13 Types Of Curtain Hooks And Tiebacks [Including Examples]

Regardless of your choice of curtains, you also need to consider how you’re going to hang them. This is where curtain hooks and tie-backs come into consideration.

13 Types Of Curtain Hooks And Tiebacks

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There are so many types of curtain hooks though, reflecting the various creative ways in which you can attach these window treatments. Which hook to choose would depend on your choice of drapes. Size and weight will determine the method you would need to apply while design considerations come into play in your choice of the hook too.

Feeling overwhelmed by choice? Let us help by quickly reviewing the different types of hooks, rods and tie backs out there.

Hooks and Rods

Let us begin this tour by describing the basic elements.

1. Rods and Rod Holders

Rod hardware is an important part of most window treatments. Most curtain rods are not hidden out of sight, which is why it is important to pick a style that compliments your room’s décor. There are various styles of curtain rods available, including cable rods, rods with finials, return rods, tension rods, and even side wall mounts.

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This durable and affordable curtain rod features clean, classic lines making it a suitable choice in most rooms. It is available in three finishes, including nickel, copper, and black espresso. These are factory applied to the metal and baked on to maximize durability. These rods measure a mere 7/8th of an inch in diameter, featuring an end cap. The mounting brackets and rod are made from steel to provide support to heavier curtains.

2. Clip Rings

Clip Rings have grown to become one of the preferred methods for hanging curtains. They are inserted into the drapery panel in such a way that they slide over the rod. The curtains are then secured individually on to the rings with hooks. This method makes it possible to add a few more inches to the length of your panel since the clips allow the fabric to hang below the rod.

This set of 7 large clips is made from heavy-duty plated steel ring, being able to hold up to 3 pounds. The rings are large enough to provide a 1.5-inch opening, which makes them suitable for most rods that are up to an inch in diameter. These rings are available in three neutral colors, black, nickel, and bronze, which should a sense of style to any space.

3. Curtain Hooks

Curtain hooks can be used in most parts of the home, but they are primarily used in bathrooms because of how easy it is to install and remove them. Due to the humid nature of bathrooms, curtain hooks should naturally resist corrosion and rust. To avoid this, they are usually made of durable material that also manages to look stylish, study, and strong.

These hooks are perfect for bathroom decors. They are fished with a silvery chrome luster that should instantly transform your bathroom’s appearance. Furthermore, the chrome finish makes the rod rust-free and durable enough to last for a long time. It is highly durable and can be cleaned with a wet cloth. The hooks easily slide along the length of the rod and are very easy to clean.

We did have an issue with the fragility of the rods, which can easily break should they come crashing down from the rod.

Curtain Tiebacks

1. Magnetic Tiebacks

Magnetic tiebacks are a great way to spruce up your room’s aesthetics without overpowering the décor. They are perfect for renters who want to hang curtains on their walls without poking destructive holes in them. Simply gather the curtain material and wrap the tie back around, with the magnets holding the tie back in place.

This magnetic tieback adds a stylistic charm to your interior décor. It has several impressive features that bolster its attractiveness. This includes a rustic heart shape that should look good in most rooms. It has a white finish that is carved from mango wood, giving it a unique appearance. All in all, this handmade tieback offers advantages that few other products do. They are simple to install and keeps your curtain stay stylish.

2. Metal Holdbacks

Modern curtain holdbacks give you an incredibly diverse choice, all having their own particular charm. They are ideal for patio doors and other areas of the house where there is a lot of passing traffic, and the curtains need to be held back for ease of use for everyone. They can hold curtains in formal folds or even a decorative swag if you want to arrange them away from the windows to allow the maximum amount of light to enter inside.

This set of 2 hooks are easy to install and is both easy to install and reliable. It is made of durable metal that weighs nearly 180g. It’s most important selling point is its appearance, which can be best described as vintage and classic stylish. Furthermore, the hooks don’t bend easily, which is important if you have kids around.

3. Swag Holders

Think of swag holders as the finishing touch to your curtain panels or draperies. These are beautiful, lustrous embellishments for your windows that will charm your guests from a mile away. The swag holders are beautiful and complement your interior décor. Swag holders range from simple screw-in wall hooks to more ornate designs with intricate embellishments.

The durable metal has an attractive brass finish that will look perfect with your curtains and drapes. The height of each holder is 4 inches, creating plenty of distance between the walls and the curtain.

4. Scarf Sconces

Scarf sconces add unique details to your windows and provide a decorative way to hang your curtains. Sconces are usually made of composite materials or lightweight resin that are easy to hang using a keyhole hanger attached on the back. Sconces can be decorated in accordance with your own tastes, in which case they will make the ambiance of your house turn more cheerful.

If you’re a fan of anime or sea creatures, then you might find this octopus tentacle the perfect addition to your room. It is ideal for use with scarves and curtains.

Types of Curtain hooks By material

1. Metal Hooks

There’s nothing all too innovative about metal curtain hooks, although they have a sense of familiarity because they’ve been in use for decades. Metal hooks are durable, have attractive colors, and usually feature elegant hook designs. They can serve both aesthetic and functional roles.

This durable metal hook is designed in the shape of a vine leaf, which is going to look beautiful in your room. The metal itself is strong and guaranteed to last.

2. Plastic curtain hooks

Modern plastic hooks are made from durable and good quality resins that are hard enough to bear the full weight of heavy curtains. They can be both aesthetic and functional, although that is entirely up to you.

Designed to be out of sight and out of mind, these plastic curtain hooks will get the job done without adding or subtracting from your room’s interior décor. The important thing to know is that the plastic is durable and solid. It can be used for a long time.

3. Glass curtain hooks

As gimmicky as they sound, glass hooks can be surprisingly sturdy and look absolutely magnificent when secured safely on to the walls. But as is characteristic of glass, they are susceptible to breaking easily. Use with caution.

These glass hooks are made out of zinc alloy material, giving it surprising attributes such as resistance against corrosion, deformation, and oxidation. The workmanship is excellent and the design is smooth, transparent, and beautiful.

4. Fabric

Fabric ties can be used to attach to a fabric panel. They are easy to use, and can either complement the curtain’s appearance or play a more functional role. Make sure to choose a color and pattern that matches the one on your curtains.

These fabric tiebacks will add a completely new look to your room thanks to their lovely blue appearance. They are made out of acrylic and tassel that should suffice for daily usage.

So, which will you use?

People have used curtains to dress window for centuries. Since then, curtains have evolved from simply hanging on the walls to help keep rooms cool and even compliment the numerous interior designs we see today. A curtain can definitely play a stylistic role in your room. Major components of a curtain include the type of fabric, design or motif, and the use of appropriate curtain headings to support the weight of the fabric.

In the case of extra massive curtains, you will need a substantial track or pole to hang them from. In the case of sheers and hand voiles, it is possible to hang them from rudimentary tools such as tension wire and narrow diameter poles.

The final choice is up to you. Just make sure to put safety first and make sure the hooks you choose can support the weight of your drapes.

13 Types Of Curtain Hooks And Tiebacks [Including Examples]
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