35 Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls [That Can Work For You]

Have you decided to give your bedroom a makeover, but aren’t sure which color combinations to choose? Don’t get overwhelmed-get inspired! Our pictures and design advice will guide you on how to wake up the walls where you fall asleep.

The bedroom should be more than just the place you go to sleep. It should be somewhere that allows you to truly relax and refresh. Nothing reflects this room’s special purpose quite like a color palette that both calms and restores.

Out of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom should look and feel more like “you” than anywhere else. Surrounding yourself with color that comforts and inspires you is key to waking up renewed and ready to take on the day.

Your walls are a blank canvas waiting to be colored with your unique shade. Read on for design ideas and find a color combo that speaks to you! When you’re ready to move forward with your new design plan, make sure you find the best local painter at the best price. Click here for your free quotes from local painters

Navy blue themed modern bedroom interior, 35 Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls [That Can Work For You]

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White Color Combinations

If your walls are already white, you’re in luck! Any color will pair well with white because it’s the most neutral. When it comes to design, this means you can do no wrong. Pick your favorite statement color and go for it!

1. Classic Navy & White

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Calming navy blue and white themed bedroom with wooden bed

The easiest way to add life to your bedroom is by painting one wall a different color. Since the bed is usually the focal point, the wall that the headboard rests against will generally make the best accent wall. An accent color can add depth and complexity to an otherwise basic bedroom.

2. Peaches & Cream

Modern white and orange themed attic bedroom with parquet floor and bookshelf

Take your inspiration from summer sweet fruits and wash a wall in apricot orange. A milky white ceiling, trim, and bedspread give this shade a creamy appearance. Sleeping in this bedroom may even give you tangerine dreams!

3. Va Va Boom

Interior of a bold living room with teal accents matched with gold accent enhancing the deep teal color.

Show how fearless you are with a daring teal accent wall! White will come off clean and crisp against this bold color choice while gold accents will enhance deep teal.

4. Lovely Lavender

A bedroom with a blue-based lavender-colored bedroom paired with white and floral colors

Of course, a blue-based lavender is always a great color choice for a bedroom because it’s a naturally calming shade. Paired with soft white and floral decor, the end result is fresh and feminine.

5. Punchy Purple

Bedroom with a stark white color matched with a punchy pop purple similar to a fuchsia shade.

If most of your bedroom decor is stark white, consider adding a punchy pop of purple like this deep fuchsia shade. A matching wall decal makes this look truly stunning.

Grey Color Combinations

Just like white, grey is a great neutral option that gives you the freedom to pair it with practically any other shade. When choosing a complementary color, just be sure to stay in the same range of warm or cool tones.

6. Tranquil Sage & Misty Grey

Bedroom with a soothing shade of green and mixture of hazy grey color combination

A soothing shade of green is always a great color choice for a bedroom accent wall. Bring the outside in by adding plants that enhance green’s calming effect. Paired with a hazy grey, this color combo conjures up images of slow-rolling clouds and softly filtered sunlight.

A bubble chandelier and framed black and white photo completes the look of effortless elegance. Meanwhile, this puffy bedspread captures the feel of lying in the grass and looking up at the sky on a lazy, summer afternoon.

7. Chic and Sweet

Bedroom with muted millennial pink accent walls with a rose-tinted, ultra-light grey walls

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too . . . in bed? This muted millennial pink accent wall comes off sweet and sophisticated next to the rose-tinted, ultra-light grey walls. A bohemian chic tapestry and eclectic bedside lamps lend a casually cool touch to an already warm and inviting space.

8. Royal Transformation

A bedroom with a royal treatment matching shades of purple creating a relaxing vibe. Walls with a combination of purple and pewter grey walls

All hail the queen of accent walls! Give your bedroom the royal treatment it deserves. This bold shade of purple is as regal as it is relaxing. Wake up ready to rule the world with this combination of purple and pewter grey walls. A paper lantern floor lamp adds a touch of whimsy while ruched pillows lend an “heir” of sophistication. Don’t forget to add oversized initials for the perfect larger-than-life touch!

9. Strike a Pose

A wall painted using painter’s tape inside a bedroom with a mauve color palette combination

Who says your accent wall can’t start in the middle of one? Use painter’s tape to achieve this dual effect. A mauve color palette complements this navy and grey perfectly.

10. Just Hangin’ Out

Modern bedroom with charcoal and light grey walls.

Maybe color isn’t really your thing. You might prefer to keep things simple. You can still pull a great look together with charcoal and light grey walls.

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Beige Color Combinations

Beige is an often overlooked neutral, but an excellent design choice. Because it tends to run warmer, it’s best to pair this color with warm color choices. Keep reading for ways to turn ordinary beige into some extraordinary color combinations.

11. Cabernet Quaint

Bedroom with dark red colored walls. Ceiling paint with a lighter taupe color complimenting the deep wine red wall.

If red is your color, don’t be afraid to go dark and don’t limit yourself to one accent wall. Painting the ceiling a lighter taupe color not only complements this deep wine red but opens the space above the bed. The darker walls gently draw inward, making this bedroom feel cozy and intimate.

12. “Fall” for Your Walls

The bedroom incorporated with a rich shade of auburn

If fall is your favorite season, you can easily incorporate a rich shade of auburn into your bedroom. Rustic beige complements this color well and will deepen the reddish-orange tones of a rusty red. Choosing copper fixtures like these lamps will make them stand out while nightstands in dark wood will work to blend and pull the look together.

13. Decadent Plum

Bedroom with a decadent plum decor. Khaki-colored wall and has a silvery tint

This eggplant purple is drop-dead gorgeous! A khaki wall nearby has a silvery tint to it that enhances the pewter chandelier.

14. Dazzling Detail

A bedroom with greyish beige walls combined with a dusty navy color

This bedroom was designed by someone who knows what they like and isn’t afraid to show it! This greyish beige is classy enough on its own, but when combined with a dusty navy, it transcends elegance. Of course, a bedroom of this caliber would never overlook the details. There’s plenty of metallic and reflective accent pieces for the dripping in crystals chandelier to play off of.

15. Modern Country

Bedroom with modern treasure decor design. Stylish gold accents with farmhouse curtains matching skirts.

You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl! This bedroom is a modern take on a treasured decor style. Stylish gold accents show this country girl has grown up, but farmhouse curtains and a matching skirt show she remembers her roots.

Mauve Color Combinations

Mauve is traditionally a pale purple color with a hint of grey. These days, many colors that have a muted or greyish tinge are commonly referred to as mauve. From fashion to home design, mauve is definitely having a moment! Keep scrolling to see what color combinations we recommend in this popular palette.

16. In the Mood for Mauve?

mauve pink and tender turquoise bedroom with an open frame bed matching the pendant mirror

Nothing sets the mood like smoky mauve pink and tender turquoise. An open frame bed and matching pendant mirrors add a delicate element to this stylish bedroom. Notice the gold stripe near the bottom and how it perfectly matches the fashion-forward, gold nightstands.

17. Understated Elegance

Interior of a bedroom with a rosy mauve color palette theme

This bedroom doesn’t know how amazing it is. Its natural beauty needs minimal makeup in the form of decor. That’s because this rosy mauve is more than enough to make the whole room glow from within.

18. Plush Blush

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Bedroom with a minimal approach to decorating. Blush pink with mauve grey colored walls and matching beddings

This bedroom is an excellent example of a minimalist approach to decorating that still maximizes comfort. Everything about it feels soft and inviting from the fur rug to the flickering candlelight.

Blush pink and a coppery, mauve grey work together to expertly define and blend the warm and cool tones of this magnificent mauve color palette. A spare matching throw casually draped over a decorative basket is not only conveniently placed, but makes for an added decorative detail.

19. Radiant Rose

Rose mauve-themed bedroom against a suede beige wall. A gold wall decoration adds opulence to a luxurious bedroom

Rose mauve takes on new depth against this suede beige. The gold wall decoration adds opulence to an already luxurious bedroom.

20. Sleeping Beauty

mauve colored bedroom with bold shades of teal adding rich softness

Mauves are a great way to evoke fairytale femininity without feeling too flashy. When paired with a bold shade like teal, a lighter colored mauve takes on a rich softness. Floral accents and velvety furniture further enhance this effect.

Purple & Green

Close your eyes and imagine a field of heather against a backdrop of rolling hills. Nature already knows how well purple and green go together. After you see these next photos, so will you!

21. Mint Parfait

Mint and lilac combined together in a bedroom giving off that springtime feel

Mint and lilac will freshen up any bedroom and give it an instant springtime feel!

22. Slice of Lime

Bedroom with a slice of lime color theme. Lime green looking stunningly gorgeous against dark lavender color

This bedroom proves that anyone can be an artist! You don’t need a steady hand to carve out this jagged edge. Lime green looks stunning against dark lavender.

23. Pristine Aquamarine

Bedroom with aqua and indigo color combination. Light aqua-colored door popping off the purple theme

If you prefer deeper shades, go for aqua and indigo. Jazz up plain closet doors with the lighter aqua color to make them really pop off the purple!

24. Carefree Charm

Bedroom with deep teal softness against a lilac counterpart

This bedroom practically begs you to come in and curl up with a good book. Fortunately, a good read can also serve as a charming decoration. Deep teal is softened by its pale lilac counterpart.

25. Lime Zest

Bedroom themed with a lime zest color combined with purple and green

This purple and green palette is playful and pleasing to look at.

Pink Palette Combinations

Pink is as tasteful as it is timeless. It can be ultra-feminine or subtly masculine. Either way, it’s a fun color to play with and when combined with other shades of pink, it can only enhance this color’s bubbly attributes. We’ve got some great ideas for you to incorporate this beloved shade into your bedroom!

26. Effortless

bedroom with a combination of two colors. Bright pink walls and mauve color palette beddings. Chair and a lamp on the nightstand

Painting a bedroom two different colors doesn’t have to be hard. Bold colors are great when you want to make a statement, but what about when you just want to kick off your shoes and curl into bed? You can still achieve a distinctive look without all the fuss. Bringing the ceiling color down the wall allows the room to open up to whatever natural light filters in.

27. Earthy Coral

White and retro coral colored wall matching the wooden bedframe of the bed with white beddings and light brown flooring

Shade blocking is a design technique that mimics a shade line, only with color. You can try this with any shade, but save the darker hue for your shadow color. In this bedroom, the retro coral seems to come forward from the light pink-grey of the walls, making it appear closer. This adds dimension to a smaller room, making it seem larger.

28. Pink & Plants

narrow and long light pink colored bedroom with pattern black and white stripe beddings

Bring the outside in with plants! Greenery goes great against this bubblegum shade.

29. Peek-a-Boo Pink

Bedroom with a circle pink color to the wall. Matching the blue beddings with a minimalist nightstand on the side with a monstera plant on top

This bedroom’s charm is in its quirky accent wall. This is the kind of place where shoes are optional and relaxation is required!

30. The Inner Artist

A huge art canvas on top of the bed header inside a light pink bedroom. A dark framed bed with white beddings

Hanging an art piece that includes the color of the surrounding walls is a great way to make it look like it was professionally decorated. Usually, the accent wall is the darker shade but in this case, the artwork is all the decoration this wall needs. By painting the opposite wall the darker color, it allows the print to really shine. This bedroom is truly a work of art!

Pastel Combinations

Nothing says “spring” quite like a pastel color combination. Since pastels are naturally pale, you want to avoid combining them with vibrant shades. Pair them with neutral greys or whites, or other pastels. No matter what color you choose, a pastel is sure to refresh and impress.

31. Cloudlike

Bedroom with powdery blue colors and a hint of misty grey walls

Gazing at this powdery blue and misty grey before drifting off is sure to set you up for carefree dreams.

32. Sunny Disposition

Bedroom with natural light matched with sunny shades of pastel yellow and paired with pale lilac colors

If your bedroom gets a lot of natural light, why not take advantage and paint the walls a sunny shade of pastel yellow? Paired with pale lilac, this color is sure to help you rise and shine!

33. Spring Fling

a serene bedroom with mint green walls that create a fresh and inviting atmosphere

This bedroom encapsulates everything we love about spring-fresh blooms, crisp white, and lots of natural light!

34. Peach Sorbet

Bedroom paired with pink pastel and creamy whites pitches a perfectly harmonized room

Paired with a pink pastel and creamy whites, this pale peach fits in perfectly. The result is a soft, dreamy ambiance.

35. Peaceful Periwinkle

Interior of a bedroom with gorgeous periwinkle color combination creating an ambient an cozy room with carpeted flooring

Pale periwinkle is perfect for soothing you to sleep. Speaking of decor that both calms and looks great, be sure to check out this post on how to create the perfect peaceful bedroom!

We hope you enjoyed exploring color choices as much as we have and that you’ve found the unique combination to personalize your bedroom.

So, how do you about creating such a gorgeous interior in your bedroom? A DIY project can be lots of fun, but for the best possible result when combining more than one color, a professional painter may be a better idea. Use this form to easily and quickly get quotes from local painters right into your inbox. 

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