15 Types Of Moen Shower Cartridges

A faucet cartridge acts as a replacement water valve controlling the water flow to the spout. There are various faucet cartridges based on function for water volume control and hot and cold water mixing. Also, the types of faucets differ in the material with different resistance to pressure.

If your faucet cartridge fails, there can be leaking and water pressure issues. In that case, you need a cartridge replacement.

MOEN is a trusted brand of standard cartridges for one- and two-handle faucets. The brand offers durable and dependable cartridges to meet the specifications of modern faucets. You must determine the appropriate cartridge for the faucet.

With a wide range of products, read below for some recommendations that we searched for you.

1. 1225 Single-handle For Kitchen And Bathroom

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Moen 1225 cartridge is for water volume control.

You can use 1225 for all Moen one-handle kitchen and bathroom faucets. The cartridge has Push-Pull/On-Off, and Volume controls for operation. With the escutcheon screws, you rotate to adjust the temperature.

There are two variations of 1225 based on the function, which are the following:

  • Standard -  only volume control
  • Moentrol - both pressure balancing and volume control

The 1225 is not compatible with ExactTemp and PosiTemp faucet models.

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2. 1222 Tub Shower And Shower Only

You can use the Moen 122 cartridge for the PosiTemp and single-handle bathroom faucets. The functions of this cartridge are a cycling valve and pressure balancing. It has no volume control function.

The cartridge has a plastic and brass construction for easy installation.

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3. 1255 Single-Handle Duralast

Moen launched the 1255 series ceramic disc cartridge in 2009 to accommodate more than 100 Moen kitchen and bath faucets.

This cartridge has a small profile for single-handle faucets. It provides a smooth handle feel for precise control. For smooth operation, it has a stainless steel shaft and pin for durable handle attachment.

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4. 1213 M-Core Valve 3 Series

The 1213 is also a ceramic disc cartridge, but its functions include volume control and pressure balance. To operate the cartridge, it has Pull-Push/On-Off and volume controls. You also rotate the handle to adjust the temperature. 

It is a hot and cold water mixing valve ideal for the shower environment. 

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5. 1224 Double Handle 

The 1224 has a rotate-only operability with a valve function for hot and cold water flow control. The double-handle variation does not have a diverter cartridge, unlike the three-handle 1224.

You can use this cartridge for tub and shower faucets.   

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6. 103674 Thermostatic

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One thermostatic Moen cartridge is 103674. This cartridge is compatible with ExactTemp faucets for an effective water pressure balance.

You rotate the knob to adjust the temperature. In addition, there is a valve handle to control the temperature. 

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7. 1248 2-Handle Replacement

The 1224 series for the ExactTemp faucet has a valve handle and knob. Unlike the 103674, you use the lower handle to control the water flow. Also, you rotate to turn the valve on or off.

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8. 130156 Thermostatic

Another thermostatic cartridge is 130156.

Using the handle, rotate it to adjust the temperature. It has an override button for models before 2009. When you press the button, it increases the high-temperature end. 

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9. 147208 Cartridge

The 147208 is another thermostatic cartridge with the same valve functions and operating process as the 130156. This series is present in cartridges made after 2009. 

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10. 147210

This cartridge is available for models after 2009. It has a flow control handle for volume control. You rotate the handle to turn it on or off the flow. 

Before 2009, the cartridge series is 130157. 

You can use this cartridge for your bathroom faucets.

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11. 1200 One-Handle For Kitchen And Bathroom

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The 1200 is a 3-function diverter cartridge for models prior to 2007. You rotate to operate the handle. The valve's function transfers water from one shower device to another. The functions are as follows:

  • Two independent - can run two separate devices one at a time
  • One independent - runs two separate devices at once

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12. 116719 3-Function Moentrol Transfer valve

The 116719 is the updated version of the 1200 series starting in 2007. The handling operation and valve functions are the same.

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13. 162154

Compared to the two series above, the 162154 is only a two-function diverter cartridge. It only allows two independent valves to run one at a time.

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14. 2060 5-Function Transfer Valve

Moen also has 5-function cartridges. 

One cartridge series is 2060, which is available from 2000 to 2007. The 2060 is also a ceramic disc cartridge with four holes that redirects water from one valve to another. It has the following functions:

  • Four independent - runs four separate devices one at a time
  • One independent - runs two devices at once  

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You can use this cartridge for the following Moen handheld showerhead models:

  • Drop Ell
  • Chateau
  • Monticello
  • Villeta

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15. 163127 3-Function Transfer Valve

In contrast to 2060, the 163127 has three holes. It is one of the ceramic disc diverter cartridges. The cartridge can run three separate devices one at a time. 

Moreover, it has two variations in the years 2011 and 2018. The difference is the handle for the valve operation, but the function is the same.

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Other Moen Cartridges

Below are other Moen cartridges:

  • 1212 M-Core Valve: 2 Series - The 1212 series is a ceramic disc cartridge with no water volume control. It is similar to 1222, which has cycling and pressure-balanced valve functions. You operate the cartridge by rotating the handle.
  • 130157 - This cartridge is for faucet models prior to 2009. Its valve function is to control water volume.
  • 200758 - Launched in 2020, this transfer valve can either have 2 or 3 functions. It is a ceramic disc diverter cartridge that allows 2 or 3 independent to run one at a time.
  • 200759 - It is also a ceramic disc cartridge with 3 or 6 transfer valve functions. You can choose 2 or 3 independent or 1 or 3 shared functions. 

You can ask for assistance from the Moen customer service by calling 1-800-BUY-MOEN or emailing.

Which Moen Cartridge To Buy?

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Moen offers a diverse range of cartridges for different household faucets. The cartridges available also vary in the production year. Hence, you must find a suitable cartridge by considering the following:

  • Production year - Cartridges bought after 2009 will likely be 1225 or  1255 series. There are also models before 2007 that have evolved handling operations. 
  • Serial number - The cartridge should be compatible with the serial number engraved on the faucet. You can refer to the Moen site or customer service to know which cartridge model to purchase. If you have the product manual, you can also find the number. Remove the old cartridge to check the serial numbers and year model for easy reference. 
  • Compatibility - You can interchange the 1200 and 1225 cartridges, but you cannot do so for 1222 and 1225 or 1200. Also, older cartridges will not be compatible with new faucet models. Although old, there are still aftermarket replacements available.

You must carefully select the appropriate cartridge to avoid water flow and pressure issues. 

How Long Does A Moen Cartridge Last?

Moen faucet cartridges will last for 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance. Yet, there can be premature damage due to varying water pressure.

Users can get a 5-year or limited lifetime warranty, depending on the cartridge series. 

Moen produces quality cartridges using reliable technology for more than 40 years. With high quality comes a greater price. 

How Much Does A Moen Cartridge Cost?

With its high quality, Moen is one of the most expensive faucet cartridges on the market. In 2022, the price range of the cartridge is $10-80. The price depends on the material and valve type.

You will not spend on labor costs if you follow the instructions from the manual on how to install the cartridge. If you want a plumber to do the job, they charge around $90-270. 

If you are going to D-I-Y, read this post: How To Replace Moen Shower Cartridge [With Ease].

In Summary

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There are many Moen faucet cartridges sold in the market. You should know which cartridge series to buy depending on the faucet year model or the old cartridge's serial number. With the correct Moen cartridge, you can get proper water flow, volume, and pressure for your household needs.

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