16 Different Types Of Comforters

Comforters are an excellent form of bedding for every season. But have you ever wondered if there are different types of comforters beyond down-filled covers? We did some research to uncover a variety of different comforters to satisfy a plethora of needs. Read on to discover versatile, stylish comforters you're sure to love!

A comforter is a desirable type of thick blanket that is used to keep you warm. Comforters may be sold separately or in a set with accompanying sheets. Most comforters are incredibly fluffy and display quilted details, but there are some exceptions to this rule. Here is a list of comforter types worth exploring:

  1. Bamboo
  2. Brocade
  3. Cotton
  4. Down-filled
  5. Faux suede
  6. Flannel
  7. Fleece
  8. Fur
  9. Jacquard
  10. Linen
  11. Microfiber
  12. Polyester
  13. Sateen
  14. Satin
  15. Silk
  16. Wool

With the right comforter, you can enjoy more restful sleep or find a zen moment under plush bedding. Continue to learn more about the benefits offered by these different comforters.

Bed with pillows and comforter beside window, 16 Different Types Of Comforters

Distinctly Delightful Comforters

When choosing a comforter you should consider the type of filling, maintenance needs, and thread count. High-quality comforters should have a thread count above 200. Luxury comforters have a thread count between 400 and 600. Any linen with a thread count under 200 is considered poor quality and going beyond 800 is not necessary. Beyond the thread count, choose a comforter for personal comfort, cooling properties, longevity, and resilience.

One more detail to consider that goes beyond mere aesthetics: the type of stitching or quilting used on a comforter increases its durability. The following types of methods are used when constructing quality comforters.

  • Box Stitch - A popular style that creates a grid of boxes that keep filling (down) in place.
  • Baffle Box - A lofted design that creates a six-sided box of quilted layers at the sides and a grid of boxes.
  • Channel - Features multiple straight stitched lines running from the head to the foot of the blanket.
  • Ring Stitch - A design that displays multiple stitched rings but leaves lots of room for the filling to shift.

Keep in mind that when more stitching is used, it increases the comforter's performance and maximizes the filling's ability to insulate and provide warmth.


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Modern comforters made from bamboo fibers are desirable for multiple reasons. First off, this sustainable plant material naturally dispels moisture and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Sleepers that are prone to sweating may appreciate bamboo bedding for its cooling properties and the ability to wick away wetness. Bamboo comforters may be filled with poly fiber, cotton, or down. These comforters are machine washable at a low temperature or cold water, and display checked quilting detail.

Notable Characteristics

  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Hypoallergenic and cooling properties
  • Good for all seasons and offers moderate warmth

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Brocade is in the family of damask and jacquard fabrics and is often used for elegant table linens and other fine textiles. Do check the care tags on a brocade comforter as water often shrinks this fabric, so it will most likely need to be dry cleaned. Most brocade comforters are made from cotton but some are polyester. Expect this heavier fabric comforter to have a thread count of 300 or higher and a filling of hypoallergenic down, poly-fiber, or cotton. Faux brocade blankets with an emulated pattern can be machine washed.

Notable Characteristics

  • Ideal for colder weather
  • Attractive and elaborate motifs
  • Lightweight options available compared to heavier traditional blankets

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Cotton is a versatile fiber and is highly desirable for constructing comforters. You can find a high-end cotton comforter with a 600 thread count or a Percale blanket a little over 200. Sleepers love cotton blankets because the material is breathable, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and feels great on the skin. Thinner profile comforters are good for warmer weather but choose a thick, fluffy cotton comforter filled with down for colder weather. Throw in the washing machine when needed.

Notable Characteristics

  • Soft, breathable, comfortable fabric
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Machine washable and durable

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Down-filled comforters are the most traditional form of this blanket style and are often filled with goose feathers. A more inexpensive option is to use duck feathers which provide similar performance to goose down. Comforters with down filling are typically cotton, polyester, or bamboo. Discover luxury grade down comforters with a thread count of 1,200 or higher, or an average between 300 and 600.

Notable Characteristics

  • Machine washable on a delicate setting
  • Optimal warmth, comfort, and plush experience for chilly nights
  • Traditional form of comforter with longevity and resilience

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Faux Suede

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Slip under an animal-friendly faux suede comforter made from synthetic fibers. The surface of this type of comforter is ultra-smooth to the touch and provides moderate warmth. Throw this type of blanket in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and at a low temperature. Choose this comforter for year-round use as it typically has a thinner profile.

Notable Characteristics

  • Typically filled with hypoallergenic filling
  • Good for all seasons and temperatures
  • Smooth, brushed, touchable surface

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Flannel is an attractive fabric that is a good match for a home with a country or rustic flair. Keep a lint roller handy to keep fuzzies at bay, but you can wash this type of blanket in the washing machine. Make sure to use a low-temperature when drying your blanket and wash it separately from other items. The average thread count for flannel blankets is 300 and they are ideal for cooler weather.

Notable Characteristics

  • Brushed fibers create optimal coziness and warmth
  • An attractive style for rustic, country-style decor
  • A choice alternative for a down comforter

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Stay cool under a fleece blanket, as it is designed to wick away moisture and regulate temperature. Keep warm under the textured fibers that are super soft. Fleece blankets are built to last, are machine washable, and are good for moderate to cold weather. Make sure to stain treat this blanket before washing and tumble dry on the cool setting.

Notable Characteristics

  • Soft as wool but offers more breathability
  • Good for all seasons
  • Insulating and good down blanket alternative

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Walk on the wild side with a comforter made from traditional animal fur (or opt for faux fur). You'll get a blanket that provides plenty of warmth, texture, and a luxurious sleeping experience. When it's time to give your faux fur blanket a wash, do so on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Pull out this comforter when temperatures plunge and put it away when the weather is mild.

Notable Characteristics

  • Plush, warm, and luxurious
  • Machine washable and durable
  • Best for colder weather

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Jacquard fabric has been prized for its intricate design motifs and is woven from cotton, linen, or silk. Protect the longevity and filling of your jacquard comforter by sending it to the dry cleaners. Pull out this comforter when the weather is cold.

Notable Characteristics

  • Beautiful, visually appealing designs
  • Perfect for a bohemian, shabby chic, or classic bedroom decor
  • Heavy and durable profile

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Find a linen comforter with a high thread count of 1,000, filled with down or poly-fiber filling. Choose this type of bedding for all seasons as it naturally keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Preserve the life of a linen comforter by using a mild liquid detergent rather than washing powder and wash in cold water.

Notable Characteristics

  • Thicker fibers than cotton
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-static properties
  • Naturally regulates body temperature

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Microfiber naturally feels wonderful on the skin and is non-irritating and hypoallergenic. This material is created using very fine strands of polyester, and it reduces moisture buildup and is breathable. If you are worried about dust mites you may want to snag a microfiber comforter because it is resistant.

Notable Characteristics

  • Resistant to fading and keeps shape after multiple washes
  • Breathable, soft fibers
  • Ideal for summer temperatures and people who run cold

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Because polyester is a synthetic material, it is less expensive than natural fibers like silk or wool. A polyester comforter is less breathable than cotton but it is excellent at trapping heat during cold weather, without leaving you sweaty. Easily find a polyester comforter with a thread count of 200 that is fluffy and durable.

Notable Characteristics

  • Resistant to trapping moisture and heat
  • Breathable and stays cool to the touch
  • Inexpensive and lightweight material

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Comforters made from sateen fabric are softer than plain weave cotton, but the trade-off is reduced longevity. You can find a sateen comforter with a 300 to 400 thread count. Enjoy the benefits of wrinkle-resistance and a luxurious look and feel without the hefty price tag. Wash in the machine with cold water, a mild detergent, and separate from other items.

Notable Characteristics

  • Resistant to stains and wear
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Becomes softer over time

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Live in the lap of luxury with a pricey, satin comforter. You pay for the benefits of a bedding material that feels great on your skin, provides various health benefits, and is resistant to dust and mites. Choose this comforter for warmer temperatures as you will stay cool all night.

Notable Characteristics

  • Feels great on the skin and is non-irritating
  • Hypoallergenic and provides health benefits
  • Resists dust mites

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If you are prone to overheating, choose a silk comforter for all seasons. The material is naturally breathable, elegant, and keeps moisture at bay. Sleepers who have problems with getting hot will love this bedding. Avoid throwing this type of blanket in the wash. Send it to a professional or spot clean as needed.

Notable Characteristics

  • Wicks away moisture
  • Feels soft and luxurious to the touch
  • Good choice for sleepers who run hot or have hot flashes

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Wool comforters are some of the best types of blankets around. The natural fibers provide health benefits, improve restful sleep, and it's a lightweight, cozy solution. Hand wash or machine wash your wool comforter on the gentle cycle with a wool detergent. Choose this blanket for chilly winter temperatures.

Notable Characteristics

  • Naturally regulates temperature depending on the season
  • Improves sleep quality and provides health benefits
  • Excellent longevity and durability

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In Closing

Comforters may often be confused with duvets or duvet covers but have some distinct differences. Also known as continental quilts, a comforter is a plush, thick type of blanket that sits atop layers of sheets and thinner bedcovers. The type of material, filling, and stitching used to create a comforter impact its breathability, longevity, and warmth. Some comforters are more desirable for their cooling properties and low maintenance. Other comforters may require more labor-intensive cleaning methods but make up the difference with their performance and warmth.

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