27 Types Of Throw Pillows: A Guide For Home Decor Lovers

Looking to add a few throw pillows to your living room, or perhaps bedroom? Before you start shopping, here’s a detailed guide about the various types of throw pillows, arranged by material, shape and size.

27 Types of Throw Pillows: A Guide for Home Décor Lovers

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Types of Throw Pillows by Material

1. Cotton

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Cotton is a natural material that is widely used in cushion manufacturing. Cotton stays gentle and cool on the skin, having a very smooth and crisp feel to it that is easy to care for and breathable. It is possible to machine wash cotton without worrying about degrading its fabric. Cotton ages gracefully due to its high durability.

Cotton comes in various stylistic prints and stunning colors, perfect to help you make a statement. Throw pillows with cotton cover can complement most interior styles because of their laidback and fairly minimalistic look.

These throw pillow covers are made using high-quality of cotton covers that measure 18 by 18 inches. The set of four contains four different design patterns that, all utilizing neutral colors. The subtle touch difference between gray, black, and white should go well with most rooms.

2. Burlap

Burlap is a versatile fabric that is made by using jute fibers. It is tightly woven to and sanitized to eliminate traces of natural oils. The end product offers a natural look that is elegant to look at with a slightly retro-esque appeal. This makes burlap perfect for use as throw pillow covers. There are several different color palettes and geometric patterns that can be inscribed on burlap throw pillows without detracting from the overall experience.

This highly vintage looking burlap throw pillow is made unique with the print of a delicate bumblebee. The cool print could offer just enough design features to help you spruce up your interior décor without drawing in too much attention. The manufacturer, Acelive, offers several other prints if you’re not sold on the idea of constantly staring at a creepy crawly.

3. Velvet

Think of velvet as a kind of woven tufted fabric with cuts threats that are distributed evenly in a short dense pile. This versatile manufacturing method yields a smooth, soft feel that is comfortable to the skin. Velvet is traditionally made using silk, but recent advancements in textile technology have allowed synthetic fabrics to create velvet.

The word velvet itself has become synonymous with soft, smooth, and rich.

Capture the luxury of velvet throw pillows with this highly eclectic soft burgundy red cover. You can never go wrong with the highly durable product which will overhaul your room’s design. The bright pop of red colors offers a luxurious touch to your room. Plus this product also comes with a throw pillow included. Maintenance is easy: simply throw in the washing machine under gentle conditions with cold water.

4. Satin

Satin is one of the more popular fabrics out there, and for good reason. It does not absorb moisture, unlike cotton and other popular fabrics. This allows satin to sit on your skin and hair to protect it from moisture absorbing materials, harsh weather, heat, snow, winds, and anything else that might stick out. This is why the use of satin as throw pillow covers quickly caught on as a trend.

Shown here: Set of 2 White Bow Silk Throw Pillows by KJONG

Here are two lovely sets of elegant looking throw pillow covers that will uplift your interior décor. They are easy to wash and the best part is that it does not wrinkle easily. If you want to catch some shut-eye and need something comfortable to lie on, then you can’t go wrong with this throw pillow cover.

5. Silk

Everyone loves silk because it is chic and classy. Silk can effortlessly turn even the most lackluster room into a luxurious space. You can add this elegant material to your décor with stunning cream and gold colors, with accented geometric designs, or something simpler for a more Scandinavian look. If you really want to go for those uber-luxurious designs then silk makes the perfect choice for you.

We really loved these throw pillow covers by Pillow Décor. There are 15 different solid colors to choose from, including blue, red, white, pink, orange, and green. Furthermore, there are different shades for each color to choose from. The shiny luster of each color is going to capture light from the surrounding ambiance and brightly reflect it, almost mimicking a starry sky in the night. You get all this in the comfort of your home.

6. Chenille

Very few people have heard of the term ‘Chenille’, although the fabric itself is used universally. There’s even the off-chance that your grandparents handed over a fuzzy overused quilt that has a fluffy appearance, if so, then the quilt is most likely made using chenille. Chenille is a type of yarn which when woven, creates ‘chenille’. Chenille itself is very soft to the touch yet retains durable characteristics, allowing it to be used in a variety of occasions.

The first use of Chenille dates back to the 1780s by the French who weaved a leno and then followed it up by cutting it into strips to create dazzling chenille yarn. Then the captivating fabric spread to other parts of the world, becoming a trendy new thing.

If you don’t have chenille fabric in your home and want to find out what it feels like, then this throw pillow is just the thing you need. It is available in several different colors, ranging from bright red to neutral grays.

7. Faux Fur

Faux fur perfectly stimulates the plush, soft feel of real animal fur without harming them in the process. Plus the lush look it brings to your interior décor is unparalleled.

If you want to add a natural, soft, lush material that feels elegant to the touch, then choose faux fur. Modern printing technology allows faux fur to be available in various animal prints, decorative designs, and even solid covers if you like.

We chose this product because it impressed us with its thick, soft material that will instantly make you fall asleep. If you’ve got insomnia and are looking for an excuse to sleep, this throw pillow cover offers you one. It is available in two different sizes, 20 by 20 inch and 18 by 18 inch. The product is fully machine washable, making maintenance less of a chore. An invisible zipper allows for easy removal and insertion of pillow inserts.

8. Leather & Suede

Leather and suede fabric have become more viable substitutes for genuine suede fabrics. The material is animal-friendly and mimics the appearance and texture of the real thing without its disadvantages such as fraying and matting.

This fabric is really easy to clean because it isn’t sensitive to water.  The flip side of using leather and suede fabric is that it is cost effective and has a slew of advantages such as being breathable, odorless, and of course, being more resistant to acid.

If you want a throw pillow cover that mimics the feel of real leather and suede, then this product is just what the doctor ordered. It is feature rich and comes with all the bells and whistles you can expect from a modern throw pillow cover, this includes being machine washable, durability, eclectic design, and a hidden zipper that doesn’t detract from the overall look.

9. Polyester

Polyester is by far the most popular synthetic man-made polymer. Polyester has so many advantages that it quickly became a mainstay of modern society, being heavily used in pop culture, movies and commercials.

This highly durable fabric is resistant to many chemicals. It is not easy to stretch it or shrink it. The fact that polyester is thermoplastic or heat sensitive means that it can be given decorative patterns and shapes without destroying the fabric itself.

One of the greater advantages of polyester is that its properties can be enhanced, both in terms of durability and aesthetics by blending it with other fibers such as cotton. This maximizes flexibility, functionality, and comfort.

There is no end to the variations in color, design, and prints that polyester throw pillows can be purchased in, but we decided to go with something more ornate. The gold foil throw pillow by MaxFox crosses the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its vibrant gold foil is complemented by a white backsplash.

10. Wool

Wool is the more comfortable fabric that creates cozy and soft throw pillows. Among the factors responsible for good quality fabric include the sheep’s health, breed type, quality of wool, and processing practices. Wool itself has a rather complex physical structure that is designed to protect sheep from harsh weather.

It remains cool in hot weather, warm in cold weather, doesn’t attract moisture, and stays warm when wet, and best of all; the wool is soft against the skin. All these qualities make wool the ideal contender for throw pillows.

This throw pillow manages to recapture the memories of yesteryear. Its retro design makes it look like it was pulled straight out of the 90s. You can buy it in different size ranges, 20 by 20 inches and 12 by 20 inches. Furthermore, the blend of 80% wool and 20% cotton brings the best of both fabrics.

Types of Throw Pillows by Shape

11. Square

The four perfect sides of a square depict ideas of balance, proportion, and professionalism. Some of our most secure establishments in the world have a square shape, and this includes houses, safes, vaults. So there’s no reason why this versatile shape can’t be integrated into your room in the form of chic little throw pillows. Square can be paired up with be paired with just about any shape out there.

Whether you want to target Nordic design themes or just want something simple to spruce up your décor, a square is the shape you’re after.

This product is as bare as things can get. There are no pictures on it or elaborative design patterns, it’s just there. The throw pillow itself packs all the attributes you would expect from a durable product, such as breathability and being hypoallergenic, this means it won’t cause adverse side effects in individuals prone to allergic reactions.

12. Round

The creative use of round shapes can help your room stand out. Circular shapes have an impact on people because of their almost universal compatibility and applications. Even the natural shapes of heavenly bodies in the universe have dominant round bodies, a pattern that can be seen everywhere.

Circles exist everywhere and have ancient associations with the earth, moon, sun and other celestial bodies. Round shapes have no apparent beginning or end, and are connected with the idea of eternity, timelessness. If you want to make your room stand to visually, try incorporating round shapes in your design.

This plush throw pillow has a soft touch with a round velvety design that will snugly fit into your room. The product is available in 6 different colors, ranging from neutrals to more bright varieties to help you make a statement. The fabric itself has a smooth micro velvet cover which should feel super comfortable against the skin.

13. Rectangular

Rectangular shapes are used prominently in architecture and civil engineering because they are metaphorically and literally linked with strength.

It’s not surprising that most homes are beginning to utilize more rectangular shapes in their room because the shape conveys trustworthiness, authoritativeness, reliability, longevity, and most of all, durability.

This rectangular throw pillow neatly sums up what a typical Scandinavian room should look like: clean, straight lines pervading the atmosphere. The clear absence of any ornate symbols or design pattern puts emphasis on functionality than aesthetics. You can wash this throw pillow in a machine without wearing out the fabric. A hidden zipper at the back makes it easy to insert and remove pillows.

14. Other shapes (novelty)

Star-shaped throw pillow

Bring the starry eyed night sky into your room with a star shaped pillow that perfectly mimics stars that are billions of light years away. A perfect star with straight lines symbolizes balance and symmetry. The shape itself is targeted towards a younger demographic (less than 3 years old). It’s good for a child’s creativity and tugs at their imaginative limits.

Due to their pointy, rugged shapes, stars are more about aesthetics than functionality.

We just had to go with this throw pillow because it is so child-friendly. The charming little face would sit more comfortably with young children who would race to see what’s so special about this comfortable throw pillow.

Types of Throw Pillow by Pattern

15. Solid

A splash of color can be a powerful sight for many people. Sing color can send both positive and negative feelings. It can encourage more creativity, calm hostility, or even provoke aggression.

You can go with versatile color choices, ranging from red, gray, white, black, orange, and whatever your mood likes. Red colors are often used to draw attention. Blue symbolizes the vastness of the ocean and much of the planet is blue.

Green emphasizes wealth and masculinity, while yellow is associated with good times. Using solid throw pillows is an efficient way to add different pops of color without breaking the bank.

This throw pillow cover is available in 6 different color choices, ranging from blue to green to yellow. You can buy all six different options to add more color to your room or go with a single color to counterbalance the room’s color palette.

16. Striped

A striped color is an efficient way to pack some more versatility by applying the principles of different contrast ratios.

Typical color options include tonal variations of a single color, such as dark red with bright red strips or the more popular variant which combines two different neutrals such as gray and white. A trendy choice is to use gray with white, which can easily enhance a room’s visual appearance.

This throw pillow cover is available in a range of option for striped patterns. You could go with blue and white, dark red with white, and yellow with white and similar variations. These throw pillows are a neat way to add more color to your room without having to splurge too much. Maintenance is simple, the fabric is breathable, comfortable, and designed with durability in mind.

17. Floral

Floral designs have an important role to play in our culture. It enhances the quality of our lives adding a fun layer of dimension that is pleasing to watch. Flowers themselves are everywhere on our planet, they’re used to feed birds humans, animals, and insects. The trick to successfully integrating floral patterns in our room is to strike the perfect balance between composition and color palette.

Floral patterns are ideal centerpiece objects which mostly serve a decorative purpose. Their impact can be used to draw attention away from other visible blemishes in the room. The ideal floral design makes use of several elements such as line, space, texture, form, and of course, color.

The watercolor is skillfully utilized to portray the mural of a perfectly drawn rose. It has all the right ingredients needed to help you spruce up your room. The mesmerizing floral pattern is printed generously on both sides of the throw pillow cover. The fabric itself is durable, plush, and soft to the touch.

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18. Plaid

Plaid has been astonishingly successful, for a pattern that is. It has become widespread and universally recognizable with its ubiquitous design.

Plaid patterns come in almost every shade and color under the sun. Back in the old days, a plaid pattern was the only option for weavers because of dated technology. But modern day textile engineering ushered in a new era, presenting weavers with a choice of patterns not seen before.

In recent years, we’re seeing a strong resurgence and more people are now using plaid patterns, from their colors to their wallpapers, to throw pillow. The plaid pattern just won’t go out of style, especially because it’s so relatable.

If you long for that traditional Scottish local pattern that is popular in regional Scotland, then this could be the product you need. The product is available in a pack of 4. You can also choose a completely different color, i.e. dark and white tones instead of the usual red and white tones.

19. Geometric

More people are now relying on geometric patterns to utilize both safety and aesthetics to create pleasing spaces inside. Even if you wanted to avoid geometric designs, it would be a difficult thing indeed. Even nature makes ample use of geometrical patterns, from snowflakes to nautilus shells, to tree branches – geometry is everywhere.

People are just drawn to the complexity and mystery that geometric patterns bring to the table. There are different patterns that can be made use of including tessellations, fractals, spirals, and symmetry. When done right, geometric patterns can play an important impact on our physiology and psychology.

Here’s a beautiful print to help you make a powerful statement. It’s nice to see the cool blend between gray colors and tones of green. The triangle shapes almost seem to have no pattern to them, with some shapes being large, and others being as tiny as it can get. There are around nine different color options to choose from.

20. Paisley

By far one of the most historically significant design options on this list is paisley, it’s use dates back as far as the time of the Ancient Babylonians and continued to remain popular in the modern era. Besides, it was easy for weavers to design the tadpole or tear drop shaped motif. The rich swirling abstract is popular in fashion shows and of course, interior rooms.

An effective and affordable way to integrate your room with paisley patterns is through the use of throw pillows. If you get bored of the paisley pattern, just get a new cover!

This is the simplest paisley themed throw pillow we could find. A single tear shaped mural is repeated throughout the throw pillow. The product itself comes with all the bells and whistles you could want, including a lustrous backsplash of white against the combination of grey and blue design.

21. Picture Prints

Modern day printing technology has now allowed artists to work with extremely high-quality prints and designs. Picture prints were almost unheard of until a few years ago. But now the artist is only limited by their own creativity. It’s affordable enough to allow plenty of experimentation before finding the perfect design.

You can integrate throw pillow covers with picture prints to make a strong statement in your room. Your choices for personalization are almost endless. Just make the color of the print and the picture itself are compatible with other features of the room.

Love the adrenaline impact of snowboarding? Then why not bring the high impact sports into your living room – without the added risk of course. It could inspire your children to try the great outdoors, especially snowboarding. You won’t have to worry about the ink fading away any time soon. The pillow should add lots of lair to your room.

22. Checkered

You can use checkerboard patterns in a variety of different ways, and the easiest of these, of course, is via throw pillow covers. Checkered art can instantly jazz up your room’s look by bringing in two different color combinations, and the most significant of these is black and white.  If you want something that doesn’t look boring, a checkered design won’t do you wrong.

This product made it to our list because of two simple reasons: it fits the description and it’s highly durable. You can purchase this throw pillow in sets of two to create a greater impact. It is possible to choose 13 different color patterns, although the checkered pattern earns high points from us due to its authenticity.

23. Patchwork

Patchwork shapes are not easy to replicate because of the intricate needlework that goes into piecing together all the patterns and designs. Yet when everything comes together, the design looks just spot on. Patchwork patterns can add a completely new layer of look into your room. Below is our favorite patchwork and quilt-inspired throw pillow.

We had to go with this throw pillow cover because it features highly detailed African patchwork. The artist captures the intimidating aura of snakes and leopards perfectly. This throw pillow comes with an invisible zipper to make removal and insertion easy.

24. Pillows with Sayings

If you want to go the extra mile in terms of personalization, perhaps pillows with words on them will do the job. This design is relatively easy to pull off while leaving room for other elaborate design patterns. Best of all, some manufacturers allow you to customize the words to your specifications. There’s tons of room for creativity here

Here’s a fun caption that reads, “Life is better at the lake.” We really enjoyed the turquoise blue with white ink. Choose from four different options.

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Even more types of Throw Pillows

25. Sequin Throw Pillow

Sequin patterns are designed to make attractive products, plus it can be highly versatile, allowing you to become as creative as possible. The shimmering pattern will definitely make your guests go ‘wow’, prompting a discussion about throw pillows.

This sequin throw pillow will make the perfect addition to your room. There are 6 different options to choose from.

26. Rhinestones and other blingy items

Want to make your room look super luxurious? It doesn’t hurt to feature pompous designs every now and then. Even throw pillows can make use of bling items like rhinestones for that extra oomph.

This elegant velvety throw pillow cover is topped off with a luxurious rhinestone. They are perfect as gift items. There are 8 different options to choose from.

27. Oversized throw pillow

Sometimes, just sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to go overboard in terms of size and color. Besides, a little change from the norm never hurt anybody. An oversized throw pillow should create a more cozy home.

This throw pillow instantly caught our attention when we wanted for something more… different. It is oversized and features too much color. It’s the perfect throw pillow if you want to instantly charm your guests as they step into your house.

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