17 Types Of Porch Light Fixtures For Your Home

Lighting the outside of your home requires only basic home maintenance knowledge. Most homes include lighting fixtures to provide the necessary illumination for the front of your home. You can replace the lightbulbs when they burn out and not give them another thought.

However, outdoor lighting doesn't need to be basic or boring. Instead, you can learn about the types of lighting available and have control of your outdoor space. From outdoor ceiling fans for any style to stair and path lights that keep you safe while walking outside, you can pick and choose from countless options to create the look that makes you proud of your home. Let's take a look at each of the options available together. 

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Porch Lighting 

Your porch is the entrance to your home and an area where you can spend time and relax. Of course, you want it to be sufficiently lighted. Luckily, there are plenty of options for lighting your porch, including ceiling fans, wall lights, and hanging lights. 

Outdoor Ceiling Fans 

Large deck with outdoor ceiling fan for entertaining with ceiling fan and overhead lighting, leading to landscaped stone patio and garden with rolling lawn and backed up by forest

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, a ceiling fan may be a good choice for you. You can purchase a model with or without a light source, depending on your needs. Outdoor ceiling fans repel insects and help you stay cool in the warmer months. Be sure to look for a fan that is suitable for outdoor use. Outdoor ceiling fans resist the elements they are exposed to, where indoor ceiling fans would get ruined if installed outdoors. 

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Wall Lights 

Large open patio with good wall lights fixture of a modern home

Because they are the most popular and well-known option, you probably already have these installed.  Wall lights come in many different styles and provide sufficient lighting to make navigating outdoors safe. 

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Hanging Lights 

Pendants or hanging lights in a covered hall

Hanging lights, or pendant lights, are found indoors but also work well for the porch. They come in many styles, so you are sure to find one that matches your space. Be sure to purchase one that is for outdoor use to avoid any safety issues. 

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Deck and Fence Lighting 

Aside from the porch, a deck is a popular place to spend time in all seasons. There are many options available to keep your deck properly lit. Some of the options we will discuss, such as deck post lighting, deck rail lighting, and baluster lighting can be installed on fences as well. 

Stair Lights 

University of Washington's Paccar Hall at night with stair lights

Stair lights can brighten an outdoor staircase to make walking at night safer. Depending on your staircase's layout, you can install the lights on your steps, the staircase railing, or the wall of your staircase. Stair lights can be solar powered for more energy-efficient lighting, or they can come with special features, such as motion sensing. 

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Deck Post Lights 

Beautiful backyard deck with built-in lighting Deck Post Lights and fully decorated with vibrant and colorful furniture and decor

While deck post lights do have some similarities to traditional post lights, they should not be confused. Deck posts are installed specifically to illuminate a deck, and they most often come as caps that fit on top of your deck's posts.

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Deck Rail Lights 

Private swimming pool at night with Deck Rail Lights 

Deck rail lights are another way to illuminate your deck. They are installed on the railing of your deck rather than, or in addition to, lights installed on your deck's posts.

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Baluster Lights 

Wooden gate and fence with Baluster Lights  on the back of the home garden

Baluster lights attach to the balusters, or spindles, of a fence or deck. They help create a specific aesthetic or use them to provide more light in certain areas of your deck or yard and can be used alone or in addition to other deck lighting options. If you have trouble finding baluster lights, single rail or stair lights can be used instead. 

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Novelty Lights 

Novelty lights are the star of the show for holidays and parties. However, they are a creative way to light porches and backyards all year long. 

String Lights 

Couple on porch with string lights

String lights turn any outdoor space into a magical atmosphere. They come in a variety of color and wire options to create any style you want to achieve. Because they hang loose and are exposed to the elements, make sure to choose string lights made for outdoor spaces. 

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Rope Lights 

Rope lights close up

Rope lights are similar to string lights in that they are many lights strung together rather than one light source, but they are much smaller and encased in a tube. Because of their holiday and decorating use, they don't come in as many options as some other lighting choices. 

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Lighting a Path 

You can use different styles of lighting to create a path from the street to your porch, making it easier for guests to find their way to your home in the dark. Using this lighting style also creates a quaint and welcoming aesthetic. 

Post Lights 

An old fashioned lamp post against the blue house

Cities and towns typically install post lights to provide lighting for sidewalks and roads. However, residential versions of post lights are also available. Post lights can be purchased as a lamppost or as a light to be mounted on existing posts.

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Path Lighting 

House and garden with path lights in city at midnight

 Path lights can be installed in the ground or mounted on a vertical surface, such as if flower beds are lining a path. Typically, they are installed low to the ground to only light the footpath rather than provide overhead light for the whole area. Path lights come in a variety of styles and installation choices. They are also a great option for energy saving, as many of them are solar-powered. 

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Lighting is a great way to keep your property safe and secure. From motion sensing lights to spotlights, there are many options that can light your entire area. 

Motion Sensing Security Lights 

Outdoor sensor security lights, Motion Sensing Security Lights 

Motion sensing security lights provide sufficient light for safe walking and provide a visual alert when the motion is detected on your property. Because the lights stay off until motion is detected, they are a great way to save energy. 

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Flood Lights 

Series of 2 floodlights attached to house corner to provide security and lighting to the driveway below.

Floodlights are similar to motion sensing security lights in that they offer bright, intense lighting rather than softer lighter like some of the other options. While some floodlights are also motion sensing, many remain constantly lit instead of just when motion is detected. They are a good option for lighting your yard if you spend a lot of time there at night.

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Wall Pack Lights 

Wall Pack Lights 

Wall pack lights are designed to be placed on each of the exterior walls of a home. This lighting option is similar to the type of lighting that businesses use to illuminate their building at night. While wall lights are more decorative and come in various styles, wall pack lights have more of a commercial appearance. 

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Area Lights

A cozy cottage with area lights

Area lights cover a wide area and provide safety and ease of movement in the dark. Because of this, they are more widely used in commercial settings rather than for homes. You may find them useful, though,  if you have a huge backyard or live in an isolated setting with no street lights. 

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Lighting For Your Landscape

Of course, providing a safe path for movement and protecting your home are the biggest reasons to install lighting. However, light can also be used to highlight your landscape and interesting architectural features. 

In-Ground Well Lights 

Front yard In-Ground Well Lights

Well lights are installed in the ground to help illuminate landscape structures or large trees and bushes. While these are most often found in parks and commercial property, they can be used in a residential setting to emphasize your landscaping. 

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Old fashioned wooden door in front of white brick wall below the spot light of hanging metal lamp.

Spotlights are very similar to, and often get confused with, floodlights. They both provide intense light and look similar, but they each serve a different purpose. Floodlights are a good choice when widespread light over a large area is needed. Spotlights, on the other hand, illuminate one spot with strong light. 

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Your backyard and porch reflect your home's style and aesthetic. With so many options available for outdoor lighting, you can create a lighting system that highlights your home's features while contributing to your style. Navigating your property safely in the dark is another and perhaps more important, priority for lighting your home. With a bit of creativity and knowledge, though, you won't have to sacrifice style for safety. 

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