13 Types Of Table Legs To Know

The furniture in your home should create a cohesive look. Knowing the types of table legs can help when selecting a piece to add to your home. If you are an antique furniture lover, you'll enjoy the thrill of shopping for antiques, but reproduction styles can also add to your collection. The styles of table legs are surprisingly varied and can range from ornate to simple, clean lines. 

Let's explore the options available in these 13 styles of table legs. You're sure to find at least one style that you'll love.

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1. Square

Square table legs are the simplest of styles. These straight legs may be wide or narrow. They support the table elegantly, providing a simple and streamlined appearance. 

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2. Trumpet

Trumpet legs are thick, turned legs with lots of curves and flares. The leg's top is often capped with a dome, and the leg tapers down to a ball or bun foot. Trumpet legs are commonly found in baroque-style furniture. 

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3. Cabriole

Cabriole table legs are an iconic and distinctive style. This leg style is often seen on antique furniture. The leg curves outward at the top and inward at the bottom, or ankle, of the leg giving it a recognizable appearance. This leg style will often be seen in Queen Anne and Chippendale style furniture and often ends in a claw foot. 

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4. Spiral

Spiral legs are an old style. Resembling twisted rope, the style originated in India and was continued in furniture styles from Europe. These legs are often found on restoration furniture and enjoyed a comeback on Victorian-style furniture in the mid 19th century.

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5. Fluted

Fluted legs contain a series of regularly spaced verticle grooves that extend the length of the leg. This style was created to mimic a Greek column's appearance and is often found in classically styled furniture. 

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6. Reeded

Reeded legs contain regularly spaced rounded or vertical grooves that span the length of the leg. This style is modeled after Roman and Greek motifs and was popular around the turn of the 19th century. 

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7. Wegner

The Wegner leg is named after famous Danish furniture maker Hans Wegner. Wegner specialized in an elegant well-crafted style of furniture. 

8. Hepplewhite

Hepplewhite tables are known for their inlaid details. Legs are generally straight and taper slightly. Pieces may contain details such as veneer, inlaid patterns, and marquetry color contrasts. These tables are detailed and decorative. 

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9. Shaker

Simple, functional design lines characterize the shaker style. Legs are straight with a gradual taper. The shaker style is timeless and classic in its appearance. 

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10. Marlborough

A Marlborough leg is a plain style. This is a square straight leg that usually ends in a block-style foot but may also be footless. The leg may be tapered slightly. Usually, a Marlborough leg is plain, but you may see some that have carved fluting. This style was popular in the mid 18th century English and American furniture. 

11. Flemish Scroll

The flemish scroll is a style of carved leg featuring scrollwork at the top and bottom of the legs. The scrolls are generally swirled in the opposite direction of each other. This style may also be referred to as double scroll and is featured in baroque-style antique furniture. 

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12. Saber

The saber leg flares out from the furniture piece in the shape of a saber or curved sword. The leg may be round or squared and usually has a gradual taper to the leg. 

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13. Spider

Spider legs are delicate and thin curved legs. They are generally matched with a round table containing three to four legs. Spider legs are popular on small tables such as a tea table or candlestand. 

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This style of leg may also be a slim straight leg found on a gatefold table. The leg allows for the table to expand easily. 

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Select Your Perfect Table

There are many choices when it comes to furniture styles. The legs on your table can range from classic contemporary to ornate in styling. Finding pieces that blend with your existing furniture adds to your home's style and creates a space where you'll enjoy spending your days. 

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