13 Types Of Living Room Chairs

Sometimes picking just the right style chair will add a colorful flair, a cozy spot to sit and read, and amp up the decor of a room. Living room chairs come in a variety of sizes and styles. Each of these will offer you a different appeal for different decor and a different comfort level for lounging. As a bonus, they all come in various colors and patterns to blend in regardless of your style. 

Stylish round mirror near white wall in room with papasan chair, 13 Types Of Living Room Chairs

1. Wingback chair 

A wingback chair has many names. It also goes by wing chair, easy chair, or fireside chair. These are all different terms for the same style of an upholstered accent chair with wings attached to the seatback. Wingback chairs come in a wide range of costs, anywhere between $150 and $500. 

These chairs are easily recognizable by their high back, armrests, and wooden legs. Most of the time, the legs will be shorter, and the entire body will be upholstered. Though will you will find some less traditional styles that feature wooden side panels or scrolled wooden frames for additional design; or other designs that feature a lower back and taller wooden legs. 

Wingback chair, Armchair and 2 colourful cushions on grey background

2. Barrel Chair

This style of chair is recognizable by its small stature and resemblance to the shape of an old-fashioned nail barrel. One side is round, and the other side is cut out to allow seating to form a comfortable nook surrounded by higher armrests. Often this can be referred to as a kind of easy chair, much like a wingback chair. It can also be used in design situations to add an accent to a room. 

A barrel chair is a style of chair, and it does not necessarily have to be only for an upholstered living room chair. The design can also be used to create outdoor furniture as well. 

Barrel chairs will range in price from $105 on up to a few thousand, depending on the material and the brand. 

3. Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is a very feminine and romantic style chair. It is distinguished by its armless, short leg design. They originally appeared in the dressing room of upper-class women to easily sit and slide on a pair of slippers. 

Slipper chairs are highly versatile and can come in handy for a variety of uses around the house. Since they are upholstered, they can be found in many different colors and patterns, making sure to fit whatever decor you currently have. They are also very budget-friendly since you can find good quality slipper chairs for less than $100 in some cases. 

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4. Club Chair

A club chair is likely recognized to you like a classic living room armchair. Usually, a club chair is covered in leather, but it doesn't have to be. These types of chairs are associated with luxury and accompany a very traditional decor remarkably well. Finding a way to incorporate this kind of chair into your home will amp up the sophistication feel. 

Since club chairs are usually covered in leather, they typically have a slightly higher price point, but you can easily expect to get a decent club chair between $300 and $400. 

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5. Bergère Chair

A Bergère chair is a French upholstered armchair. Typically, wooden framing is exposed, and it often will be carved or molded. The wooden framing is usually made out of a dramatic looking wood such as fruitwood, walnut, or mahogany and has a waxed finish. 

A popular feature of this kind of chair is that they are surprisingly comfortable in the world of armchairs. They are generally designed with tall padded armrests. Both the armrests and the back are padded and upholstered with comfortable fabrics. These armchairs are also usually larger than an average chair, adding to their level of comfort. 

The pricing for these French armchairs ranges greatly depending on the style, size, and design. You can find a moderately priced accent piece for around $400 or less. 

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6. Papasan Chair

A Papasan chair is an adult's bean bag. It has an upright frame base and a bowl-shaped chair that sits on top of the base. The bowl-shaped chair frame can be adjusted on the base to have more or less of an incline. This provides many different position possibilities for optimal comfort. 

You can find foldable chairs that are supposed to mimic a traditional Papasan chair but make no mistake; they are not the same thing. These foldable bowl style chairs offer a fair amount of comfort, but they don't come with the same level of customization or padding that a traditional Papasan chair does. These foldable chairs are available for between $50 to $100. 

The real deal Papasan chair will be a little bit more expensive but infinitely more worth it. You can still find a decent one online for around $90, but if you invest just a little more in the neighborhood of $180, you could find yourself relaxing in a very luxurious and comfortable modern-day Papasan chair. 

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7. Butterfly Chair

A butterfly chair is a very simple, generally outdoor or beach chair, made with a wooden frame and a single piece of fabric draped around the frame as a seat. 

In more modern times, this design has been developed into a chair that is draped with leather to make for an additional seat inside or for a unique accent piece. These types of chairs give off a very distinctive and modern aesthetic. You can expect to spend around $100 to get a nice leather butterfly chair. 

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8. Chesterfield Chair

A chesterfield chair is a British seating piece. It is commonly found in areas of the United Kingdom and parts of Canada. It holds a high-quality reputation as a British classic and is made from wood, leather, and fabric. Through the years, cheaper imitations have been made but do not claim to be of the same Chesterfield quality, but more for the style, they offer. 

Most often, these types of chairs will come with a matching sofa. You will notice these by their distinctive look of sophistication and high quality. They often are designed with rivets in the fabric, bringing out the classic feel of its origin. 

Due to the high-quality materials used in Chesterfield furniture making, you can expect that these pieces will be a little bit pricy. You can expect to spend around $800 or more for a Chesterfield Classic Chair on its own. 

Chesterfield Chair in the living room

9. Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs hold their purpose right in their name. These chairs are designed to rock back and forth gently. There are many designs for this type of chair, but the original design featured a wooden chair whos legs connected to two curved bands on each side (known as the rockers). These bands allowed the occupant to rock back and forth at the pace they desired, using only their feet. 

The designs for the rocking chair grew through the years, and now they are popular in both upholstered and wooden style chairs. Many put classic wooden rockers on their porch to convey a cute, country vibe. Others may use a padded and upholstered version in their child's nursery or the living room.  

Since the style varies so widely on rocking chairs, so can the price. You will be able to find a simple wooden rocker for less expensive than a fully upholstered one.  These days, you can also find chairs known as Gliders. These are the same thing as rocking chairs, except instead of rockers at the bottom of the chair, they are on a track that allows them to glide gently. 

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10. Recliner 

A recliner is an armchair that has an adjustable back and footrest. When the occupant of the chair engages the reclining function, the front footrest is raised, and the back is lowered and tilted slightly backward. Sometimes this function is engaged by a button on the side of the chair, an automatic remote, or a level located on the side of the chair. 

Some recliners also offer adjustable bases that help the occupant stand from a seating position. This type of chair is very helpful and comfortable for those with limited mobility. 

Since there are so many options and functions, these kinds of chairs range a great deal. You can find a basic recliner for around $150, but one that offers more features, such as a lift, would be closer to $500 or possibly even more. 

Recliner chair in the living room

11. Balloon Chair

A balloon chair is designed to look like a hot air balloon. It offers a large, comfortable seat to relax in, with tall curved lines flowing up from the armrests, wrapping around your back and over your head. There is no denying the vintage flair this armchair would give whatever room it found a home in. 

These chairs can be costly. You'll want to expect to spend over $1000 to get a Victorian Balloon Chair. 

Luxury Balloon Chair in the living room

12. A Chair and a Half

A chair and a half is the term used for a larger piece of furniture than a chair but is not as large as a loveseat. This creates a very luxurious feel and gives a deeper seating area than a traditional chair. Often these chairs will come paired with an ottoman to rest your feet on. 

You may find that the cost for a chair and a half is very similar to that of a loveseat. It's not a lot different, besides being a little bit smaller and resembling a chair's looks. You may be able to find less expensive options, but you can probably expect to spend around $500 on a chair and a half. Keep in mind; the cost will be determined by the brand and the quality of the chair you select. 

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13. Occasional Chair

An occasional chair is a chair that is used on occasion instead of on the regular. Typically, it is a wood-framed chair with the frame exposed and padding on the seat and back. They may not be as comfortable as a chair that is designed to be sat in regularly. The term occasional is pretty generic and can be applied to any chair that is not used normally, but the original design kept simplicity in mind. 

The cost for this type of chair will vary widely. Some occasional chairs are not classified as occasional chairs and therefore may fall under a different price point. You can find a set of 4 foldable occasional chairs online for around $100 to $200, depending on style. 

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In Closing

Picking the right chair can be a little daunting, but it helps to know what the different types of chairs are called. This can help you narrow down your style based on your decor and needs making your search easier. Once you've made your selection, head over, and check out our article on 40 different places to buy throw pillows to match your new chair! 

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