11 Awesome Two-Color Combinations For A Living Room

Deciding on the style and decor of your living room is so much fun. If you love a varied color palette, then today's post is for you. We're looking at two-color combinations for the living room. From paint to furnishings to the overall vibe, these dual-tone rooms are outstanding.

When settling on two colors, it's essential to pick shades that work well together and create your desired mood. For soothing rooms with a relaxed vibe, go for two colors that are closely related. For lively rooms that bring the drama, you might think in terms of complementary colors. We've picked out eleven great examples to give you an idea. Hopefully, one will inspire you in the perfect direction for your living room.

Luxurious and rustic inspired living room with wooden cladding on the walls, dangling lamps, and brown tiles, 11 Awesome Two-Color Combinations For A Living Room

1. Blue And White For A Coastal Vibe

If you want to bring a bit of a beach vibe into your living space, considering choosing a medium blue and bright white. This room reminds us of the Greek isles with its bold blue accent wall, white flooring, white sofa, white floating shelves, and blue pillows and ottomans. This look is more for a casual space than a formal living room, but isn't casual the way most of us live now?

A bohemian inspired white living room decorated with plants and beige furnitures

2. Grey And Light Creme For A Modern Feel

A cool blue themed living room incorporated with white and a small indoor plant near the window

In this casual living space, medium grey, creme, and white have been combined for a room that feels fresh. A grey armchair picks up the color in the accent wall behind the bookcases and helps anchor the two sides of the room.

Neutral whites and cremes make up the rest of the color choices in this casual contemporary design. A smattering of house plants contributes to the overall calming feeling of the space.

3. Keep It Calm And Neutral With Brown And Cream

Luxurious and rustic inspired living room with wooden cladding on the walls, dangling lamps, and brown tiles, 11 Awesome Two-Color Combinations For A Living Room

If you love elegant, understated design, then look no further than this gorgeous room. Furniture, flooring, and wall color choices all fall into shades of creme and medium brown. The result is a living space that is comfortable, cozy, and inviting for family and friends.

We love the checkerboard area rug in tones of brown and greige that grounds the design.

4. Grey And Tan For Neutral With An Edge

Rustic inspired living room incorporated with wooden furnitures and beige furnitures and indoor plants spread all over the room

This room takes a fairly neutral palette but somehow manages to give it an edge. Perhaps it's the fun marbled accent wall in grey contrasted with the rectangular checkerboard patterned rug, also in grey. Or maybe it's the mix of house plants with the rattan furniture.

Whatever the reason, this combination of grey and tan manages to be both calming and exciting all at once. Each detail reflects the intention that went into this room.

5. Green And White With Bold Accessories

Cool and lively nature inspired living room with cool colored furnitures and wooden flooring

If fun and vibrant is your vibe, then check out this vivacious living space. A bright peridot green paint color is used with a creamy white to showcase the walls and ceilings. White couches that reflect the ceiling are the basis for the seating arrangement.

Things get fun with the choice of a bold reddish-orange for throw pillows, curtains, and the rug. This color pulls out the same warm tones in the flooring, and the whole room screams style. This look will make a lasting impression.

6. Rose Red And White For A Unique And Cheery Feel

Velvet inspired living room with red throw pillows carpet and a red accent wall with indoor plants

Lovers of color will connect with this delicious space. A rich raspberry pink, almost-red, pairs with soft white for a sunlight-drenched living room. The partial wall between the living and dining space is drenched with rich color, and the rest of the room is painted white.

White ceramic tiles on the floor work with white upholstered pieces and pieces upholstered in fabrics that pick up the pinkish-red. The color theme seems to continue into the dining room beyond.

7. Green And Creamy Ivory For Pure Elegance

A teal mid century inspired living room with a green accent wall, beige and green furniture's, and incorporated with a golden coffee table

This sophisticated and elegant living room chooses rich green and white, accented with gold. In this space, rich kelly green is chosen as the primary wall color. Soft creamy ivory is used on the ceiling and for all of the upholstered furniture pieces.

It's an exquisite color duo for this home's living room. The golds in some of the accent pieces pick up the warmth from this particular shade of green.

8. Raspberry And Eggshell Cream For Feminine Softness

A beige wall matching pink and beige curtain

This seating area may be sparse, but the colors are rich. We love this combination of a perfect raspberry sherbert pink and an eggshell cream counterpart. These two colors are contrasting but work so well together. It's the one to bring in a bright color but still keep things feeling a bit like a breath of calming air. The perfect color match on the little side table is a brilliant way to tie the furniture into the overall wall color. 

9. The Softest Neutrals In Off-White And Beige

Interior of a spacious and luxurious living room with white painted walls, beige colored furnitures matchign the fireplace mantel

If you want a super serene living space, then opt for a soft, warm, off-white with a straw or wheat-colored beige. This color combination is so easy on the eye and works so easily together. This kind of palette is also great if you're a collector of art or other objects. The very neutral combination allows your belongings or special items to take the spotlight.

10. Bold Blue And Grey For A Living Room That Has Personality

A blue and cool living room with gray furnitures and carpet

For more personality in your space, consider this deep royal blue combined with the lightest greys. This room seems like an excellent place for the sun to stream in, then an equally great place to turn the lights down low and crack open a bottle of good red. It's fun and sophisticated and inviting in one fell swoop.

The rich blue picks up the blue tones in the grey, while the grey works to keep the room from being too dark. The artwork hung in gallery style provides an opportunity to play more within this color combination.

11. Soft Yellow And Tans For A Homey Comfort

A flat paneled baseboard and white trimmed bay window room with a brown tint painted wall

If you want a more traditional and homey feel to your living room, then you might consider this tan and soft yellow color combination. The two warm colors are a soft intensity level which gives the combination a neutral vibe while still having a bit of color in the space. This is a good in-between kind of color pairing, not too neutral, but not too bold. In other words, this is a great choice for a traditional, comfortable room for your family to gather.

Find The Combination That Will Make Your Living Room Sing

Once you know what colors you love, then see how they work together. Paint chips, magazine cuttings, even fabrics can be great sources of inspiration to find color duos for your living room design. 

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