty of unique designs to try out with your TV in your home.

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