8 Types of Console Tables

Traditionally, a console table is a table that is supported by consoles or brackets and is fixed to the wall. A console table can also be designed to fit tightly against a wall but with bracket-like legs instead. This type of table was originally designed as a rectangular slab supported by wall-mounted brackets. They grew in popularity because of their unique ability to be unobtrusive. 

The wonderful thing about console tables is that they are extremely versatile and can be used in so many different ways, such as:

  1. Sofa tables
  2. Vanities
  3. Desks
  4. Bars
  5. Buffet
  6. Entryway table
  7. TV stand
  8. Hallway table 

Console tables have clearly evolved over the years since we no longer mount a slab of anything to our walls. We let go of the nonessential and harnessed all of the wonderful benefits of such a table. Today, you would recognize a console table by its wide, shallow top, and tall stature; and by its square/rectangular shape. Though, there are more elegant options, such as a demi-lune (half-moon) shape. Let's take a closer look at how to position and display the various types of console tables.

A modern console table with black metal framing and a wooden top inside a white contemporary living room, 8 Types of Console Tables

1. Sofa Tables 

A sofa table is generally found placed tightly up against a sofa instead of a wall. Console tables function as perfect softa tables that allow for decorative features to be placed, such as lamps or candles. It can also serve as a spot to rest items that need to be within easy reach, such as a beverage or a remote control. 

Sofa tables can be made out of a wide variety of materials, from wood to steel, depending on your preference and need. They are created with narrowness in mind and often offer storage below the tabletop as shelves or cubbies. 

At this time, there is not a single agreed-upon standard size for a sofa table. This can lead to a bit of confusion when it comes to selecting the appropriately sized table. A sofa table should be approximately as tall as the back of your couch. A traditional end table (30 inches tall on average) making a sofa table a bit taller by comparison.

Length is another thing to consider. You will not want to select a table that is longer than the sofa. This will not be very esthetically pleasing and can be a safety hazard. 

Sofa tables generally are, at least vaguely, rectangular in shape. However, there are some more intricate designs that feature a half-moon shape; though, in the world of console tables, sofa tables are more commonly rectangular.

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2. Vanities 

Ladies typically use vanities in their preparation routines. It is a console table that is designed with that goal in mind. Like sofa tables, vanities are often rectangular in shape; but it is a little more common to see different shapes and different variations of vanities. 

It is common to find a wider vanity than its traditional counterpart since there is an understanding that more workable space is needed on the tabletop. This tabletop also needs to accommodate a mirror and lighting. There are many variations of this configuration. You choose which one based on your own needs, but the options are weighted in the design. 

Vanities are made of many different materials and come in elegant designs or simple designs. You will most commonly find they are paired with a matching bench or stool to complete the boutique look. Most ladies will maintain a vanity in their bedroom, closet, or bathroom. 

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3. Desks

Small console tables make great alternatives to bulky desks. They can be customized to meet many different needs, making them very versatile. The unique size of the workspace provides a more productive environment by reducing clutter and enhancing focus. 

Be sure to know your desk space's dimensions before you begin to pick the proper size console table. There are many different designs available; the sky is the limit (as long as available space allows your creativity to run wild)! The different shaped console tables may offer an even larger number of options to accommodate specific needs.

A productive and functional workspace can be created by simply adding a few file cabinets to the end of the console table.  This addition will create storage space for frequently used items and neat, well-organized space for mail and other important papers. The small, unobtrusive design of these narrow console table desks will make your mind feel very clear and keep productivity at a max. Be sure to check out "How to Decorate Your Desk [7 Awesome Suggestions]."

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4. Bars

Console tables make great dry bars! They can be paired with a wine rack, wine glass holder, or a nice tray topper to display the detailed alcohol glassware elegantly. Following the traditional console table rules, you can fix the bar to the wall for maximum safety. 

As an alternative option, you can use a modern console table's portability by using it as a high top standing bar for your guests to stand around. You can place it either up against a wall or move it to the middle of a gathering space. These spaces could be in a living room, dining room, grand room, or even a family room. Sometimes console table bars will also have wheels, so they can be easily moved from one space to another. 

An overlooked and underrated place to put one of these console table bars is near your outdoor dining and lounging space. There isn't anything worse than finally getting settled down to eat that BBQ and realizing you have to go all the way back inside for another drink. 

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When it comes to selecting the proper size and style console table for this use, the sky is the limit here too. Table size and shape will rely on the space you have available and the design that will accommodate the things you need.

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5. Buffet Tables

Much like functioning dry bars, console tables work great for buffet tables as well. This function will be wonderful when you have guests over and need to serve a meal but are using your normal countertops for other things. Placing a console table in the kitchen or living room can serve as storage and decoration when not in use and work as an incredibly handy buffet line table when needed. 

For buffet-style console tables, you'll often find that more storage is underneath. This can include places to store flatware, dinner plates, and glasses. 

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6. Entryway table

So often, our entryways are narrow. This doesn't leave many options when it comes to being able to comfortably walk inside and set items down easily. Enter the entryway console table!

Since console tables are normally very narrow in design, offer storage and customization options, and are tall, they make a wonderful (and trendy) option. You can find these tables in so many different unique designs and styles, made from many different materials, in many different sizes. This may sound a bit overwhelming, but actually, it leaves a lot open to your preference. Be sure to check out "How to Style an Entryway Table [6 Interior Design Styles Suggested]."

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7. TV Stand

A console table can make a great alternative in tight spaces, where a large TV stand is not well suited. Console tables will be less bulky than a traditional TV stand or TV cabinet, and depending on the design of the table, it can offer just as much storage and shelves as a TV stand would. 

You could use a console table in your bedroom for your TV, among other decorative and useful items. This helps to make the most of the area where the console table is, so you do not have to dedicate a valuable portion of your bedroom real estate to just a TV stand. 

Console table TV stands are also wonderful solutions to living rooms, kids' rooms, playrooms, or other gathering rooms that are just not well suited for large TV stands or cabinets. They can store game consoles, DVD players, CD changers/radios, books, video games, or/and movies with the different storage options available. 

It's also possible that you just do not like the style of a traditional TV stand or cabinet. In this situation, console tables can offer a simpler style. They are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. This allows you to customize your space to your liking a bit more than with a traditional bulky TV stand. 

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8. Hallway Table

Hallway tables need to be narrow. This is because most of our hallways are narrow.  People will often avoid placing a table in a hallway to keep the space from feeling too crowded, providing a prime opportunity for a narrow hallway console table to step in and save the day. 

Console tables are generally narrow in their original design. They are customizable, which makes it easy to find an even narrower size. A hallway table can function as a place to set decorations, photos, or commonly used, shared items, such as cell phone charging stations, shoe storage, and throw blanket storage, to name a few. 

Hallway tables are also incredible at the game of hide and seek. They can cleverly hide unsightly but necessary elements to a home, such as a radiator or a laundry shoot. Much like all of the other types of console tables, there is not one standard size. You will want to base the selected size on the available space and necessary duties of this table. 

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In closing

Console tables are a great alternative to use in many situations. Characteristically, these tables will be a bit taller than a traditional side table. They will usually be rectangular and somewhat narrower than a traditional side table as well. The use of this kind of table is unlimited. With modern designs immerging every day, there is such a wide variety of options to choose from no matter what goal you have in mind. 

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