15 Types of Porches Every Homeowner Should Know

The porch is the first thing visitors see as they approach your house. It sets the mood for your home. From small and simple porches to wraparound porches, there is a wide variety, each with something unique to offer.

As such, it’s important to know the different types of porches so you can make the most of this gorgeous and functional space. 

Pink front door on white Victorian house, 15 Types of Porches Every Homeowner Should Know

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To help you better understand the types of different porches, we created a comprehensive guide for 15 popular porch configurations. Without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Open Porch

An open porch is one without screens or any sort of enclosure. It’s an elevated structure via a concrete slab or wooden deck with a roof overhead and open support structures.

An open porch makes it feel closer to the outdoors rather than an indoor room. There are no side walls on an open porch either.

While an open porch is certainly airy, keep in mind that there is less privacy with this style. 

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2. Front Entry Porch

A front entry porch is one that is directly attached to the front door. It can be pretty small and only features steps that lead up to the door with a small slab of concrete.

There’s enough room to add some decorative flair without any extra features or distractions. 

The front entry porch is rather simple, but it’s sure to add some valuable aesthetic to the entrance of your home. This is not the type of front porch to have if you enjoy outdoor porch space. 

3. Farmer’s Porch

As the name suggests, a farmer’s porch is typical of a farmhouse-style home. It is a covered deck that faces the street in order to best welcome people in.

The porch features sturdy support beams and tailored railings. The farmer’s porch runs the width of the front of the home for the highest visual impact. This style of porch can either be ground level or elevated.

There’s enough space for a large group to gather and relax. However, the sheer size of this type of porch may require extra time for upkeep.

4. Deck

Decks are open outdoor porches or platforms without a roof. A deck is primarily made out of wood or some simulation wood material.

Automatically, this use of material makes a deck look warm and inviting. Decks can be built at various levels and typically have railings running around the perimeter. You’ll enjoy some excellent views from the comfort of a deck.

Due to material and installation time, decks tend to be more expensive to install. They could also require more maintenance to keep them looking pristine. Depending on where you live, you may have to get a permit to build a deck.

5. Patio

A patio is a ground-level structure with a paved floor. A patio doesn’t necessarily have to be directly attached to the home, so there’s some flexibility with its design.

There’s also usually no roof over a patio either. With patio design, there’s no limit to its size, providing a lot of versatility. 

A patio has to be built on a level surface since it is ground level. For the best look, incorporate your landscape features into the design of the patio. 

6. Back Porch

A back porch is indeed located at the back of the home. It’s just like a porch that’s located at the front of the house, simply on the other side of the house.

The back porch is a covered structure that extends past the back door. It usually does not have windows and it has open sides.

A back porch provides a lot of privacy, so if you want to sit outside uninterrupted by passersby, then a back porch is a wonderful option. 

Back porch with ceiling fan

7. Detached Porch

A detached porch is a separate feature from the house. It is typically connected to the house by some sort of walkway, whether it’s pavers, gravel, or a wooden pathway.

The detached porch has a lot of versatile styles and feature options, morphing into your perfect vision.

The detached porch can be screened-in, open-air, glass-enclosed, or anything in between. Costs could potentially be higher since it’s a separate structure from the house.

8. Arizona Room

An Arizona room is a semi-outdoor room that’s frequently found in Arizona homes. They’re like an extension of the house, easily accessible through other indoor living spaces like the kitchen or living room.

The rooms typically have large windows that can completely open. 

In this room, you can cool off without having to use only the home’s air conditioning unit. Since the room is enclosed, you can place nicer furniture in the room.

Arizona room with wooden floor

9. Screened Porch

A screened porch is a type of porch that has a roof and has been enclosed by screens to provide four-season outdoor living enjoyment.

Air is able to freely pass through the room while keeping bugs and other critters blocked out. If you want to extend your living space, this is an excellent way to do so.

This style of porch can be in a wide range of sizes, it’s up to you how large it should be. If you care about having an uninhibited view, a screened porch may not be the best option for you.

10. Rain Porch

A rain porch features an awning-like extension of the roof that blocks out the rain so that you can enjoy time spent on your porch during rainstorms without getting wet. The roof extension dips down on an angle a bit to shield the porch from the wind and rain.

For ultimate protection, the roof extends a few feet (3 to 6) past the porch floor. The ceiling is also slatted for ventilation. 

perfectly manicured suburban house with rain porch

11. Portico

A portico is a covered porch that leads to the front entrance of a house. The roof is supported by several columns. Porticos add instant charm and appeal to the facade of your home.

There are even several types of porticos you could have; it simply depends on your personal style.

A portico can be as small or as vertically grand as you’d like. Typically, porticos aren’t designed for outdoor living or entertainment. 

12. Loggia

A loggia is an outdoor corridor with a fully covered roof and an outer wall that’s open to the outdoors. It runs the length of at least one side of the home.

The loggia is typically supported by decorative arches or columns. It’s a great way to extend the living space into the outdoors.

A loggia is a very luxurious way to upgrade your home’s exterior. Loggias can be found around the world in palaces and other grand buildings, so it’s definitely a statement architectural piece.

loggia type porch. Spanish style. Moroccan-inspired floor tiles, star-shaped pendant lights, wooden bench with patterned cushions

13. Veranda

A veranda is an open-air porch or platform that has a roof and runs across the front and sides of the home. Often times, a veranda is enclosed by a railing.

A veranda is mainly leveled with the ground level of the home. The space that it provides is perfect for outdoor enjoyment and entertainment.

veranda with railings. dark wood, string lights, hanging egg chairs, potted plants

14. Lanai

The idea of a lanai porch originated in Hawaii and has since been introduced to other warm climate areas.

A lanai is similar to a porch but often opens up into even wider living areas. The lanai is roofed but has more than one wall that’s open to the elements. With lanais, you can enjoy outdoor living all year long. 

A lanai can be screened or be covered in panels (whether that’s glass or plastic) so the indoor temperature can be regulated. 

15. Wrap Around Porch

A wrap around porch does just as its name suggests: wrap around the home. It could wrap all the way around or just over a part of it. This style of porch is large and spacious, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

With a wrap around porch, you can easily create different zones, each one fit for a different outdoor activity. 

No matter what time of day it is, you’ll be able to find a shaded spot on the porch. Wrap around porches may be more expensive to maintain since they cover so much surface area. 

Let us know in the comment section below which type of porch you have or are going to build for your home! Before you go, make sure to check out these other amazing home decor guides:

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