10 Types Of Kitchen Curtains You Should Know

When setting up their kitchens, most homeowners focus on the types of kitchen appliances and furniture they feel will fit in. They barely give thoughts to the types of kitchen curtains that may or may not fit in with their decor. This is surprising because knowing these types is an essential skill that will help you make a better decision when setting up or remodeling your kitchen. It will let you know the fabrics, colors, and designs that best suit your kitchen while also affording you the opportunity to get them at affordable prices.

To save you some trouble, we researched and came up with the types of kitchen curtains along with examples of each. This will make your job easier when decorating your kitchen.

Interior of a luxurious living room interior themed in gray and matched with gray curtains, 10 Types Of Kitchen Curtains You Should Know

Cafe Curtains

These are one of the most common types of kitchen curtains. They are made from fabrics like linen, polyester, and sheer. Sometimes made with pleats at the top, cafe curtains are typically hung from rings, with their rods halfway down the window, covering the lower part. This style was inspired by the way roadside cafes cover their window in the past – hence the name.

Interior of a luxurious modern living room with laminated flooring and blue sectional sofa

1. Full-Window Cafe Curtains

Full window cafe curtains are the type of cafe curtains that are as long as 45 inches. They cover the whole window and therefore calm homeowners’ privacy concerns. This type of cafe curtains is usually hung close to the top or at the top.

Jinchan 45-Inches Cafe Curtain

This beautiful Morrocan tile printed cafe curtain is made from linen. It comes in only a charcoal grey color.

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2. Half-Window Cafe Curtains

This type of cafe curtains covers only the bottom half of the window, allowing them to easily blend in with your other kitchen decor. They come in various colors and designs. They allow you to have as much light as possible in your kitchen, giving it a beautiful glow.

These curtains are affordable, and can easily be installed. The con associated with using them is that they cause privacy concerns for homeowners. This issue can be solved by getting a matching valance.

Jinchan Half Window Cafe Curtain

Made from semi-sheer materials, this beautiful half window cafe curtain comes in 6 different colors.

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IDEALHOUSE Half Window Cafe Curtain

With its soft waffle weaved texture, this 24-inches IDEALHOUSE curtain might just be what your kitchen needs.

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Valance Curtains

Valance curtains are short pieces of clothes used to cover the top parts of a window. They are the opposite of cafe curtains. This interior design style dates back to the renaissance era but exploded in popularity during the Victorian period. They are typically used in kitchens with limited floor space.

3. Balloon Valances

Balloon valance, also known as cloud or pouf valance, is a type of valance that has a balloon-type shape created by doubling the fabric then ruching it along the top hem. They are usually paired with cafe curtains for privacy and they give your kitchen a soft, lively look.

Ellis Curtain Balloon Valance

Ellis polyester/cotton white balloon valance will blend well in any kitchen.

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4. Swag Valance

A bay windowed kitchen with walls painted in a light blue and matched with flower valance curtains

As the name suggests, this type of valance curtains is sophisticated. They are created by hanging the drapes over the window top, thereby causing the tails to hang down from both sides. Swag valance is formal in appearance and has a more ornate look than other valance curtains.

DriftAway Swag Valance

This Swag valance will add a touch of class to your kitchen decor.

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5. Box Pleats Valance

Box pleats valance occurs when your valance bottom has a straight edge with its width divided into pleated sections. These sections, also known as boxes, are equally spaced out to give your curtain an elegant look. This, in turn, makes the kitchen more beautiful.

Waverly Box Pleats Valance

Only a few other curtains can stand out the way this Box Pleats would in the kitchen.

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Shades Curtains

Brown shade curtains inside a modern living room

Made from hard materials such as polyethylene and lace fabrics, these curtains have panels that are pulled up and down. This is done with the aid of a cord. Shades curtains are good insulators against heat and cold. The three types of shade curtains most suitable for the kitchen are highlighted below.

6. Roman Shades

This popular type of shades stacks up evenly into pleats when pulled up. They are very effective in keeping light out of a room when down. They are mostly made of wood and/or hard fabric materials. They will give your kitchen a feel of elegance when properly matched with the kitchen decor colors and styles.

RADIANCE Roman Shades

This cordless Roman shades will block heavy sunlight and protect your kitchen furniture from eroding.

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Chicology Roman Shades

If you are looking for something that can soften the sunlight ray in your kitchen, here is the curtain for you.

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7. Bamboo Shades

Bamboo curtains matched for a rustic living room

Unlike the Roman style, the bamboo shades curtains allow little light filter in when closed. They have a beautiful tropical-like appearance, thus giving your kitchen that relaxing look. For environmentally-conscious homeowners, this is the curtain for your kitchen. It is 100 percent natural and easy to maintain. On the other hand, bamboo shades are extremely fragile and can be easily damaged – which is its major con.

Thy Trading Bamboo Shade

This is the curtain for you if you are looking for a tropical-like atmosphere in your kitchen.

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8. Pull-Down Shades

Pull-down shades are the curtains for you if what you are looking for are privacy and simplicity. They are easy to install and they will blend perfectly in with most homes kitchen decor. They are also easy to clean fabrics. The pro of using the pull-down shades is that they protect the kitchen furniture from harmful UV rays while also allowing enough sunlight into the room.

Redi Shade Fabric Shade

This easy-to-install curtain will give your kitchen that clean, serene look you want.

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9. Sheers Curtains

White sheer curtains

This type of curtains is made from lightweight materials. They are transparent enough to let the light in the kitchen while also providing a bit of privacy. Their soft colors and delicate fabrics design subtly adds to the beauty of the kitchen.

One of the pros of using them is that they are easy to install on windows of any size. The con of using common sheers curtains is they are bad insulators, hence during your kitchen is hot during warm weathers and chill during cold weathers. Here are two samples of sheers curtains.

NICETOWN Sheer Curtains

NICETOWN semi-transparent sheer curtains will make your kitchen glow with sunlight.

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HUTO Sheer Curtains

With varieties of color to choose from, this curtain is a mood calmer.

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10. Floor Length Curtain Panels

Full-length curtain panels come in different fabrics, colors, and designs. They are available in lengths ranging from 63 to 144 inches. They are most suitable for kitchens with lots of floor space. To get the right length, you should measure from the floor to the top, where you hang the curtain rod. You can add extra inches to your measurement for 'puddling' - the act of leaving some fabric to pool on the ground for style purposes. Although we should warn you that it would need regular cleaning if done that way.

Interior of a luxurious living room interior themed in gray and matched with gray curtains

Full-length curtain panels will afford you total privacy, insulates you from harsh weather while also giving your kitchen a touch of elegance.

Stone & Beam Full Length Curtain Panel

It is impossible to miss the class that this curtain radiates -- why not make your kitchen classy?

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